Cloud computing enables safe, efficient IT infrastructures.

The delivery of infrastructure assets over the Internet is one of the most significant trends in IT today. SAIC's comprehensive, managed cloud services help federal, state, local, and commercial customers achieve business transformation with the economy, flexibility, and speed of the cloud.

SAIC can optimize, manage, and secure your IT infrastructure with a number of next-generation solutions:

  • We implement technology integration solutions while also effectively and efficiently managing organizational change.
  • Best-in-class integrator design and implementation of right-sized/best-fit holistic solutions with deep customer mission knowledge.
  • Cloud integration services that enable clients to design hybrid solutions that meet their precise needs for security, collaboration, and virtualization.
  • Assessment services to help customers visualize, strategize, and optimize cloud services.
  • Process management services to guide data migration and the integration of end-user applications, servers, storage, databases, and cloud service providers.
  • Service offerings in catalog format that aids organizations in the selection and budgeting of cloud solutions.

Adopt Cloud Computing with a Customized, Reliable Solution

SAIC's Cloud Migration Edge™ helps overcome challenges of moving to a cloud environment with a flexible solution that manages risk and cost.

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Reduce the Cost of Embracing Opportunity.

SAIC’s cloud-computing services employ a pay-as-you-go approach to technology. Because you pay only for the amount of computing you need, the cost for hardware and software services is greatly reduced. SAIC’s approach brings costs down by eliminating the need to maintain computing centers that regularly operate at less-than-full capacities.

Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Technology.

SAIC is more than an IT company. We use deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world. We understand how your IT infrastructure supports the services that you need to provide. It is this knowledge that drives us to deploy flexible cloud-management solutions that enable you to focus on your mission, not just your technology.

Work with One Company to Deploy Your Technology More Quickly.

Cloud computing reduces the long procurement and development cycles inherent in legacy computer systems. As an experienced systems integrator, SAIC helps you to quickly purchase comprehensive computing capabilities, such as servers and storage, without having to contract with multiple vendors. SAIC offers a framework that allows you to apply consistent security and governance policies across a mix of private, community, and public clouds. You'll get all the benefits of cloud computing built into a unified solution that can be applied across multiple clouds and providers for maximum flexibility.

Everything you need—exactly when you need it—for cloud transformation.

SAIC delivers multiple options and opportunities using a portfolio of solutions that help you assess your needs, develop your solutions, migrate your data, and manage your infrastructure. We provide you with maximum flexibility to deliver technology quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently from the cloud.

Transform your business with a reliable, secure cloud solution.

SAIC’s Cloud Migration Edge™ is a comprehensive solution that helps customers adopt a cloud computing model. As a cloud services integrator, our cloud experts and proven methodology can guide the transformation of your business from strategy and implementation to the management of organizational change.

Many challenges of moving to a cloud environment, such as time, cost, and legacy systems, are managed with Cloud Migration Edge. We customize an individualized strategy using an integrated five-phase methodology that manages risk and cost. SAIC’s flexible and unbiased approach integrates the right mix of cloud services with the agile adoption of disruptive technology for a secure, consistent solution. 


  • Our proven five-phase methodology migrates applications to the cloud while managing risk and cost.
    • Assess and Strategize defines objectives and builds a cloud strategy.
    • Design tailors a solution to achieve your goals.
    • Transition migrates IT services to the cloud with SAIC’s unique business transformation approach.
    • Operate orchestrates cloud services to meet performance levels.
    • Improve capitalizes on the flexibility of the cloud to optimize service value.
  • SAIC is cloud platform neutral, offering a portfolio of best-in-class cloud service providers.


  • SAIC is a cloud systems integrator, not simply a cloud services provider.
  • Our deep cloud expertise enables business transformation.
  • SAIC has a proven past performance with a decade of experience in systems engineering and successful management of disruptive technologies.

Reshape legacy infrastructure into a cloud paradigm and accelerate strategic objectives.

