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Focus on Integrity


Integrity: Be Real

Integrity is an integral part of all that we do at SAIC. Maintaining a culture of integrity depends on following our moral principles, knowing and following the rules and speaking up when we run up against gray areas and may need help. At SAIC, speaking up is encouraged and rewarded. All SAIC employees, from board members and senior executives to front-line employees, are stewards of SAIC’s ethical culture and committed to acting with integrity. In this short video, some of our colleagues discuss what integrity means to them and why it is critical to our collective success.


SAIC Talking Values Podcast Ep. 3: Integrity

In the third edition of our podcast series, Kim Rupert, SAIC senior vice president and chief risk officer, leads the discussion on integrity with her colleagues, Cris Potter, Diana Leadbetter, Jeff West, Nancy Staats and Maria Bishop. Watch to learn more about how we foster a culture of integrity at SAIC.



Cris Potter, Chief Ethics and Privacy Officer

Diana Leadbetter, Human Resources Director

Jeff West, Vice President of Accounts, Defense & Civilian Sector

Nancy Staats, Systems Engineer Senior Manager

Maria Bishop, Senior Vice President and Chief of Internal Audit



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