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We Were Born to Think Differently

From imagining the best the future can be to envisioning new paths to get there, SAIC sees the world differently. We build upon the best ideas and solutions—redefining ingenuity in new and surprising ways.


Technology Solutions

SAIC helps you make the most out of technology by pooling our resources, research, engineering expertise, and experience gleaned from thousands of deployments.
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Mission, SETA, & Program Support

SAIC consults on the design, development, and use of products, parts, and programs for a diverse array of government and enterprise missions.
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Simulation & Training

We offer in-person, online, and simulated training programs that increase operational effectiveness, analytic rigor, cost-savings, and long-term learning.
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Crisis Management & Security

SAIC provides tools and equipment that help you prepare for the worst. Whether it’s the homeland or your hometown, we help keep your assets and personnel secure.
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Logistics & Supply Chain

We provide cost-effective logistics and technical support, procurement, equipment maintenance and repair, inventory management, and supply-chain distribution.
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  • Whatever the need; wherever the mission.

    SAIC is the prime contractor on 91% of its contracts with the federal government, proudly serving the U.S. government and armed forces stateside and abroad. SAIC's wide array of technical services and robust scientific solutions are skillfully put to use on major task-order contracts around the globe daily.

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  • The world’s most advanced technical services, scaled to fit.

    State and local governments can now use some federal government GSA Schedule contracts to reduce costs and maximize efficiency—allowing you to take advantage of SAICs unrivaled technical services to meet the needs of your city or state.

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  • Battle-hardened, to protect your bottom line.

    SAIC’s engineering experts help businesses maintain and manage widely-dispersed assets through consulting, asset management, help-desk services, and network solutions. We also provide system integration solutions that can take any enterprise to the next level.

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We bring innovation and proven performance.

SAIC employs approximately 15,000 employees worldwide. Our best-value services, scientific resourcefulness, and sheer passion for problem-solving allow us to continually exceed expectations. We value integrity, mission understanding, empowerment, and creativity.

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Core Values

SAIC's core values build a strong foundation for our day-to-day behaviors, commitments to our stakeholders, and our high standards in conducting business.

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SAIC has a commitment to performing excellent work while making significant and lasting improvements to our communities and our environment.

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Small Business Program

We believe that small businesses bring forward agility and expertise to assist SAIC in supporting our customers and their missions.

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SAIC has a strong commitment to supporting programs of national importance—helping to solve or undertake our country’s most significant problems.

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Bg Expertise

Our expertise goes everywhere.

Whether it’s IT solutions, training and simulation, or logistics and supply-chain support, SAIC services can drive performance anywhere—even on missions to space or the bottom of the ocean.

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Our expertise goes everywhere.

Whether it's IT solutions, training and simulation, or logistics and supply-chain support, SAIC services can drive performance anywhere—even on missions to space or the bottom of the ocean.

1 million tires reliably delivered for air and land vehicles.
$5M in savings for NASA technology costs.
1000% increased capacity for world-wide telecom services for NASA.
95% reduction in physical servers for the NASA Data Center using virtual cloud solutions.
66% of our people provide support to military and government systems onsite.
13,000+ Navy personnel being trained in warfare skills without having to be at sea.
50 million downloads of "America's Army"—a virtual game developed by SAIC's gaming studio.
10,000+ parts and 5 sub-systems managed for submarine communication systems.
100+ dolphins and sea lions trained for more effective ocean mine hunting and port security.
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Investors Kit

Explore our investor relations site to discover SAIC's evolutionary potential. This kit includes our latest news, earnings announcements, webcasts, and more.

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Work at SAIC

SAIC is proud to foster a work environment that encourages technical creativity, fosters career growth, and enterprise-centric entrepreneurialism. Problem-solvers and collaborators are welcome at SAIC.

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