SAIC is currently looking for candidates to join our NAVTAC II team in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area in the event of an award.


The SAIC Team is pursuing the opportunity to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with modernizing the National Airspace System (NAS) to meet the needs of consistently improving safety, efficiency, capacity, security, and flexibility of navigation systems. This modernization will evolve the NAS from legacy, ground-based navigation and lighting systems to Performance Based Navigation (PBN). Both legacy and evolving systems must be maintained during the modernization transition.


Available Positions

The SAIC team has a long, successful record of support to the FAA, applying expertise and innovation to solve complex and dynamic problems while maintaining the U.S. worldwide lead in aviation safety. The SAIC team is seeking a diverse range of skillsets; management, business management, financial and budget analysis support, technical expertise in the areas of engineering navigation systems, NAS operations, Air Traffic, Management Information systems (MIS) and areas related to technical of Navigation support.

Areas include:

  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
    • Programs & Policy Group (PPPG), AJV-14
    • Airspace Policy & Regulations Group, AJV-11
    • Airspace Services Business Support Group, AJV-17
    • Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Service Center (SC) Operations Support Groups (OSGs) AJV-E2, AJV-C2, and AJV-W2.
    • Developing and implementing Area Navigation (RNAV), PBN Routes defined as Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR), Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Q/T and TK routes.

  • Management Information System (MIS) and office automation management: Support required to the Navigation Programs and all the teams within the MIS group to ensure accurate, timely and effective use of resources, collection of data, reporting and management of information systems necessary to develop, acquire, deploy, maintain, sustain, and improve navigation products and services for the National Airspace System.

  • Obstruction Evaluation: Review of aeronautical studies on-airport property (NRAs) involves coordination with Airport Division specialists to update runway threshold coordinates (existing and plan-on-file extensions), update runway categories (VFR to IFR), and ensure the part 77 contour maps and listed obstructions are corrected. Contract support would involve telephonic and/or email coordination with Airport Division specialists on issues found during NRA reviews along with providing OEG responses on NRA studies within iOEAAA program.

  • FAA Ground Based Navigation and Lighting Group: Establishment, operation, and maintenance of a NAS of air traffic control and navigation facilities supporting terminal area approach and landing operations under all weather conditions. Provides management and technical support to modernize, certify and document work related to the FAA’s mission including the conduct of investigative research into NAS facility and site-related problems encountered in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the current navigation and landing systems. This work also includes specialized analysis, modeling and tests to determine what equipment is appropriate to meet the specified category of operation.



  • Air Traffic Specialist (ATS-1)
  • Administrative Assistant (ADM-02)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant (ADM-03)
  • Financial Management Analyst (FMA-2)
  • Senior Financial Management Analyst (FMA-3)
  • Computer System Analyst (CSA-1)
  • Senior Configuration Management Analyst (CMA-3)
  • Contracts Administration Analyst (CA-1)
  • Senior Contracts Administration Analyst (CA-2)
  • Database Administrator (DBA-2)
  • Senior Database Administrator (DBA-3)
  • Junior Electrical /Electronics Engineer (EE-1)
  • Journeyman Electrical /Electronics Engineer (EE-2)
  • Senior Electrical /Electronics Engineer (EE-3)
  • Graphics Specialist (PM/A-PS-01)
  • Senior Human Factors Engineer (HFE) (HF-3)
  • Librarian (LIB-1)
  • Senior Logistics Management Specialist (LOG-3)
  • Senior Mechanical/Civil Engineer (GMCE-3)
  • Senior NAS Operations Specialist (NAS-2)
  • Senior Navigation Engineer (NAV-3)
  • Operations Research Analyst (ORA-1)
  • Junior Program Analyst (PMA-1)
  • Journeyman Program Analyst (PMA-2)
  • Senior Program Analyst (PMA-3)
  • Lead Senior Program Analyst (LPMA-1)
  • Program Manager (PM-1)
  • Risk Management Analyst (RMA -1)
  • Journeyman Security Engineer (SEC-2)
  • Software Engineer (SW-2)
  • Senior Software Engineer (SW-3)
  • Journeyman Systems Engineer (SE-2)
  • Senior Systems Engineer (SE-3)
  • Senior Technical Writer (Tech-W-3)



Site Locations

The primary location for this effort is Washington, D.C. Other locations may include travel to specified facilities across the United States, Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. territories or extended travel to such facilities. Some international travel may be required.