Joint Range Extension Links Military Comms

Gateway to a full in-theater operational picture

For missions involving far-flung joint task force operations, our Joint Range Extension (JRE) is a combat-proven data link gateway for long-haul communications exchange from multiple location points and disparate command-and-control (C2) networks.

JRE provides the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) in charge of the tactical data link network with beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) connectivity between Link 16 networks and C2 platforms. Link 16 is an encrypted, high-speed, jam-resistant tactical data link network providing text, image, and voice exchange.

Many military vessels, vehicles, and aircraft have onboard Link 16 terminals to send and receive Link 16 messages. JRE can forward Link 16 BLOS messages to other JREs and C2 systems.

JRE provides the connectivity needed to integrate operations from the highest strategic to the most on-the-ground tactical levels. Highly configurable components that meet the military's MIL STD interoperability standards mean that we can rapidly integrate them into mission communication systems.

JRE uses multiple Link 16 message transport protocols that are adaptable to various communication media. The protocols can be incorporated into legacy and developing systems and include:

  • JREAP A - UHF DAMA (examples: PRC-117FG PSC-5, ARC-210, WSC-3)
  • JREAP B - Serial (examples: STE, STU)
  • JREAP C - Ethernet (examples: secure and unsecure networks)
Navy carrier
Ships as well as aircraft and vehicles exchange their tactical pictures via our Link 16-based JRE comms system.

Further, JRE routes all Link 16 J-Series messages, provides redundancy so that messages get through, and GPS time-tags messages so that positions of military assets can be extrapolated.

The JICO team manages GRE via a secure server and a graphic user interface that can be run on any workstation or laptop computer with the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or UNIX operating system.

We have deployed the JRE on nearly 1,600 air, land, and sea platforms across military services and internationally, facilitating real-time information exchange.

Without coordinated senses, the body cannot conduct the tasks to reach a goal effectively. Without DCCS and JRE, mission leadership cannot attain a clear situational awareness picture to orchestrate a successful mission.