An enemy never makes an announcement.

SAIC's expertise has benefited some of the largest security operations in U.S. history: Olympic Games, presidential inaugurals, and Super Bowls. Our expertise in technical integration has enabled us to develop innovative systems for protect our forces. Our Force Protection systems mitigate hostile actions and prevent unexpected intrusion.

  • Cameras and sensors integrated into one view.
  • Decision-making information when it’s needed. 

Force Protection in a Suite

SAIC is the integrator of the Force Protection Suite, which is a core component of BETSS-C, or the Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance Systems-Combined. 

Recognize friend from foe

Biometrics technology provides organizations with a powerful tool that both denies anonymity to our adversaries and verifies the identity of our friends. 

Benefit from real-time decision-making

SAIC’s Pursuit and Exploitation system delivers decision-making information to U.S. Army commanders at the edge, helping to support full-spectrum operations in real time.

Gain efficiencies on the battlefield

SAIC’s Force Protection suite improves situational awareness, contributes to better employment of forces, and acts as a deterrent to enemy forces.

Protecting vital communities and defenders.

SAIC’s Force Protection systems stand up under the toughest environments to meet the tough challenges of detecting threats and providing information. 

Force Protection Suite  

SAIC’s Force Protection Suite deploys sophisticated optical and audio equipment to collect visual and voice data and compare them to known threats using sensitive computer algorithms.

The Force Protection Suite is a family of cameras and other sensors integrated into a common operational picture that provides detection and assessment capabilities under a wide range of volatile and difficult conditions.

The system, which is tailored by SAIC engineers to fit the specific requirements of each FOB, provides all-weather detection and assessment capabilities up to several kilometers beyond a base, depending on the surrounding topography.

The Force Protection Suite offers a number of products and services for surveillance, detection, and system integration: 

  • Mix of cameras offers all weather, day/night, and line-of-sight detection capability.
  • Sensors provide non-line-of-sight detection and automated slew-to-cue capability for visual assessment.
  • Voice biometrics software and equipment to protect fighters from potential enemies within the ranks.


  • Rugged, dependable instrumentation
  • Diverse methods of detection
  • Reliable and accurate ability to assess


  • As of August 2009, SAIC has fielded 20 Force Protection Suite systems.
  • Nearly 40 specialists on the SAIC team support the fielding of the Force Protection Suite in the war theater.

Force protection on the ground and in space.

SAIC has solved complex engineering problems regardless of the conditions or demands of the environment.

Surveillance for Afghanistan Peace-Keeping

U.S. Army troops used information from thermal imagers within the SAIC-developed Force Protection Suite to keep an eye on Taliban activities in Afghanistan allowing them to thwart enemy plans to attack a U.S. forward operating base (FOB), and to confiscate two Taliban flags—all without using a single weapon. The thermal imagers enabled troops to determine the state of the enemy threat and choose when and how to respond.

Innovation and Responsiveness

The Force Protection Suite is a core component of BETSS-C, or the Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance Systems-Combined. It was designed and integrated by SAIC and government stakeholders in six months in response to an Army challenge to improve situational awareness, contribute to better employment of forces, and act as a deterrent to enemy forces.

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