Employee Tools

Employees and consultants of SAIC can use the links below to access internal tools and support.

Internal Tools & Support

Timesheet | Webmail | ISSAIC | MyHR | Service Desk | myReferral | SAIC Health Screening App


SAIC Emergency Information Line - ​877-373-8272


  • SAIC Health Screening App
    Prior to entering an SAIC facility, employees should utilize this self-assessment application. SAIC encourages all employees to proactively help keep each other and our loved ones healthy and safe. In accordance with SAIC's Code of Conduct, we expect entrants to answer the application questions truthfully. Please review the user guide for details and other information.

  • Benefits
    Download commonly used benefit claim forms, manage your benefits and find plan information.

  • Voice a Concern
    Use any of the reporting channels available to you to voice a concern. Be it your manager/management chain, your HR Business Partner, the Ethics Office (ethicsoffice@saic.com), the Hotline (800.760.4332), online (https://saic.ethix360.com) , the Security Office, the General Counsel, the Chief Executive Officer or any member of the Board of Directors.

  • Stockholder Services
    Find shareholder news, contact information, and frequently asked questions. You can also find information on the Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

  • Payroll Self-Service Portal
    Get online confidential access to your pay, direct deposit, tax withholding, deductions, and annual statements through the Payroll Self-Service Portal. This resource is not managed by SAIC but help is available on ISSAIC.

  • VPN and Remote Access
    Get instructions for SAIC Always On VPN.

  • Security Services
    Get information on personnel security clearance transaction and security onboarding requirements.