Do you want to be ready when disaster or the enemy strikes?

SAIC provides tools and equipment that help you prepare for the worst. Whether it’s the homeland or your hometown, we help keep your assets and personnel secure. 

Put detection systems in the line of fire and not your personnel.

SAIC’s state-of-the-art suite of software allows you to read threats before they become reality. It uses cameras and sensors to collect video and voice intelligence and then matches files against a massive database of known hazards. SAIC helps you see the enemy before they see you. Learn more

Keep calm while we carry on.

SAIC helps you safeguard the assets you need to keep business and government functioning in times of crisis. We help protect physical facilities, food and water supplies, communications networks, power grids, and financial infrastructures using sophisticated threat detection and risk assessment technologies that work behind the scenes for the greater good. Learn more

We look for threats in all the right places.

SAIC deploys sensors, software, portable command and surveillance systems, radar, infrared imaging, global-positioning technology, and real-time mapping and tracking tools to predict, deter, detect, track, identify, classify, and respond to and resolve incursions. We work in all terrains and under all conditions to keep our eyes on the enemy.

When disaster strikes, we help you respond and recover.

Readiness and response depend on having all of your responders on the same page and sharing the same information. SAIC’s suite of public safety communications services and tools deliver accurate information when and where it is needed to enhance the collaboration and interoperability of diverse groups.