Designed for U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary operations, SAIC's enhanced Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) 1.1 solution is designed to transport Marines safely and quickly from ship to shore. The first of 16 ACV 1.1 prototypes was recently delivered to the USMC.

For more than 10 years, SAIC has modified and upgraded armored vehicles for the Department of Defense ensuring warfighters are protected during combat, while securing command and control and repair capabilities. SAIC's ACV 1.1 solution, the latest addition to SAIC’s portfolio of enhanced vehicles, is an 8x8 wheeled, armored, ACV with improved mobility that can transport personnel and cargo to and through hostile territory.

Meant to be fully employable across the Marine Corps’ Range of Military Operations and complement the expeditionary capabilities of the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) fleet, our ACV 1.1 is equipped to lighten the Marine Air Ground Task Force with optimized lift requirements and an embarkation footprint that maximizes the surface connector and self-deployment landing plans.


TERREX 2 ACV view back rear door

SAIC's ACV 1.1 has hybrid all-wheel steering for tight well-deck maneuvers and seats three crew members and up to 11 embarked Marines.


SAIC, with team member ST Kinetics, developed the ACV 1.1 solution to expand the maneuver space across littoral, land, and inland water environments.

On land, the vehicle's independent suspension system improves ground mobility and ride quality for U.S. Marines over the roughest terrain. Its central tire inflation system enables automated inflation and deflation of tires to accommodate different terrain while on the move. Additionally, tight turning radius and large-footprint, off-road tires enhance maneuverability in diverse terrain.

In water, hydraulically driven propulsion systems with full independent thrust control authority to safely operate at Sea-State 3 and through six-foot plunging surf. Additionally, force protection improvements enable ship-to-shore swim at full protection level with a combat load of up to 11 embarked Marines.


SAIC TERREX 2 littoral test

ACV 1.1 completes its swim test in Charleston, South Carolina. During the past decade, SAIC has upgraded more than 40,000 vehicles for the DoD in its 360,000 sq. ft. production facility in Charleston.


ACV 1.1 Fact Sheet

SAIC's ACV 1.1 is designed for the USMC mission. 

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