SAIC’s IT services touch over 60,000 NASA users, contractors, and partners every day. Supporting the space agency’s enterprise IT infrastructure, we design and manage a diverse portfolio of unique applications at the Marshall Space Flight Center. 

Since 2004, SAIC has provided enterprise application support to help keep NASA’s business operations running effectively. Based out of the Agency Applications Office (AAO) at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama, SAIC’s team of subject matter experts, developers, architects, and engineers are redefining ingenuity to administer broad spectrum IT applications across the space agency. 

"We have 100 unique applications at the AAO," said Chuck Lewis, SAIC's senior director of program management, who has supported NASA for 12 years. "What we do is facilitate efficiencies for NASA’s enterprise applications in a consistent manner."


NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

SAIC has developed custom software applications currently in use at Marshall Space Flight Center that help keep NASA’s business operations running effectively across the space agency. (Photo credit: MSFC/NASA)


Starting over a decade ago and continuing with the current Enterprise Applications Services Technologies (EAST) 2 program, our software applications support multiple NASA systems including financial management, logistics, procurement, and identity credential and access management. SAIC was instrumental in developing the systems that recently processed applicants to NASA’s astronaut program, and our applications also enable communications across NASA’s engineering community in support of Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket mankind has ever built.

SAIC deploys a systematic, reliable approach to enterprise application creation and support using Agile, Scrum, and iterative methods in full life cycle software development. Our team continually assesses NASA’s IT architecture to identify opportunities for common, repeatable processes which eliminate redundancies and reduce cost. EAST 2 will allow SAIC to bring additional novel business, science, and engineering enterprise applications to NASA. 

"The SAIC team is currently supporting the implementation of SAP Procurement for Public Sector on SAP HANA, its in-memory computing platform. NASA is one of the first to do this in the federal government and boldly going where no federal agency has gone before," Lewis said. 

While a major component, EAST 2 is only one in a comprehensive series of IT programs that SAIC provides to NASA in support of agency network services, telecommunications, database development, aircraft management, and data storage, among other critical IT services. 

"EAST 2 is one of the cornerstones of our NASA enterprise IT services," said Ed Faulkner, SAIC’s vice president of programs. "SAIC's IT support touches over 60,000 NASA users, contractors, and partners every day."