Increase the speed of moving from data to action

There’s a lot riding on the ability to task, collect, process, exploit, and disseminate intelligence, and do it quickly.

SAIC knows that technology is always evolving, which is why we focus on innovative solutions to help warfighters achieve their missions, no matter where they operate—land, air, sea, space, or cyberspace. We can ensure that your organization receives the planning, engineering, management, and analytics support needed, on time and on budget. With deep experience in national security across intelligence community organizations and agencies, we provide services for:

  • Collection and processing—combining mission and technical expertise to support end-to-end capabilities through the entire intelligence life cycle, now and in the future.
  • Analytic methodologies, tools, and dissemination—connecting the dots to enable faster decision making through intelligence analysis, information technology, and cyber capabilities.
  • Intelligence Community (IC) management support, policy development, and training services—delivering mission and programmatic expertise in multi-intelligence environments across an array of intelligence collection disciplines.

Detect and monitor signals intelligence

Performing real-time SIGINT enables warfighters with greater situational awareness. SAIC's Pinpoint TW500 and HW30 direction finding systems provide 24/7 monitoring – in all directions and frequencies – with little to no maintenance.

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Innovative intelligence solutions

SAIC brings together government, military, industry, and academic expertise to develop, test, and deliver solutions that keep you ahead of threats and allow you to meet your mission goals. 

Command and control from above.

With so many expensive resources at stake, investment in space and satellite programs requires research and analysis, direction, and oversight. Our end-to-end system engineering capabilities assist through the entire life cycle, from space system requirements up front to launch vehicle support and mission operation while in orbit. We provide:

  • Systems engineering and integration (SE&I) and mission operations support for various types of space systems including launch vehicles
  • Systems engineering for collecting and processing satellite intelligence data
  • Space situational awareness, giving you knowledge and awareness to enable appropriate courses of action
  • Space control, including operational support to preserve and protect space assets and capabilities, and to prevent and monitor adversarial space exploitation


  • Streamline programs with support from architecture analysis and conceptualization through development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Leverage cutting-edge data discovery to reduce research time and improve satellite security.


  • Deep experience supporting satellite command and control, space control, launch, and space force enhancement.
  • Hands-on understanding of SE&I, program management, and the acquisition life cycle.

Detect and monitor signals intelligence.

In today’s resource-constrained environment, performing real-time signals intelligence (SIGINT) to detect and monitor threats enables warfighters with greater situational awareness. SAIC develops two direction finding time difference of arrival surveillance systems: Pinpoint TW500 and HW30. Each system, based on patented systems designs, has wideband two degree direction finding accuracy and provides 24/7 monitoring – in all directions and frequencies – with little to no maintenance.

Pinpoint TW500—Unlike traditional direction finding systems, Pinpoint TW500 detects all transmitting very high frequency/ultra high frequency radios simultaneously within its line of sight, monitoring up to 16,000 channels at one time. As a tactical broadband radio direction finding system, Pinpoint TW500 is small, lightweight, expandable, modular, and low cost, powered by an integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery. Currently deployed in theater, TW500 simultaneously monitors, analyzes, and processes signals in real-time.

Pinpoint HW30—The HW30 system can detect all high frequency radio signals transmitted anywhere in the world, automatically monitoring up to 30,000 channels at one time. Using advanced direction finding techniques, it can use a narrowband mode to focus on a specific emitter when a signal of interest is found with real-time geolocation capabilities. Like TW500, HW30 is low maintenance and man portable.


  • Supports force protection, tactical and strategic intelligence collection, special operations, law enforcement, military theaters, and critical infrastructure sites
  • Tactical deployment capabilities in theater: low cost, lightweight, and low power
  • Networking capability to other surveillance systems
  • Continuous monitoring, direction finding, and recording of the entire radio frequency environment (HF, VHF, and UHF)


  • We are actively supporting EW needs of the federal government, including cyber, SIGINT, and active and passive survivability solutions in development, operations, training, support, and sustainment.
  • Our diverse EW expertise and capabilities serve government agencies and commands daily, both home and abroad.

Maximize insight and productivity.

SAIC intelligence analysts perform operational, strategic, contingency, and mission planning; risk identification and mitigation; foreign military exploitation technical services; and joint target engagement. With broad security clearance credentials, our intelligence professionals address matters of national and international importance, ensuring the timely delivery of comprehensive and actionable information to the nation’s military and intelligence organizations.

