Intelligence Community

SAIC brings trusted, transformational solutions tied to the mission: protecting our nation and the world.


SAIC’s solutions for the U.S. intelligence community (IC) deliver the mission understanding, transformative technology, and trusted people needed to protect our nation and the world. Whether our customers are modernizing their infrastructure, creating an agile workforce, or seeking to better leverage their data, SAIC has made the investments in talent, development, and novel processes to accelerate mission success.

Explore a few of our offerings and contact us to discuss how we can help accelerate your time to solution.


Harness the advantages of multi-cloud with resource provisioning and unified cost visibility.


Migration to a multi-cloud infrastructure and modernization of the end-user experience help achieve IC mission agility and security without sacrificing governance and transparency. SAIC drives innovation, automation, and diversity while offering the IC a common customer experience for proven cloud adoption, migration, brokerage, and management.


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Deliver value to the mission with enhanced app design and IT modernization savvy.


SAIC's IT modernization offerings account for unique IC challenges while improving application design and investment transparency. We apply managed services, evolve DevSecOps, improve data use, and provide the insights needed to move you farther ahead of threats (left of boom). We are also leveraging unclassified collaboration services to advance missions.


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Gain insights into adversaries and threats with AI-enhanced analytics.


The threats of tomorrow require rapid technology innovation and adoption right now. By engaging with trusted partners like us, the IC leverages the talent and assets from industry. Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), cyber analytics, and data science are just some areas where SAIC has invested to accelerate IC objectives.


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Lock down information assurance with DevSecOps and proactive cybersecurity.


With the increase in the number and variety of potential threats to the IC, SAIC is committed to providing IT cybersecurity services that allow for continuous operations regardless of pandemics, adversaries, or unknown threats of the future.


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Address what-ifs across the mission life cycle with full-spectrum engineering offerings.


Constantly evolving threats and adversaries demand solutions that evolve even faster. SAIC’s industry-leading engineering catalog builds chaos and unknowns into mission planning to equip IC decision-makers with the insights they need for complex planning.


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