Contract: 8151


The SAIC NATO BOA provides eligible purchasers with a fast, easy way to buy world-class professional services and products from SAIC. SAIC helps solve problems in the areas of:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • National security
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Health
  • Research and development

The SAIC NATO BOA has an unlimited period of performance, no ceiling, maximum flexibility, and is available now for virtually any service and/or product. Customers may contract directly with SAIC or may designate the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A) to place a task order against the SAIC NATO BOA on their behalf. For further information, please contact the Brussels SAIC Program Management Office at +32-476-81-9937.


Using the SAIC NATO BOA:

This contract is intended to make the NATO procurement process simpler and quicker. The SAIC NATO BOA can be used by any NATO agency, any NATO member government agency (civilian or military), or any contractor performing work on behalf of NATO or a member government to contract with SAIC. Partnership for Peace (PFP) countries may also be eligible. This streamlined procurement vehicle significantly reduces the time required to obtain services because of pre-reviewed vendors' capabilities, negotiated rates, and prequalified vendors to provide services. Customers can place orders directly with the BOA contractor, and deliveries are made directly to the customer. See who can use.

Advantages of Using the NATO BOA Program:

  • Dramatic reduction in lead time to obtain services (typically a few weeks or less).
  • CBD synopsis is NOT applicable.
  • Rates have already met competitive requirements.
  • Prices determined to be fair and reasonable.
  • All applicable laws and regulations have been applied (including small business set-asides).
  • No maximum order limitations.
  • Contractor/customer direct relationship.
  • Use of contractor teams and subcontractors is encouraged.
  • All the essential contract terms and prices are already determined by professional contracting staff.
  • Avoids unnecessary and repeated negotiation by local purchasers (often leading to variable results).

Learn more about the advantages of the SAIC team.


NATO purchasers can obtain services supporting their requirements for: consultation, facilitation, survey & privatization, engineering, information technology, and associated support products. Services, labor categories, and labor rates include those from the following General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply BOAs:

Using the BOA

How to Use This BOA.

An eligible purchaser has the option of using its own contracting office to place a purchase order against the SAIC NATO BOA or using NC3A as its contracting agent. To place a purchase order, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Define services and/or products to be provided in a statement of work (SOW).
  2. Send SOW and funding authorization to contracting office (your own or NC3A).
  3. Assist contracting office in evaluating contractor response(s) to request for proposal (RFP) or request for quotation (RFQ), as required.
  4. Review final purchase order with contracting office.
  5. Finalize transfer of funds to office that will pay invoice(s).

Who Can Use the BOA?

The following agencies and organizations are eligible to use the NATO BOA:

  • NATO agencies
  • Government agencies of NATO member countries
  • Government agencies of partnership for peace member countries
  • Contractors performing work for NATO or eligible government agency