When your mission is critical and challenges complex, we help your people be ready.

At SAIC, we teach people to make the most of the skills you value. And we take tools, weapons, concepts, and experiments through their paces to analyze for accuracy and performance. Our structured training, education, and simulated environments bring together the skills, subject matter expertise, and technology for your organization to succeed.  

Simulating the real world.

SAIC provides insight into some of the world’s most complex and difficult problems through use of modeling and simulation. We provide a full range of innovative, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective simulation products using our extensive expertise in system engineering, software engineering, component engineering, signal and image processing, and custom system integration. 

Whether it’s people or hardware, when it has to work, there’s no better way to test performance or accuracy than training in realistic environments.  

Preparing your people for their most demanding moments.

SAIC delivers training and simulation solutions that increase operational effectiveness, reduce operating costs, and facilitate speed. SAIC provides tailored training solutions for individuals, groups, and large complex organizations.

From mental preparedness to specialized survival techniques, SAIC creates the training environments that prepare the best people to succeed in the worst conditions. Whatever your mission, we can ready your people for their best performance.