SAIC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

SAIC is proud to recognize Hispanic achievements and contributions, and we honor the positive impact our Hispanic colleagues make to our company, customers and communities.

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Real Solutions for JADC2

There's no single "moonshot" way to achieving JADC2. Working with DOD organizations, SAIC is targeting four core areas that enable true JADC2 interoperability between mission partners and delivering tangible-value solutions and capabilities.

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Data-Exchange Acceleration for JADC2 Warfare

SAIC is developing data-centric systems that will streamline information-sharing in DOD's Mission Partner Environment, including USCENTCOM's new Collaborative Partner Environment.

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Examining the Hypersonics Threat

SAIC is providing counter-hypersonics support in space and missile defense that includes threat modeling and simulation, bolstered by our cloud, digital engineering and advanced computing technologies.

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