Contract: HSHQDC-14-D-E2024

EAGLE II—The DHS Vehicle of Choice for IT Services

SAIC has been selected as a prime contractor on the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) EAGLE II contract. The department-wide contract will be used to provide information technology solutions to DHS and the agencies that support its mission. SAIC and our industry teammates, especially our small businesses teammates, are ready to provide solutions and services to support the vital needs of DHS. EAGLE II Project Management Office (PMO) is operational and eager to continue supporting the agencies involved in our homeland security mission with the wide variety of leading-edge services and solutions SAIC and our teammates provide. EAGLE allows user flexibility with each of the DHS's procurement organizations for obtaining IT services.

SAIC is leading a team as the prime contractor in functional category one (FC1): Service Delivery. This multi-award ID/IQ contract covers a five-year period of performance with an additional two year option period.

Functional Category 1–Service Delivery

The purpose of FC1 is to provide a full range of services and products in support of developing, implementing, and maintaining technology to support the DHS mission and business functions across the entire lifecycle of a program. Services include:

System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

SAIC will provide any and all phases of system design and development through deployment to ensure DHS IT solutions will enable users to meet mission goals and objectives. These efforts include the full range of infrastructure engineering design, development, implementation and integration, including, but not limited to, concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, systems design and development, integration, implementation, deployment, connectivity, wiring and cabling.

Software Design and Development

SAIC will provide any and all phases of software design and development including\ deployment to ensure DHS applications and databases will enable users to meet mission goals and objectives. These efforts include the full range of software design, development, implementation and integration, including, but not limited to, concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, software design and development, coding and testing, production, deployment, implementation, integration, and software application maintenance.

Operations and Maintenance

SAIC will provide any and all operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions, processes, and procedures necessary to sustain systems within the DHS Enterprise at the highest levels of service and availability consistent with cost, schedule, and performance objectives. These solutions may be required across the DHS Infrastructure, to include, but not limited to, the following operational areas: Help Desk and Field Support Services (e.g., Desk-side support and LAN Administration), Network and Security Operations, and Collaboration Services (e.g., Email, Voice, Video Services, Wiring and Cable). This requirement includes the full range of O&M solutions, from maintaining, and upgrading individual pieces of hardware and software to full managed service solutions.

EAGLE II Task Orders

EAGLE II allows user flexibility with each of the DHS’s Procurement organizations for obtaining IT Services. Awarded DHS EAGLE II Task Orders may be viewed at the DHS EAGLE II Website.

Past Performance

For Information regarding past performance customer satisfaction please contact our EAGLE II Contract Manager, Anne White, at 703-676-8849 or

Bridge for ITFO Support Services (HSCETC-12-J-00001)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC provided technical personnel with the appropriate expertise to support ICE OCIO Field Operations. Our personnel provided IT Support services using Government furnished circuits, hardware, software, and other IT assets.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

Information Technology Support Services (HSCG23-10-J-PMG009)

Customer: U.S. Coast Guard
Scope: SAIC supported the Operations & Maintenance of existing USCG Medical Information Systems. Tasks included project management, systems maintenance, data quality management, help desk, and training support for 37 USCG health care facilities.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

DNDO Messaging Technology Support Services (Recompete of original HSHQDC-10-J-00482) (HSHQDC-13-J-00001)

Customer: Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
Scope: On this EAGLE Delivery Order, SAIC provides project management and engineering solution support for the development and implementation of the DNDO Critical Messaging System.

Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

MH-65D Operational Flight Trainer Simulation Model Software Development Program (HSCG38-12-J-3CLHK1)

Customer: U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center
Scope: SAIC designs, develops, integrates, delivers, and tests the modifications to the MH-65D OFT training system software to include the following tasks:
  1. Blade Element Model Software of the Main Rotor System
  2. Updated Fuel and Electrical System Software Models
  3. New Ground Reaction Model Software.
These modifications help to improve the training effectiveness of the OFT, eliminating negative training characteristics, and allowing expanded training in a greater range of environmental conditions.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

Enterprise Operations Services & Support (HSCETC-11-J-00036)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC enhanced self-service capabilities for end users to request support, submit service requests, and access information related to IT service availability through automated service catalog functionality and notifications of service degradations. Throughout the life of the contract, SAIC identified opportunities for process improvement by researching industry trends and recommending innovations for transforming legacy systems into highly responsive enterprise IT operations tools. SAIC provided 24/7/365, single point of contact, Tier 1 and 2 desk side engineering and service technician support to 30,000 users and Tier 3 maintenance of field equipment, switching, routers, and local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) systems as well as enterprise management operations that include the help desk; NOC; UNIX, Windows, and desktop system support; and Microsoft Exchange and Outlook services.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

Pathfinder System Maintenance and Administration (HSCEMD-10-J-00172)