SAIC Cloud Infrastructure Service™ is a FedRAMP-compliant secure government community cloud platform. A fully hosted and managed infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), it is available through a subscription-based OPEX model. The solution encompasses managed firewall, endpoint, proxy, and other security services while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and delivering the highest levels of compute performance in a highly secure cloud environment. Cloud Infrastructure Service adheres to stringent compliance standards, always evolving to national security and procurement policies and the growing threats to our nation's cybersecurity.

Cloud Infrastructure Service has a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB), backed by SAIC's deep understanding of government customers' budget challenges and operational impacts. It is part of SAIC's broad portfolio of cloud assessment, engineering, integration, operations, and managed services solutions.


  • Service flexibility means availability anytime from anywhere on any computing device.
  • Utility service results in significant reductions in cost, time, and resources through a pay-per-use consumption-based model.
  • Customers run their own applications and operating systems with the benefit of retaining architectural and operational control and without having to buy, maintain, and manage the underlying cloud infrastructure.
  • FedRAMP-compliant cloud computing environment provides transparency between government and the SAIC cloud service provider offering.
  • Significant cost and schedule reductions to field new IT capabilities through the reuse of existing security assessments and controls across the multi-tenant environment.
  • Focused, risk-based security management structure.
  • Cloud environment built on trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality of the FedRAMP process.


  • Cloud Infrastructure Service is a certified, secure, agile, and compliant cloud service solution through FedRAMP JAB P-ATO authorization.
  • SAIC has deep experience in engineering execution and management of today's new and advanced disruptive cloud technologies.
  • Trusted and experienced IT services integrator delivering best-of-breed integration components and approaches tailored to a customer's specific needs.

Move from a traditional data center to a virtual setup with confidence using a VMware®-certified architecture.

Modernize your IT infrastructure using SAIC’s software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture, certified by the VMware® Certified Partner Architecture program. We can build and operate a robust SDDC, which will allow you to tap into services as needed without buying additional hardware. Our modular and repeatable approach follows a comprehensive and prescriptive set of tested blueprints in creating a holistic and uniform data center on VMware software technologies. It is aligned to standardized, proven data center designs that maximize delivery of cloud-based services.


  • Accelerates time to market for IT transformation initiatives and return on investments.
  • Field-proven solution that minimizes uncertainty and risk in deployment and operations.
  • Delivers business agility by enabling IT automation, monitoring, high availability, disaster recovery, and strengthened security posture.
  • Our team provides advanced domain expertise and knowledge in helping federal government agencies and organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, including as-a-service offerings.


  • SAIC is one of a handful of companies in the world that has been granted VMware Ready designation for the Certified Partner Architecture category. We developed an SDDC architecture and deployed an active-active configuration across SAIC’s data centers using VMware’s Development Tool Kit. VMware’s Validated Designs team has certified SAIC’s architecture design.
  • SAIC supported the early access pre-beta support for the VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure solution, which enables VMware platforms to run natively on AWS hardware. We were the only federal system integrator that was selected to participate in all phases of the design and contributed substantial cloud and cyber engineering expertise to its development.

Find a starting point for your cloud thinking with SAIC’s assessment expertise.

With customer mission and business needs as our central focus, SAIC uses our proven engineering best practices and standards in an iterative process to conduct a cloud-computing assessment and perform design, development, implementation, and ongoing managed operations in the cloud. We work directly with the customer's project team to understand its business objectives, review the agency's existing environment, identify opportunities for migration, and create a roadmap for adopting a strong and secure cloud management infrastructure. Continuous stakeholder involvement is the hallmark of our process.


  • SAIC customers can control the costs of the assessment. We offer our requirements and architecture services at a fixed hourly labor rate to address the requirements of an RFQ issued by the customer.
  • SAIC provides customers with a complete and detailed roadmap before any implementation begins to ensure that the appropriate resources are in place.
  • SAIC's comprehensive assessment services help federal, state, local, and commercial customers envision business transformation throughout the five major cloud computing layers of an enterprise.