Object-Based Production—With SAIC’s object-based production (OBP) approach, information is aligned, through semi-automated and automated means, with objects of interest (such as people, places, and events) so that analysts can understand relationships between them and consume integrated intelligence information quickly. With our tools and expertise, you can reduce the time it takes to receive data insights from hours down to minutes, which in turn streamlines your ability to respond, improving program and mission outcomes.


  • Perform source analysis, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, and target acquisition.
  • Produce and coordinate mitigation recommendations addressing impact of compromised information or systems.
  • Identify appropriate courses of action to counter and/or defend against threat priorities using various collection resources.


  • Deep training and experience in intelligence core competencies.
  • A history of results from engagements with clients in government, military, and business environments.

Gain total environmental awareness.

Understanding the terrain you operate in is essential to achieving mission goals. Through SAIC’s geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) methodologies, tools, and services, your organization can clearly view and analyze the physical features of your environment and the human activity taking place there.

  • Intelligence and remote sensing—supports the cycle of activities for tasking national imagery and geospatial information collection by processing raw intelligence data; exploiting geospatial information and imagery intelligence; and analyzing and disseminating information, knowledge, and intelligence. Our team supports policy guidance, provides programmatic recommendations, and facilitates project and environmental planning.
  • Cloud and data science—provides cloud, software, and big data engineering to extract and collate relevant information from across the data landscape, plus mapping capabilities to support military and intelligence operations, emergency response, and project planning. .


  • Integrate and interpret geospatial information from multiple sources to achieve a comprehensive intelligence and operational perspective.
  • Speed up your ability to identify threats and opportunities through real-time environment monitoring.


  • SAIC has supported the fielding of more than 400 intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.
  • We provide in-depth intelligence and operational expertise and support to deployed military forces, Department of Defense, policy decision makers, and the IC.

Biometrics, human behavior, and the science of interaction.

SAIC evaluates the implementation of biometrics and other smart-service systems to identify the right technology and processes. We use a 360-degree test-and-evaluation approach to help effectively authenticate identities and spot potential threats. Through the use of big-data analytics and cloud computing, we’re also solving complex security problems in government, military, and civilian settings where secure access to locations and equipment is essential.


  • Improve security outcomes through the acquisition of advanced identification capabilities such as iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition.
  • Improve process outcomes by selecting the right technology for your application and applying scientific refinement to user workflows.
  • Reduce resource expenditure and speed deployment by leveraging SAIC expertise.


  • Experience evaluating biometric sensors, systems, and applications in a wide range of environments.
  • Proven track record of technology evaluations in the laboratory, scenario testing, and field trials.
  • Track record of developing models and simulations based on observed systems performance metrics.
  • Multi-disciplinary team of physicists, data scientists, neuroscientists, and engineers.

Solve complex problems with deep expertise.

Our intelligence expertise supporting policy analysis includes arms control/treaty verification, treaty implementation and compliance, nuclear stockpile management, countering weapons of mass destruction, deterrence analysis, national security issue analysis, and growing partner capacity.

Our support to policy decision making demands deep attention to detail and an understanding of how decisions in one area impact people, departments, and decisions in other areas. SAIC connects the dots across existing policies and across organizations, collecting information to streamline the policy-making process and provide comprehensive information to enables critical decision making.


  • Speed up complex information gathering and policy creation using our end-to-end, holistic services.
  • Gain fresh insights made available through our comprehensive data analysis capabilities.


  • Comprehensive domain knowledge, gleaned from across the federal government, including Department of Defense and IC.
  • Mission focus, with the ability to share information and pull expertise from across our organization.
  • Sophisticated tools, including literature search, subject matter expert survey and interview techniques, field data collection, modeling and simulation, expert choice, and wargaming.

Intelligence Innovations Bring Tangible Benefits

SAIC enhances security and cuts costs by bringing vital new technologies and methods to the table.

Biometric Tools Keep Airports Humming

SAIC technical staff established an innovation lab to evaluate manned and unmanned biometrics border control processes based on technical performance (biometric accuracy and throughput), impact on traveler experience, and staff workload. This program will keep border facilities running smoothly and securely in the face of ever-increasing traveler volumes.

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