Using principles rooted in sports and performance psychology, human performance training raises mental agility and adaptability by sharpening the mind-body interaction to help first responders, warfighters, and professionals in critical operations perform at their best. We deliver holistic program solutions that integrate customized curricula with advanced analytics and biofeedback tools.

For the past decade, SAIC has prepared 650,000 U.S. Army soldiers and civilians with mental skills training aimed at improving performance and resilience. Now, we’re applying these same tools and strategies to help first responders, including federal and municipal law enforcement officers, enhance their performance and decision-making skills in the challenging and even life-threatening environments their jobs take them.

"If you want to perform like the best, you have to train like the best," said Jim Arp, human performance manager. "We teach officers how to control their thoughts and physiology so they are at their best performance level when dealing with dangerous encounters. They also learn how to effectively maintain that balance so they perform equally well when interacting with citizens as part of good community policing."

Through our human performance enhancement solutions, learners break the barriers that disrupt thinking, memorization, and reasoning. They master stress management through physiological techniques, such as respiratory and attention control. These skills enable them to accomplish their missions by staying focused and adapting their behavior in any stressful environment.

"Military audiences have high-performance operational demands, but other audiences, such as business executives, first responders, and medical professionals, require enhanced and consistent human performance as well," said Dave Brunner, a human performance team manager who has a Ph.D. in pedagogy, philosophy and the psychology of sport.


Human Performance Training at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord learn to remain confident as they traverse an elevated obstacle course in a human performance training exercise. In combat, they must know how to tap confidence skills when executing tasks they have never done before.


Customers of SAIC’s human performance training achieve coherence between the mind and body, which allows them to be mentally agile and adaptive in their critical thinking, situational analysis, and problem solving. Our techniques, including accelerated learning, boost recall and the ability to develop a course of action quickly and execute tasks with greater confidence.

With better stress awareness and stress management skills, personal motivation increases, which translates into higher job satisfaction and employee retention rates. Those who practice human performance training skills also experience improved health and well-being. Other reported outcomes from organizations that embrace this training include more effective communication and engagement between supervisors and their employees as well as with customers.

Our training is based on five decades of cognitive research and applied sports psychology used for improving the performance of elite athletes and supported by the use of technology tools, such as real-time biofeedback. SAIC’s sport and performance psychology coaches design customized curricula and instructional methods, and classroom and worksite training are delivered by certified instructors at customer locations. Customers can also pick and choose from a set of modular workshops on various human performance topics to meet immediate and long-term training requirements.