  • SAIC has unique knowledge of what it takes to develop cloud-computing solutions. We recently completed transitioning a company with over 40,000 employees to a private cloud solution. That company? Our own.
  • SAIC has varied cloud development experience for government and commercial customers, including enterprise private cloud; cloud strategy; response action tracking for national readiness; situational awareness through cloud-hosted intelligence data; and architecting, implementing, and operating a cloud-based disaster recovery system.
  • SAIC has provided assessment and cloud-service packages for government agencies in a wide variety of sectors:
    • Aerospace
    • Environmental
    • Homeland and national defense
    • Financial systems management
    • Electronic records management
    • Emergency management and first responders
    • Health and life sciences
    • Agriculture

Select from a number of cloud service providers with SAIC’s vendor-neutral approach.

Whether it's a public, private, or community cloud, SAIC's cloud integration solution delivers the best of what the IT industry has to offer without locking you into a single vendor solution. We focus on your mission by allowing you to select from a wide range of cloud providers. 


  • SAIC can match your needs with the best possible service package.
  • We provide customers with a unified toolset so they can move workloads and scale automatically across multiple service providers.
  • As a technology integrator, SAIC sits above cloud vendors and delivers value-added services that no individual cloud provider could offer individually.


  • SAIC uses the cloud to address its own enterprise computing needs. It maintains a state-of-the-art cloud computing data center to generate, store, and process massive amounts of information, while providing over 140 internal services.
  • SAIC has a deep understanding of customer compliance frameworks including DoD, FISMA, DIACAP, DCID, and other federal, state, and local mandates so we can map customer requirements to vendor capabilities and maintain consistent security and governance standards across multiple platforms.
  • SAIC’s mission is to help the people and organizations evolve, not to advance one technology solution over another. That objective allows us to develop computing solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Choose cloud assessment services from SAIC’s fixed-price menu.

SAIC offers a service catalog to aid customers in their assessment and selection of cloud services. The document provides federal agency customers with pricing and definitions for cloud-computing assessment, security assessment, and management strategy assessment. It details the SAIC offerings currently being marketed in three packages (small, medium, and large) depending on the agency’s number of personnel, mission-area focus, collaboration requirements, and FISMA security levels.


  • SAIC’s cloud catalog provides government agencies with a starting point and definitions for investigating cloud-computing strategies and solutions.
  • The menu of services are incorporated into SAIC’s Schedule 70 for GSA, providing easy access for government customers.
  • Fixed-priced service packages make it easier for agencies to budget cloud offerings.


SAIC offers cloud customers access to a number of core competencies:

  • People recruiting and retention
  • Sub-contracting and supplier management
  • Program and project management
  • Government contracting
  • Government regulations
  • Government IA
  • System integration
  • Transition management
  • Enterprise Solutions Lab (ESL)
  • Ethics

Move legacy systems to the cloud using SAIC’s full-service, end-to-end services.

SAIC provides a full range of cloud services including migrating applications to clouds, developing migration plans and roadmaps, refactoring applications to take advantage of cloud features, and developing new cloud-based systems as needed. For customers interested in managed cloud services, SAIC offers ongoing management of the end-user applications, server instances, storage, and databases established in cloud-service provider clouds. SAIC also offers services for ongoing monitoring and response, disaster recovery, cloud backup, incident, problem, change, configuration management, service request support, and security services.


  • SAIC’s expertise with the mechanics of cloud environments helps ensure that no data will be lost or compromised during the migration process.
  • SAIC’s holistic approach to cloud implementation bundles innovative technologies with project execution, process alignment, and risk management allowing government agencies to circumvent the usual barriers accompanying new technology adoption.
  • SAIC’s package of service offerings allows government customers access to innovative technologies that would be otherwise unavailable because technology providers lack the familiarity and infrastructure for dealing with government contracting and performance procedures.