Customer: Department of Homeland Security
Scope: The Pathfinder system is a SAIC data imaging and analysis tools used to support the collection, organization, and analysis of electronic data for law enforcement and other programmatic purposes. SAIC provided the specialized professional expertise required to support Pathfinder system maintenance and administration; system enhancements; corrective and adaptive maintenance; training users; intelligence analysis; documenting system functions and procedures to ensure continuous operations of the Pathfinder application program; program management; and maintenance fees.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

IHiS Support Services for the USCG (HSCG23-12-J-PMG119)

Customer: U.S. Coast Guard
Scope: SAIC provides operational support for the USCG Integrated Health Information System (IHiS), including the integration of various components, which is shared by the USCG, Department of State, and potentially other Government agencies. Support includes IT Services and Data Center (system availability, maintenance, failover site operations, configuration management, performance monitoring, security monitoring, wireless network operations, and mobile device management), Help Desk, IHiS Support (training, application support, and failover site implementation), and Composite Health Care System (CHCS) Sustainment.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

ICE Cabling Services (HSCETC-11-J-00040)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC provided management support services for the installation of infrastructure cable plants both CONUS and OCONUS. Work included design, development, implementation, and support for all cable plant work, as well as requirements gathering, establishing schedules, and tracking projects costs. SAIC regularly interfaced, coordinated with, and acted as a liaison to various Government and Contractor personnel, and was knowledgeable of state and local cabling regulations, fire codes, historic preservation regulations, and union requirements.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

DHS Office of International Affairs Technical Support and Services (HSCETC-09-J-00023)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: Our support to the DHS ICS OCIO Systems Development Division (SSD) included operations & maintenance of existing and newly developed OIA applications, and support to the USPTS-Net tracking system and OIA Parole Case Tracking System (PCTS). In order to successfully complete the work required, SAIC conducted business requirements analysis, developed all systems assurance security C&A and privacy compliance provisions, designed and built an HR dashboard system, and provided SME support to the International Information Sharing initiatives via the World Customs Organization (WCO).
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

US-Visit Program Level System Engineering (HSHQVT-10-J-00058)

Customer: Office of Procurement Operations
Scope: The United States Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) Program seeks to enhance the security of U.S. citizens and visitors by expediting legitimate travel and trade, ensuring the integrity of the immigration system, safeguarding visitor's personal privacy, collecting, maintaining and sharing information related to foreign nationals–including biometric identifiers–through a dynamic and interoperable program. SAIC's work entails the development and deployment of a biometric entry and exit system, as well as the implementation of a technology standard to verify identity information, and share immigration, border, law enforcement and intelligence information. In addition, we also provide Information Security Management support, Certification and Accreditation support, Information Security Operations support, and Information Security Engineering support.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Financial Reporting Repository System (HSCETC-09-J-00026)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC provides a full range of technical services required to sustain and enhance the FRR System–including design, development, integration, implementation, maintenance, and infrastructure support services. For the FRR system design and construction, SAIC considers the specific reporting needs of the OFM for budget and program management, as well as payments, reporting, and asset management reporting. SAIC continues to enhance the FRR System to add additional financial data and reporting options for the Government.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration

Law Enforcement Centralized Access Development (HSCETC-09-J-00034)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC provides project management, and technical and development personnel to align ICE technologies with ICE business requirements–thus managing the initiatives in SSD as directed by the COTR. In addition, SAIC ensures support and full lifecycle development of applications, while simultaneously integrating the technical architecture standards, providing systems assurance support, collecting user feedback from ICE personnel and end users, conducting development and testing, and aligning with EA planning efforts throughout ICE. SAIC supports the modernization and maintenance of ISB applications by providing technical support and services for the current application, developing enterprise solutions to support the ISB's overall mission, and integrating approved emerging technologies into the ICE and DHS enterprise.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Software Design and Development; Operations & Maintenance

Secure Enterprise Technology Infrastructure (HSSCCG-10-J-00329)

Customer: Citizenship & Immigrations Services
Scope: Under this Task Order, SAIC performs an array of IT Services, including but not limited to: Program Management; Inventory and Accountability, Enterprise Infrastructure; Capacity, Availability, & IT Service Continuity; Voice Communications and Messaging; Cable Plant Management, Conferencing and Media Support; Operational Services; Data Center Transition; Security Compliance; Security Technical Support; Security Audit and Control; OSI Support; Change, Configuration, and Release Management; Technical Writing; and Transformation Program Office.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Architecture Systems Assurance Services (ASAS) (HSCETC-09-J-00035)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: SAIC provided systems assurance, and conducts testing/analysis of approximately 120 applications throughout ICE. Work included program management, DHS EA compliance, architecture assurance, assessment and compliance, quality assurance, system lifecycle management, compliance requirements management, architecture assessment, application testing & evaluation, technical test & evaluation, interoperability testing, test automation, performance testing, application tuning, configuration management, electronic librarian program support test lab, and miscellaneous special projects. SAIC ensured that all functions were performed while integrating best practices/processes such as ICE System Lifecycle Management (SLM) DHS Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) Information Systems Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC).
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

