United States Marshals Service (USMS) Information Technology Division (ITD)

The USMS ITD is seeking to develop, modernize, enhance, and transform legacy applications with modern technologies for enhanced business intelligence gathering, reporting, and decision making. This integrated solution will be a comprehensive integration and improvement of all current USMS operational business and mission capabilities (automated and manual), an integration of operational data, and improvement of operational business processes at headquarters and in the field, and improved internal and external information sharing across all ninety-four (94) District and Headquarters Offices. There are approximately 450 sites with network connectivity including eight OCONUS sites. The solution shall provide a platform for business process and case management automation that may be implemented in unique instances across the USMS enterprise.

The primary mission of the USMS is to protect, defend, and enforce the American justice system by providing security of Federal court facilities and the safety of judges and other court personnel; apprehending fugitives and non-compliant sex offenders; exercising custody of Federal prisoners and providing for their security and transportation from arrest to incarceration; assuring the safety of protected government witnesses and their families; executing Federal warrants and court orders; and managing seized assets acquired through illegal means and providing custody, management, and disposal of forfeited assets.

The scope of the Mission Modernization (MM) program is to create a modern web-based Information Technology (IT) solution that modernizes and improves upon stove-piped USMS primary mission system functions with greater operational/business capabilities and integrate all mission data into a single, modernized data solution for enhanced business intelligence gathering, reporting, operational support, and decision making. This will be accomplished, in part, by a new, modern, web-based solution that allows approximately 8,300 USMS federal, state and local users’ access from multiple platforms (i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones) and in a manner which is intuitive for the end user.

This program will modernize and integrate outdated USMS systems, applications, analytical/reporting tools, and business processes and will result in operational efficiencies, new mobile computing capabilities, increased officer safety, and improved internal and external information sharing across all District Offices and for Headquarters program managers. The contractor shall be responsible for providing operations and maintenance of the legacy environments as well as transitioning any developed applications to a state of operations and maintenance.