Join SAIC on the Information Technology Solutions - Environmental Protection Agency (ITS-EPA) III End User Services contract.

The SAIC team is preparing for the opportunity to support the EPA Office of Environmental Information (OEI). The OEI is responsible for managing, operating, and evolving EPA's secure information technology infrastructure and is charged with ensuring this infrastructure provides EPA with IT solutions that support mission success. As part of the OEI's IT support requirements, End User Services are provided to essentially all EPA employees and all on-site EPA support contractors that use EPA systems.


Available Positions

SAIC has formed an outstanding team of large and small businesses. The SAIC team is seeking talented professionals and incumbent personnel. Positions require EPA clearances.

SAIC highly values the talented incumbent currently supporting End User Services, and we will handle all contact and inquiries with strict confidentiality. We are looking for experiences personnel to fill the following general position categories. Apply for positions following the link above. 

  • Service desk
  • ServiceNow®
  • Deskside support
  • Local infrastructure services
  • ITIL certified transformations
  • Mobile and voice services
  • Other related skillsets