Immersive Intellect: SAIC Professionals Are Part of the Large Technical Universe

Immersive Intellect: SAIC Professionals Are Part of the Large Technical Universe

SAIC helps technical professionals become leaders in their communities of practice

Charles Onstott

Thought leaders don’t sit in ivory towers. They are active in their communities of practice, honing the art of their disciplines, discovering new uses for technology, and sharing knowledge. Seeking diversity of thought enhances the wisdom that already exists and results in thought leaders, not thought theorists.

SAIC is committed to nurturing thought leaders who drive new capabilities and mission outcomes for the U.S. government and the commercial sector. By investing in our people and their participation in industry groups such as IEEE and INCOSE, SAIC is among practitioners who are defining the future of engineering.

Investing in people

As a premier Fortune 500 technology integrator solving our nation's most complex modernization and readiness challenges across the defense, space, civilian, and intelligence markets, SAIC’s experts work across the U.S. government.

SAIC’s capabilities are not limited to applied expertise. We are engaged in research and development of new ideas, technologies, and approaches. Our people are the brightest minds in industry, spanning all career stages and diverse backgrounds and working with our customers on developing novel and innovative solutions to the nation’s hardest problems.

We recognize that industry-leading expertise is an outcome of professional and leadership development and that a career arc has many stages. Our attention to early-career talent helps grow future technical leaders, while our successful retention of later-career subject matter experts helps sustain a company-wide environment and culture of innovation and excellence.

SAIC Fellows

The SAIC Fellows program represents our most senior thought leaders. For every 1,000 employees in the company, one SAIC Fellow is selected for the ability to take exploratory ideas and work on them in company-funded projects that will have the greatest industry impacts. SAIC Fellows have a direct influence on how SAIC applies technology to answer our nation’s calls to action.


Our people are the brighest minds in industry, spanning all career stages and diverse backgrounds and working on solutions to the nation's hardest problems.

The SAIC Fellows program helps us retain top thought leaders. Many SAIC Fellows mentor our early-career employees to become next-generation innovators, and they are part-time adjunct professors at universities across the U.S., serving as our strong connective tissue with academia, where new research is being conducted and where new professionals are emerging.

SAIC works closely with universities to create internship opportunities that provide exposure for students and emerging professionals to real-world context and guide them into careers. We create opportunities within SAIC, such as communities of practice, for new talent to collaborate and learn from existing leaders. When our employees are ready to explore their own research, our Research Fellows program puts them under the wings of SAIC Fellows mentorship.


Immersive Intellect blog_SAIC Fellows virtual announcement
Every two years, SAIC selects and announces a new class of SAIC Fellows at our annual Tools, Techniques, and Technology (T3) conference.



SAIC Fellows and employees alike are highly engaged and committed to their careers and professions. They demonstrate this through participation and leadership in professional societies that define and govern the standards for both technology and industry. For instance, we have employees who serve on standards committees for NIST as well as ISO. They serve as the conduits ensuring that SAIC contributes to the national and international frameworks for best practices and that the best lessons learned in industry are brought back into our company.

SAIC is helping lead engineers and computing professionals throughout the nation so that the U.S. government has a deeper national talent pool. For example, our SAIC Fellows hold national and international leadership and officer positions in INCOSE and IEEE, the respective systems engineering and electronic/electrical engineering societies, which are two of the most recognized groups in the world. Our SAIC Fellows also teach all levels of engineering curriculums at universities such as the University of Alabama in Huntsville, George Mason University, and the University of Maryland Global Campus.

To many companies, the idea of industry leadership means hiring the right experts and deploying them to solve customer problems. At SAIC, our engagement of and the investments we make in our technical experts at all stages of their careers, plus their active involvement in leading professional societies and universities, set us apart in true industry leadership.


Posted by: Charles Onstott

Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer

Charles Onstott is senior vice president and chief technology officer of SAIC. In this role, he is responsible for driving the company’s long-term technology strategy, which emphasizes fostering a culture of innovation across SAIC, developing and enhancing innovation capabilities, partnerships with startup accelerators and universities, and research and development.

He also oversees a broad portfolio of technology capabilities, including information technology, training and simulation, advanced analytics, hardware and platform integration, and logistics and supply chain.

Throughout his career, Onstott has been a successful innovator and served in many capacities, including technical leadership, general management, and executive leadership roles. Most recently, he launched SAIC’s Innovation Factory, which enables rapid prototyping, evaluation of emerging technologies, and incremental delivery of SAIC’s services. Innovation Factory marries a U.S.-based national network of innovation centers, startup accelerators, and service delivery centers. Prior to this role, Onstott was senior vice president and service line manager for SAIC’s services in key emerging technologies: cloud, cyber and data science. Onstott lead the charge on developing SAIC’s cyber practice as well as improving its cloud computing business across an array of customer markets and led the development of SAIC’s capabilities in data science and analytics. As a result of his leadership, SAIC significantly grew its capabilities and revenues to new markets and customers.

Onstott joined SAIC in 1994 and has held many roles of increasing authority. Early in his career, he was the chief technologist for SAIC’s Integrated Services Management Center (ISMC), which is SAIC’s most successful IT shared service delivery organization. He was responsible for overall technology leadership as well as program portfolio management. He has developed IT infrastructure solutions that support more than 400,000 users worldwide in multiple industries with a focus on Federal Civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, and health care. He has managed many IT service modernization projects, some of which produced significant cost savings in systems development and maintenance while also improving overall customer satisfaction.

In 2020, Onstott was selected as Public Company Chief Technology Officer of the Year by Washington Executive in 2020.

Onstott holds a master’s degree in philosophy of religion from The University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Oklahoma State University. Onstott has long been fascinated by the American experience of living at the intersection of advanced technology, rapid innovation, and a generally religious culture. He has a wonderful wife and two teenagers who challenge his video gaming skills. In his spare time, he is a mountain bike enthusiast who participated in endurance races and completed the Shenandoah 100 mile mountain bike race in 2019.






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