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Suite of tools fulfills highly complex global supply chains

Submarines, armored vehicles and military aircraft may be as different from each other as is the sea, land, and air. But they all have something in common – they need parts. SAIC’s logistics and supply chain management software is used by many Department of Defense customers to manage their supply chains and ensure the parts they need are available where and when they need them.

Called the Integrated Logistics Toolkit (ILT), our solution is a suite of open source software applications used to:

  • Collect requirements
  • Identify qualified sources of supply
  • Forecast demand
  • Make purchases
  • Manage and optimize inventory and delivery
  • Generate and distribute supply chain status and budget reports

Running as a single customized platform, the toolkit plays a critical role in successfully executing 11 large, government supply chain management contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The toolkit captures the business processes developed by our experienced staff over the past 30 years.


An SAIC employee in Chambersburg, PA, works on a logistic project, packaging and shipping tires.
Our team plays a critical role in delivering materials and supplies to government agencies.


Automation, speed, and efficiency

One of the DLA contracts we support involves supplying the U.S. armed forces with packaged petroleum and chemical products.

DLA uses the toolkit to manage orders for hundreds of different products – from lubricants to solvents – to maintain military ground vehicles and aircraft at DoD bases around the globe.

We then procure those products from qualified suppliers and coordinate the shipping via delivery services, with each step managed through the ILT. Data collected from these activities populates reports and helps with forecasting for future orders.  

Since the toolkit is integrated into systems operated by our customers and third-party vendors, it's able to drive automation, speed, and efficiency. Data flows into the ILT via electronic data interchanges and triggers orders and fulfillment, making emails and phone calls a thing of the past.

Toolkit tied to military responsiveness

DLA uses SAIC’s ILT to supply parts to the Navy fleet readiness centers and Army depot maintenance operations. Our toolkit is also used to supply tires for ground vehicles and aircraft for the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

For each of these contracts, we support a greater mission – getting high quality supplies and equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible to the warfighter.  We do this while maintaining defenses against the latest cybersecurity threats.  The secure, web-based toolkit meets all DFARs requirements to protect this critical customer information.

"The work we do through the ILT has a direct implication, day in and day out, on the readiness of our forces," said Joe Niehaus, vice president who manages the toolkit.

See how we keep military vehicles and aircraft rolling by supplying new and retread tires.