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At SAIC, we consider our alumni to be a part of our history and our success. Many alumni rejoin the company, refer friends or family to the company, or become clients or vendors. The SAIC Alumni Network helps you stay connected to SAIC.

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Enroll in the Alumni Network

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Alumni Career Opportunities

SAIC is committed to recruiting and developing a diverse team of talented professionals. We are redefining ingenuity by bringing together problem-solvers and integrators to change the way innovation happens. 

As a former employee, you bring a unique blend of SAIC understanding and new skills that will help both the company and you grow and achieve our goals. Many former employees rejoin the company, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss employment options with you. View our current career opportunities and create a career profile.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an employment inquiry or request for PII from someone claiming to represent SAIC, please contact us via email at


Alumni Resources

As a former employee, you may have many reasons to contact a person or organization associated with SAIC. Here are the most popular resources for alumni:


SAIC Employment and Income Verification

Current and former SAIC employees can authorize access to employment data for verification of their employment and income at SAIC.

Please select from one of the following options:


Small Business Program

Many SAIC alumni become clients, vendors, or partners of the company. Learn more about our Small Business program, our teammate selection process, or how to submit your profile to be considered for future opportunities.