Is your IT working for you or against you?

Whether you need help optimizing your own integrated network, or you just want to outsource, SAIC has everything you need to get it done.

  • SAIC's IT management services improve service levels, satisfaction, and end-user productivity through streamlining processes, centralizing IT support, training processes, and integrating support tools.
  •  SAIC’s Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC) supplies a network of 24x7 delivery facilities that support every level of IT services.
  • A managed services catalog provides a comprehensive list of existing IT services and solutions, as well as customizable offerings that can be tailored to meet specialized needs.
  • Help desk, infrastructure, data center, and NOC: SAIC can embed experts in-house to work with existing systems or outsource these services altogether.
  • IT services available at every level that apply industry best practices and adhere to regulatory compliance standards.

Securing Network Operations

SAIC's team in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, provides network and security operations support, including 24/7 full-service network monitoring, for state/local governments, private industries, military, and federal agencies.

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A Broad Range of Services

SAIC applies a holistic perspective to IT services, giving you the best possible tools, training, and expertise to support your IT goals and initiatives. We’ve got the people and systems to deliver what you need. No job is too big or too small, from taking on the tedious task of help desk calls to shouldering your entire IT operation through wholesale outsourcing—and anything in between. With SAIC, no matter what you need, you’re covered.

More Efficient Use of Resources

SAIC brings together all the best-of-breed distributors, partners, vendors, and OEMs whose products and offerings make it possible to meet your IT goals—and then we manage all of those relationships for you. To achieve economies of scale and reduce service delivery costs, we use an Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC) concept—a state-of-the-art service delivery center for managing communications and computing infrastructures, including mainframes, distributed computers, desktops, and networks in multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments.

Extreme Expertise

Our IT experts are like no one else’s. They support intensely critical operations in the most diverse (and extreme) situations around the world. Whatever the job is, our people bring exceptional skills to bear on getting it done. When you apply that kind of expertise to mission-critical computing—that’s winning half the battle.

World-class people for mission-critical success.

SAIC provides a broad portfolio of efficient, cost-effective IT services backed by a global infrastructure for delivering on-demand solutions that leverage the skills of field-proven IT experts.

Put out IT fires for good.

SAIC assists with the daily firefighting involved with end-user IT services. From the desktop to the help desk, we’re prepared to meet the realities of modern business operations—like around-the-clock staffing, discrete business lifecycles, and workplaces that span both geographic and constructed boundaries.

For desktop services, SAIC handles the entire lifecycle of end-user computing, from acquisition to disposal. This includes the applications, installations, updates, patches, and detailed desktop engineering that ensures users remain productive. We provide end-user services in-house or in-the-field. Your in-house staff can leverage our powerful, cost-effective resources. Or we can handle the entire solution for you from our own enterprise operations center—a plan that lowers costs and increases flexibility.

For help-desk services, your customers and users can call our service desk or yours. SAIC can apply either dedicated or non-dedicated help-desk support on a 24x7 basis worldwide. This means we can field calls from all the users who need technical assistance to get back to work. Or we can augment your help-desk services by embedding our IT experts in your organization. Built on your requirements, SAIC help-desk services bring you a high-quality, cost-effective solution.


  • Boost customer and user productivity, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing IT administrators, and lower frustration for everyone.
  • Redirect IT efforts and staffing toward more important tasks and initiatives that align to business goals, like reducing costs, improving service, and supporting new business opportunities. 
  • Refocus the perception of IT from liability to contributor in your organization’s success.


  • SAIC’s ISMC is the foundation of our commercial business solution—a network of delivery centers that provide customer-centric IT services to organizations around the world.
  • Flexible service options: Deliver services at the customer site, the ISMC site, or both.
  • Integrated enterprise delivery model features quality support, processes and technology—the people, processes, and systems required to fully integrate our services seamlessly with yours.

Find efficiencies.

Legacy networks are fraught with interdependencies. Changing anything means risking it all—but without change, the whole thing stagnates. Silos are no better as they sacrifice all the advantages of integration. Integration provides the ability to coordinate, to leverage for success, and to optimize performance and run a tight ship with efficient, cost-effective IT services.

SAIC analyzes your entire infrastructure to determine how the technology components and related services act as an integrated whole. Then we give you a plan, with modular options, to support new capabilities, scale to support multi-functional, diversified requirements and fluctuating levels of demand, and streamline for cost and operational efficiencies.

SAIC can work with your own IT facility to design, integrate, and implement the changes and methodologies that contribute directly to your success. Or, if you prefer, you can outsource the job to us. Our Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC) provides IT support across the enterprise for every aspect of infrastructure as you define it. That includes program management; systems, database, and network administration; applications, desktop, and service-desk operations; as well as technology infrastructure, security and all communications. You can keep your own people and assets or use ours, or choose a mix of both. Your need; your choice.


  • Support existing and new technologies without the risk of management, operations, or compliance failures.
  • Embrace change without fear of the dependency failures that could disrupt business or services.
  • Leverage an adaptive service framework to quickly respond to changing market conditions.


  • Service processes are certified ISO 9001:2000 compliant and are in line with leading Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.
  • The ISMC network of service-delivery centers provides tailored, highly specific IT services to customers around the world.
  • By integrating disparate service “silos” into one enterprise management model, SAIC provides a single point of contact for service and support, resulting in significant cost savings and service-level satisfaction.
  • Demand-management framework aligns each customer’s unique business imperatives to our IT services to directly support their success.
  • Applies a holistic IT service perspective to deliver measurable results.
  • Supports existing IT infrastructures while keeping a view on technology advances.
  • Leverages common technology tools and applies industry best practices to lower costs.
  • Maintains compliance to best-practice standards: CMMI, ISO, ITIL v3, or COBIT.
  • Meets customers' flexibility requirements to deliver services from either customer site, ISMC site, or a combination of both.

Get everything you need. 

The SAIC Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) is integrated into our Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC) to form a sort of “super NOC” that can work with your own NOC or cover NOC services for you wholesale. We work with you to plan, operate, and manage every aspect of your IT operations, from foundational LAN and WAN support to full-service data-center operations. That might mean outsourcing storage or WAN bandwidth. Or it might mean providing the facilities you need to house your data-center infrastructure. From moving and consolidating entire data centers to managing everything from the backbone on up, SAIC provides the expertise and technology required to keep data-center operations running smoothly.

As always, SAIC can help you make it happen by embedding our expert personnel in house, or we can do it for you in the most cost-effective, efficient ways possible. We can provide those services by project or wholesale, supplying the data center and NOC services you don’t have by outsourcing our own to you.


  • Choose from whatever mix of services and support you need, when you need it.
  • Add or supplement IT operations that are critical but not immediate—like disaster recovery, storage, and backup.
  • Leverage the experience of SAIC experts who have years of experience in every aspect of IT, from facilities management to infrastructure and systems optimization.


  • Complete data-center management and operations capabilities
  • LAN/WAN operational support
  • Data center migration and consolidation
  • Backup and restore operations
  • Computing-device hardware support for servers, network systems, and storage
  • NOC services

When our customers plug in to SAIC IT services, they see results.

SAIC IT services support and improve IT operations on every level so customers can focus on doing business in new and better ways.

DHS ICE IT Support Services (IITOS)

DHS needed to acquire a new facility, build out two different data center infrastructures, relocate more than 100 servers, and transition more than 150 employees and contractors. They gave themselves only 90 days to make it happen. With SAIC, it took 45…and they were operational from day one.


With only 60 days allotted to move their data center, the EPA could not tolerate any downtime. SAIC got the job done on time and without incident.

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