Using principles rooted in sport psychology, human performance training raises mental strength and sharpens mind-body interaction to help soldiers and professionals in critical operations perform at their best. SAIC delivers holistic program solutions that integrate customized curricula with advanced training technology tools.

Over the past decade, SAIC has prepared U.S. warfighters and civilian employees with mental readiness and stamina skills as part of a holistic mind-body approach to personal fitness and resiliency required in the challenging and even life-threatening environments their jobs take them.

“We teach individuals how to manage their energy and maximize their physical skills in demanding situations,” said Dave Brunner, Ph.D., senior manager of human performance.

Through our human performance enhancement solutions, students break the barriers that disrupt thinking, memorization, and reasoning. They master stress management through physiological techniques such as respiratory and attention control, enabling them to stay focused and accomplish their missions, be they on the battlefield, inside an emergency room, or even addressing a boardroom.


Human Performance Training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord learn to remain confident as they traverse an elevated obstacle course in a human performance training exercise. In combat, they must know how to tap confidence skills when executing tasks they have never done before.


Customers of SAIC's human performance training achieve coherence between the mind and body, which allow them to be mentally agile, recall knowledge to develop a course of action quickly and execute tasks with greater confidence, composure, and dexterity. Benefits beside improved physical coordination and emotional response include lower academic dropout rates and faster training times in skills acquisition for physical tasks.

Our training is based on decades of cognitive research and applied sports psychology used for improving the performance of elite athletes and supported by the use of technology tools such as real-time biofeedback. SAIC's team of sports and performance pyschologists designs curricula and instructional methods matched to customer needs, and classroom and field training is delivered by certified instructors.

SAIC holistically integrates operations analysis, training coordination services, and program evaluation and metrics with development of realistic simulation-based training, biofeedback, and mobile training technologies. We have trained over 350,000 U.S. Army soldiers and civilians in mental preparedness and resiliency, but our services can benefit first responders, emergency services personnel, corporate leaders, or anyone whose job involves making critical decisions under duress.

"Military audiences have high-performance operational demands, but other audiences, such as business executives and medical professionals, require enhanced and consistent human performance," said Brunner.