Does the success of your mission depend on a $3 bolt?

SAIC keeps the parts, materials, fuel and resources flowing to keep your mission on track. We don’t just push supplies out the door, we create end-to-end procurement, transportation, delivery and sustainment infrastructures that can be controlled through advanced management and maintenance software and systems developed by a mission-focused workforce of supply-chain professionals.

SAIC integrated solutions optimize the sustainment of your fielded systems, including logistics and technical support, procurement, equipment maintenance and repair, inventory and management distribution. You can depend on SAIC turnkey supply chain fulfillment and product support.

  • Supply Chain Management: We provide end-to-end management of your supply chain.
  • Product Support & Sustainment: Full lifecycle support from integrated product support planning to worldwide sustainment of fielded systems.

Readiness for Whatever Comes at You

SAIC provides integrated, turnkey solutions that ensure a continuous supply of parts and materials, reduced inventory, cost savings, asset visibility, enhanced forecasting capabilities and materials sustainment. Our systems keep you prepared, functional and efficient on the battlefield and everywhere in between.

Sustainable Support

SAIC’s global logistics and supply-chain infrastructure serves defense, federal-civilian and commercial markets worldwide. We work with thousands of vendors to ensure a continuing supply of the components that keep your operations moving forward. With warehouses strategically located across the United States, SAIC stores millions of parts, chemicals and materials that are vetted for quality and managed to ensure you have exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Affordable Readiness

Our solutions integrate procurement, maintenance and repair, and field support, which result in a smaller logistics footprint, faster cycle times, reduced inventory, total asset visibility, and high availability.

Customizable Solutions

SAIC logistics and supply chain solutions span domains and geography. Our solutions are designed to meet any need, from simply ordering specific parts to delivering end-to-end sustainment. You choose. SAIC delivers.

Connect to high-powered distribution with one-stop.

We know facilities maintenance. It’s a place where vast caches of supplies often tangle with high labor costs and disappointing service levels. SAIC turns the tangle around and makes it work for you. Our proprietary procurement solutions, expertise and infrastructure tackle the unique challenges of facilities maintenance, linking you to thousands of suppliers that meet the government’s most rigorous standards for procurement. The result: A global supply chain that’s already proven to perform, which improves maintenance material turnaround while reducing your costs and inventory. 

With SAIC, you can:

  • Tailor support to meet your need: SAIC handles everything from single-item ordering to distribution and delivery.
  • Do more than just order parts: SAIC consults, analyzes and oversees any aspect of facilities maintenance operations required.
  • Order whatever you need: From the smallest widgets to large, prefabricated structures, we got you covered.
  • Get help with the dangerous items: SAIC handles HAZMAT-rated chemicals and all the regulatory, safety and maintenance that comes with them.

You can connect to SAIC’s powerful procurement arm in two ways:

  • Go to PurchasePlace, an online portal that gives you one-stop shopping for MRO supplies and special items.
  • Ask for the Prime Vendor MRO, where SAIC takes on the entire procurement-and-logistics cycle to provide end-to-end support for your inventory-management needs.


  • Lower the costs and complexities involved with MRO procurement.
  • Improve order and delivery turnaround.
  • Proven service levels with full visibility.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) expensive MRO infrastructures with adjustable support.


  • Cost-effective MRO procurement and supply-chain management services
  • Online reporting system for order and delivery status, inventory visibility, and financial information
  • Inventory demand planning and forecasting
  • Electronic ordering and spot-buy request system
  • End-to-end support for the entire procurement and logistics cycle

Move forward with the supplies you need, handled with care. 

From chemicals to tires, you can count on SAIC’s distribution centers and vendor relationships to get critical parts for critical missions. 


Gasoline, jet-engine fuel, lubricants for a hundred different vehicles and other chemicals that have to meet HAZMAT regulations. You need these things to fly, drive and thrive in any defense environment. But storing and distributing chemicals can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming prospect. It can even be hazardous, if it’s not handled correctly.

With eight distribution centers across the country, SAIC houses more than 1.3 million US government parts—among them, at least 4,000 unique chemicals and petroleum, oils and lubricants (POLs). We take on chemicals and POLs and make sure they stay stable and useful while they’re in storage. Then we get them to you, when you need them, wherever you need them to go.


  • Optimized inventory and planning
  • Global delivery
  • Continuous operational preparedness


  • Worldwide supply of petroleum, oil, lubricants and other chemicals
  • Forecasting, demand planning and inventory management
  • Environmental compliance and hazardous-materials management
  • Quality control and obsolescence management

From gasoline to jet fuel (and beyond) SAIC safely stores and delivers more than 4,000 chemicals worldwide, so you always have what you need to keep rolling.  Learn more

Tires Successor Initiative (TSI)

US military ground vehicles and aircraft use more than 300 different types of tires. Getting the right tire for the right vehicle at the right time for the right price at any location around the world is a logistical nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

SAIC facilitates the timely delivery of hundreds of thousands of tires each year for 60 different military and ground vehicles. With SAIC, you can leverage our quick and efficient order and fulfillment system; get help from our analysts to develop and optimize your inventory plans; and bypass order cycles with monitoring that triggers inventory demands automatically.


