Count on SAIC for space domain expertise and capabilities to help you evolve and win.


SAIC delivers value at every stage of the space system life cycle from concept to operation. We ignite innovation, accelerate time to solution, and master the complexity of the space domain. Whether you're advancing the boundaries of human space flight, thwarting emerging threats like hypersonic weapons, or answering the need to manage space traffic, SAIC delivers the know-how.

Operating in space demands the best talent and solutions. With SAIC's legacy of space innovation dating back to the 1950s, our experts and technical approaches have been tested by the rigors of the domain with a track record of excellence. As adversaries evolve and enterprise complexity grows exponentially, you need a partner that can move at the speed of relevance to deliver resilient space architectures that deliver mission success.

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Systems Engineering & Integration

We’re the lead systems integrator for U.S. Space Force.

Our domain experts leverage our systems engineering capabilities and open architecture approach to agilely evolve customers to more resilient architectures that integrate technologies and solutions from nontraditional innovators. We provide integration assistance for ground system prototyping and pathfinding efforts.

Learn how our systems engineers are industry thought leaders | Learn how we quantitatively assess systems readiness

Digital Engineering

Our experts contributed to the DOD Digital Engineering Strategy to connect defense lines of effort.

Transitioning to resilient architectures means a move from traditionally manual systems engineering processes and tools to advanced, computerized, automated ones. SAIC is leading the way in applying and evolving digital engineering ecosystems to rapidly integrate architectures for intelligence community and civilian agency customers in addition to DOD.

Learn more at our digital engineering page

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis

We’ve performed 1 billion hypersonic threat scenario analyses for operational decision-making.

Space stakeholders come to us for fast, accurate mission analyses to make decisions on operations support such as missile warning and defense. SAIC pioneered a responsive analyses approach that leverages MS&A tools from detailed physics and engineering phenomenon modeling to operational campaign effectiveness evaluations.

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Mission Assurance

Our independent verification and validation proves out Parker Solar Probe and other spacecraft.

SAIC performs mission assurance assessments for all DOD and intel community launches before they happen. We also perform software assurance services for NASA’s IV&V Program. By applying agile concepts to verification and validation work, we quickly assess systems critical to preserving human life and valuable assets.

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We have delivered millions of tires worldwide with high, steady, on-time rates for defense customers.

Our logistics management software plus decades of experience in sustaining military equipment mean we can manage supply chains that ensure uninterrupted deliveries while reducing your inventory ownership. Our support to the Defense Logistics Agency has garnered awards for outstanding quality and delivery performance.

Learn more about our performance-based logistics work for DLA

Software Development

We perform software engineering as well as software assurance for all human spaceflight programs.

In addition to ensuring mission and space operational software work and behave as designed, we advance digital transformation for customers by helping them adopt cloud and internet-of-things environments and DevSecOps development chains as well as migrating their legacy administrative and mission applications.

Learn more about our enterprise-range software services

Prototype Development

We are assisting NASA in developing the Restore-L robot for in-orbit satellite servicing.

SAIC is helping the space agency design, test, integrate, and assemble the “robot with a toolbox” whose job will be refueling satellites in space using a robotic arm. Our support in the groundbreaking Restore-L project encompasses the autonomous docking mechanism, robotics, ground systems, software, and hardware.

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Mission Systems

We are executing the Multi-Mission Satellite Operation Center’s C2 ground system architecture.

SAIC is at the forefront of architecting and delivering open architecture, cloud-enabled command and control systems to integrate complex, resilient enterprises at the speed required to support agile satellite system development and deployment.


Virtual Environments

We can deliver better training for those who safeguard and preserve our space domain.

SAIC is redefining training for the government with our virtual reality-based simulation environments. We are deploying “at home,” life-like, immersive space warfighting training on the operations center floor for individuals and entire units to prep skills and facilitate mindsets. We’re developing such environments featuring visualizations and walk-arounds for the Space and Missile Systems Center.

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AI-Enhanced Learning

Our training platform produces analytical insights that result in greater training and mission efficacy.

Our analytics applied to the U.S. Air Force Pilot Training Next program have resulted in marked acceleration of aviator training. SAIC is ready to apply proven, successful techniques to space warfighting training with our advanced analytics tools and our state-of-the-art, tailorable training platform.

Learn more about our virtual simulation support for USAF

Live Training

We support live astronaut training and simulation for NASA to keep lives safe.

SAIC’s engineers work alongside NASA personnel in support of maintaining the safety of astronauts and crew members. We are there at the agency’s Johnson Space Flight Center Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, helping determine the safety and overall readiness of the astronauts, tools, and procedures to perform extravehicular activities.

Learn what we do for spacewalk prepping and assuring life-support systems

High Performance Training

We deliver training courses that help space mission performers with acuity and spatial relationships.

The heightened realism of immersive training without taking operational C2 systems offline is one of the many advantages of our integration of augmented reality, virtual reality, data visualization, and gaming technologies into training programs.

Learn how we can integrate low-cost, high-quality immersive training

Command and Control

We are leading support of U.S. Air Force enterprise ground services and systems.

Including the Air Force, across all space organizations, we support current operations, and we design systems of the future for our customers to operate in contested space.

Learn how we're improving command and control through domain ontology development

Enterprise IT

SAIC is NASA’s largest IT contractor, providing enterprise applications support and cloud services.

We support NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer for corporate and mission communications needs, including local area and network management at all NASA centers. We integrate high-quality business apps, manage cloud-based apps, support mission apps, and continuously identify software acceleration opportunities.

Learn more about our enterprise IT support for NASA


We’re hardening all U.S. Air Force space systems to operate in growingly contested domains.

Adversaries of our nation that want to dominate space are growing in number and sophistication. The assets of our space agencies face increasing risk in the cyber domain of being attacked or taken over to subserve our adversaries’ missions. SAIC is helping protect space systems and keeping them operational amid constant threats.

Learn about our full range of cyber capabilities and solutions

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We apply industry-leading data analytics methodologies and AI/ML technologies to space missions.

We help our space customers better gain insights and domain awareness by working with and improving their data sets as well as their data collection and analysis strategies and operations. Our data scientists apply AI/ML to space systems intelligently to augment human-led decision-making.

Learn more about how we apply AI to space

Early In-Orbit Test and Evaluation

We conduct initial operations on GPS before our customers put them into full operational use.

SAIC supports GPS delivery and transition to operations for customers ranging from the intelligence community to DOD and NASA. We perform final early in-orbit test and evaluation to make sure satellites meet requirements and were not damaged during launches and ascents into space.

Read about our mission engineering capability supporting test and evaluation


We have supported more than 600 space launches for our various customers.

With hundreds of successful launches to our credit, our space teams have been instrumental in a host of space industry firsts, including the Department of Defense’s recent multi-manifested Falcon Heavy launch. The Falcon Heavy is a heavy-lift launch vehicle designed and manufactured by SpaceX. It has the highest payload capacity of any currently operational launch vehicle.

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