  • The SAIC brand is widely recognized in the U.S. government and DoD for excellence in engineering and project management expertise.
  • SAIC has forged partnerships with leading cloud hardware providers, including VMware, Amazon AWS, and Red Hat.
  • SAIC’s team of cloud engineers has demonstrated expertise in technology insertion processes.

Upgrade your business or agency OS with SAIC’s on-demand technology services.

SAIC’s portfolio of on-demand technology services including Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), data centers in the cloud, and Email-as-a-Service (EaaS) virtualizes the operating system of the organization:

  • DaaS
    SAIC’s DaaS solution provides customers with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) hosted on the cloud. SAIC manages the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security, and upgrades. The DaaS solution helps support agency and enterprise telework and continuity of operations policies, and remote and field workers, and enhanced security through centralized control of desktop configuration and patching. DaaS is designed be accessed securely from any location, any time, and on any device, providing a safe, compliant desktop capability for today's mobile workforce.
  • Data centers in the cloud
    SAIC has dedicated resources to help customers migrate their data centers from the office to the cloud. Aside from the benefits of eliminating onsite server facilities, SAIC’s cloud-based data solution offers other benefits, including a homogeneous hardware environment, standardized management tools, minimal need for application upgrades, and common software architecture.
  • EaaS
    SAIC’s EaaS platform addresses the challenge of managing messaging services across multiple agencies, departments, and domains. Private cloud EaaS provides a secure, end-to-end messaging infrastructure that offers rapid provisioning of new users, up-to-date software, and improved and streamlined collaboration capabilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


  • SAIC helps customers reduce the costs associated with purchasing multiple, standalone software applications for every business process. Our approach to technology on demand allows you to use only the specific features you need when you need them and pay only for the functionality you use.
  • SAIC’s on-demand solutions keep your business agile by allowing you to link multiple providers and applications together in a reconfigurable, end-to-end framework that helps you meet the changing IT needs of your agency or enterprise.
  • SAIC’s cloud solutions provide government agencies with the high degree of security they require for the various types of cloud deployment models, including public cloud, government community cloud, and private government cloud configurations.


  • SAIC's long track record of managing projects in the government marketplace drives holistic solutions that remove the obstacles that many agencies encounter when adopting cloud solutions.
  • SAIC services are delivered by expert personnel trained and certified in leading cloud technologies using proven, repeatable processes that take advantage of a large ecosystem of cloud-service providers.
  • The SAIC brand is widely associated with state-of-the-art cyber-security. We have a staff of fully qualified Navy and USMC validators.

Bringing the advantages of cloud solutions to enable mission success

SAIC focuses on aligning the mission and the cloud to achieve needed results.

EPA Cloud Management Tools Assessment

The EPA needed a common management model and platform to support extensible environments for their internal private cloud. SAIC prepared a proof of concept showing the VMware VCloud Gen5 tools (specifically, the VCloud Director) could meet the EPA’s requirements. The EPA adopted the VCloud Director and sub-tools to replace the non-performing solutions and standardize the agency’s virtual environment.

NASA Private Cloud and Rapid-Recovery Facility

NASA’s primary data center service needed to reduce infrastructure costs and speed time-to-deliver and time-to-value for its IT services. SAIC built a private, cloud-based active data center environment with automated data recovery failover. The system allowed for significant cost reductions in data recovery costs, an 87% reduction in power usage, a 95% reduction in physical servers, and an 87% reduction in the facility’s footprint.

MDA Virtualization and Private Cloud

The Missile Defense Agency’s CIO needed to reduce data center footprints across the agency. SAIC designed and implemented VMware-based classified and unclassified private-cloud environments and managed the transition of services to the new platform. Initial efforts, from June 2010 to January 2012, achieved virtualization of 35% of the servers in the agency and a 37% reduction in data center power consumption.

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