Recovery and Data Replication Support Services (HSBP1007F14663)

Customer: Customs & Border Protection
Scope: SAIC provided support to the CBP Office of Information and Technology (OIT) DR and Business Continuity Programs. Working onsite at the CBP National Data Center, we supported activities requiring planning expertise in COOP, DR, emergency preparedness, physical security, and IT security supporting the CBP Mission Essential Functions and restoration and recovery of more than 100 systems, applications, and databases. This program contributed directly to national security initiatives by providing critical information technology continuity, DR, and emergency preparedness support to the CBP Assistant Commissioner for the OIT.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

DMS Engineering/Telecommunications and Information Technology Support (HSCG84-09-J-3CC267)

Customer: Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic
Scope: SAIC supported the Communications Area Master Station Atlantic (CAMSLANT), whose mission is to provide rapid, reliable, and secure communications support and services to Coast Guard units and other Government agencies worldwide via commercial satellite, military satellite, IP services, and HF radio. This TO covered various LAN/WAN engineering-related tasks at CAMSLANT. SAIC provided IT architecture and network operations support as required by the Coast Guard. SAIC also provided troubleshooting support to resolve issues; system development and research, such as the Portable SIPRNET; and provided system training for switch configurations, putty, telnet, and HyperTerminal to CAMSLANT personnel. SAIC also provided engineering support for the successful integration and support of DMS/AMHS technologies using Foundry Brocade SANS KVM CISCO and 3COM at CAMSLANT. We configured, maintained, troubleshot, and documented routers, switches, VPN devices, and other network equipment. We provided ongoing support for installed hardware and network infrastructure.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services Law Enforcement Information Sharing Services (LEISS) (HSCETC-09-J-00018)

Customer: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Scope: On the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service (LEISS) contract, SAIC provided a variety of services: development, configuration, customization, installation, testing, training, documentation and support web services to ensure the integration of the ICE SOA initiative for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), DHS, ICE, Investigative Systems Branch (ISB), and Detention and Removal Operations (DRO). The services encompassed a broad range of activities, including O&M, web services support, LEISS support, LEISS operational performance improvement, transition support, capabilities growth support to Law Enforcement Service Center (LESC) for the Alien Criminal Response Information Management System (ACRIMe) using LEISS, capability gap analysis study of systems integration and information sharing of field operations, metrics development and reporting, services expansion for international sharing communities, direct support law enforcement sharing initiative, and services development to manage access through role-based methodology.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

UICDS Technology Insertion and Operational Pilot Expansion Program Follow-on (HSHQDC-12-J-00110)

Customer: Department of Homeland Security
Scope: SAIC developed UICDS, middleware that is an open source, standards-based, nonproprietary solution to improve information sharing between first responders and emergency managers. It is deployed locally, enabling local end users to control what information they share, with whom, and when. UICDS is a service-oriented architecture that exposes web services to enable disparate applications to interoperate using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based exchanges of XML messages with payloads that are defined by standards-based schemas. UICDS standards-based schemas (including those from Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), OGC®, and National Information Exchange Model [NIEM]) and web service interfaces enable one-to-many integration for UICDS-enabled applications. That is, technology providers no longer need to integrate with other applications on an individual basis. Their UICDS interface enables them to automatically connect with any other UICDS-enabled applications on the UICDS network. In addition, UICDS includes two geospatial information system (GIS) feeds (KML and GeoRSS) that enable UICDS information to be viewed on standard GIS mapping applications.
Functional Categories: Software Design and Development

Enterprise Security Service (ESS) Support (HSBP1010J00159)

Customer: Customs & Border Protection
Scope: SAIC provides enterprise-wide systems security support to the Security and Technology Policy (STP) Branch of CBP, fulfilling the role of Field Information System Security Officer (ISSO) supporting the Washington, DC Field local area network (LAN) region and serving as Certifying Agents (CA) for the Field ISSO team. SAIC successfully performs program management, policy administration, communication security (COMSEC), certification and accreditation (C&A), privacy services, security risk assessments and mitigation strategies, security test and evaluation (ST&E), and support for classified systems.
Functional Categories: Operations & Maintenance

Tactical Communications Modernization Project Equipment and Services for El Paso (HSBP1010J00621)