  • Optimized inventory and planning
  • Global delivery
  • Continuous operational preparedness


  • Proven ground vehicle and aircraft tire logistics and supply chain management
  • Collaborative demand planning and forecasting
  • Material acquisition and inventory management
  • Quality assurance and material management
  • Wholesale supply with worldwide distribution
  • Delivery and performance tracking of tire orders

An army rolls on its tires, which means SAIC stocks and delivers over 300 tire types for both ground and air vehicles. Learn more

Depend on parts that are supplied at the point of use.

The biggest weapons need the smallest parts to run. A $100,000 engine could be useless if it’s missing a $3 screw. They’re small, cheap and hard to see under all those impressive housings, but without widgets, your engines won’t turn, your vehicles won’t roll and your aircraft won’t fly.

Every machine needs continual maintenance to operate effectively. That means replacing the parts that make those machines run in the first place. From widgets to fast-moving parts that make a weapon work, SAIC provides the parts-management services that help you get your weapons systems back into the field as quickly as possible. We have maintained a bin-fill rate greater than 99%, tracking materials across more than 132,000 bins.

Our SCOPTIMA supply-chain management system uses state-of-the-art barcode technology to forecast when items should be reordered. And our storefront operations can reduce service-owned inventories by thousands of dollars. 


  • Maintain weapons systems quickly and efficiently
  • Return weapons systems to the field faster
  • Achieve greater operational effectiveness


  • Forecasting and demand planning
  • Order processing and parts procurement
  • Spot-buy support and inventory management
  • Quality assurance and material management
  • Onsite logistics support and kitting

Buy anything you need and know it’s the right part at the right price, and we’ll get it anywhere you need it to go. Learn more.

Keep things moving with aftermarket spares. 

SAIC handles the order administration, packaging, handling, kitting and transportation for your manufacturing operations aftermarket spares delivery, so you can focus on production.


  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve status reporting to improve future competitiveness
  • Efficiently manage technical/contractual compliance


  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Inspection, marking, storage, kitting and packaging
  • Distribution to end customer
  • Material acceptance rate of 99.99%

Keeping your vehicles road-ready starts with the right parts. SAIC stocks and delivers military vehicle components end-to-end. Learn More.

Plug-in to a streamlined logistics experience.

Mission-critical software applications support your logistics, supply chain and purchasing operations to create efficiencies and optimize budgetary resources. Our various modules address:

  • Inventory management, order management and requirements analysis in a secure, web-enabled system that provides complete parts management functionality, from bin-level management to archive and document control.
  • Visibility into existing assets, inventory control and supply-chain support, including requisitioning, shipments, receipts, turn-ins, issues, inventory and storage functions for all Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) format-based operations.
  • Serialized control-asset management and bar-coded documents, classified hand receipts, daily transaction reports, stock-and-part number interrogations, rejects-and-management notices, and userid/password control to application modules.
  • A web-based order entry and catalog system, including customized catalog content; electronic “spot buys”; web-based reports; retail storefront inventory
  • Supply chain management back office, offering automation for sourcing; quote requests; expediting; bid evaluation; purchase commitment; material management; invoicing and payment. It also features significant integration capabilities with customer systems to streamline your status reporting.
  • Serialized asset management and field service workflow.


  • Avoid stock-outs, model future demand, improve visibility for parts bins, keep inventory costs down and ensure that mission-critical parts are always available.
  • Establish your own policies and operational rules—SAIC software does not force pre-set policies or transactional rules.
  • Connect seamlessly with DoD and other supply sources.
  • Leverage real-time tax calculations with global parameters.


  • Proven track record: SAIC software supports the inventory, storage, ordering, delivery and tax calculations for millions of parts and transactions annually.
  • Core MILSTRIP-compliant processes, so users can interface seamlessly with Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal supply sources.
  • An average estimated 15-20% reduction in inventory investment while significantly improving the availability of supply parts.

Have confidence in fielded product performance. 

Our certified logistics professionals plan for sustainment of systems in the early phases of a system’s lifecycle. Post-fielding, we provide worldwide support for mission-critical systems used by all military services, including Special Operations.

  • Ground vehicle corrosion analysis and protection
  • Small arms repair and refurbishment
  • Vehicle mounted command, control, communications, computer and intelligence systems
  • Submarine communications systems
  • Naval ship networking systems
  • Mine warfare systems


  • 98%-plus operational availability
  • Reduced logistics footprint
  • Serialized asset control and visibility
  • Optimized staffing
  • Facilitates fast repairs, reducing the time required to get weapons systems back into the field


  • Certified logistics professionals
  • Asset management
  • Workflow management
  • Universal field support representatives

Our Customers Have What they Need, When it's Needed.

SAIC Logistics and Supply Chain services help you make the most of what you have and where you need to get it. We can also do it for you, with a global infrastructure for logistics and support that ensures continuous supply where you need it and when.  

MRO Solutions

  • 225,000 transactions delivered annually to 200+ ordering activities
  • 55% reduction in inventory through fast cycle times
  • Transaction costs cut in half

Prime Vendor Solutions

  • Managing over 54,000 different parts in 138,000+ individual bins
  • 99.8% fill rate
  • Reduced the cost of inventory by 32%

Tire Successor Solutions

  • Delivered more than 1 million tires for air and land vehicles.
  • 99.9% material acceptance rate

Product Support and Sustainment

  • Service quality levels approaching 100%
  • “SAIC quality of service has been second to none.”

Submarine Systems

  • Managing over 10,000 different parts for five submarine systems
  • Maintains 100% government acceptance of all systems and deliverables
  • One-year average to refurbish and ship 10 complete systems

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