Customer: Customs & Border Protection
Scope: The goal of CBP's Tactical Communications Modernization Program is to upgrade Land Mobile Radio LMR communications capabilities for field personnel in 20 geographic focus areas across the United States. Effective LMR communications are vital to officer safety in the field when conducting border patrol, customs inspection and air/marine operations. Under this task order, SAIC provided services and equipment to CBP in support of the modernization project within the El Paso, Texas, focus area. The modernization work included encryption technology to help ensure secure communications, Global Positioning System technology to track agent and officer location, and interoperable digital technology that allowed for greater coverage and user capacity. SAIC also provided support in areas including engineering design and analysis; equipment configuration; systems installation, testing and evaluation; training; and field operations support services.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

USCIS Person Centric Query System (PCQS) Enhancements (HSSCCG-11-J-00318)

Customer: Citizenship & Immigration Services
Scope: The USCIS OIT manages numerous disparate systems that support the tracking and processing of immigration cases and the numerous forms supporting this mission. To streamline the adjudication process, USCIS proposed an IT Modernization end-vision, based on a single, integrated, person-centric system to manage all immigration processing. SAIC transformed the once stove piped information system to a more consolidated, person-centric enterprise. In order to successfully transfer the legacy business logic and case data, SAIC performed tasks associated with all phases of systems development–from systems implementation, integration, coding and testing, to production and deployment. We also upgraded, modified, operate, and maintained the PCQS system.
Functional Categories: Systems Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Business and Enterprise Services Technologies (BEST) (HSSCCG-10-J-00265)

Customer: Citizenship & Immigration Services

As the primary incumbent contractor for BEST, SAIC has provided support to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for more than 11 years. SAIC has been engaged by USCIS to design and implement the existing ESB infrastructure and services. The enterprise service bus (ESB) comprises software and services that provide an information sharing environment (ISE) for USCIS and enables business process integration. SAIC has been involved at all levels of the Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) to provide support and monitoring to the IT operations and Standard Lightweight Operational Programming Environment (SLOPE) business process teams. Through our current partnership with USCIS and as the incumbent on the USCIS PCQS-SVO, the SAIC Team has been involved with all of the technical areas required by the PCQS-SVO. We have delivered quality releases on schedule and within budget. We easily leverage resources across these two contracts, based on our standard processes, including IT project management, documentation, testing, quality assurance (QA), and configuration management (CM).

Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Biosurveillance Common Operating Network (BCON) (HSHQDC-06-J-00331)

Customer: Department of Homeland Security
Scope: Under this delivery order, SAIC developed the BCON system and deployed it into the Networks and Infrastructure Working Group (NIWG) (DHS) data center. BCON is a comprehensive biological surveillance and warning system that supports the collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of information on emerging biological events. SAIC performed major systems integration, demonstrated innovative and flexible development methods, developed electronic document libraries, and led planning and reviews with stakeholders. We defined requirements; performed development, system builds, test, and deployment; and provided O&M, system disposition, training and user support, and documentation.
Functional Categories: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations & Maintenance

Commitment to Quality

SAIC brings to the EAGLE II contract a corporate culture focused on satisfying customer requirements using industry-recognized verification processes, performance monitoring, corrective action, and continuous improvement. The EAGLE II PMO will provide an independent assessment of contract performance through quarterly reviews, quality audits, and conducting customer satisfaction surveys to assess whether each task order is following its quality-control (QC) procedures as defined in the task order. At the task order level, task managers will be responsible for all QC activities, such as contract administration, teaming, cost and schedule control, earned value management system (EVMS) self-verification, contract reporting and performance monitoring, task order oversight, procurement, human resources, and tool management and upkeep. All costs associated with the contract business management office were included in the labor hour rates for the program.

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SAIC is a leading practitioner of integrated teaming solutions, using a disciplined, process-driven approach to identify and engage best-of-breed subcontractors to help our clients achieve their goals and meet their mission objectives. SAIC's systematic teaming approach focuses on providing our customers with access to the most current technologies, leading service providers, and best-practice techniques.

Our approach helps to ensure that we bring the right talent to bear on a problem. We have a proven history of subcontracting with large and small firms and reaching out to recognized industry experts to deliver the highest quality solutions. Our performance on DHS contracts demonstrates that SAIC actively and continually seeks and works with subcontractors to complement our skills and bring the best capabilities to our clients. SAIC is proud of the meaningful, significant, and appropriate subcontracting opportunities we provide for small and small disadvantaged businesses. We have used our proven teaming approach to select the right subcontractors to work with us on EAGLE II.

  • Attain
  • Cambridge Communication Systems, Inc.
  • Captiva
  • C/S Systems
  • Five 9 Group
  • General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Homeland Security Consultants
  • Inet LLC
  • INTEGRITYOne Partners Inc.
  • Leidos
  • ProQual
  • ProTegus, LLC
  • SCI Consulting Services
  • Technical Services Corporation
  • TLD IT Consulting
  • TMI
  • Vosago
  • Wexler Technical Solutions, Inc.
  • Wheeler
  • Wiretap

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