Experience places you can't go. Study things that can't be studied elsewhere. 

The best teacher is experience. SAIC simulations replicate environments that are the next-best thing to being there, especially when you can’t be. SAIC simulations let you learn from environments you cannot access or utilize for real–life experimentation.

  • SAIC air-combat and aviation simulations focus on task, situation, and combat scenarios using realistic ground-to-air communication dynamics, aircraft parts, and environmental visuals, such as weather and runway lights.
  • Ground simulation training supports large-scale, multi-player war games, accommodating up to 10,000 players with aircraft, ships, vehicles, and field-troop movements.
  • Motion-based platforms simulate the physical dynamics and operation of ground vehicles in real world situations with more than a hundred possible scenarios that are vitally relevant to operational success.
  • Missile modeling tools help designers and analysts build better weapons through simulated trajectories that allow analysts to quickly evaluate accuracy and efficiency. 

Optimize Without Costly Mistakes

SAIC creates the world’s most realistic, challenge-ready simulations, which gives your people hands-on training from the safety of a virtual world. Each trainee becomes an avatar, learning how to react in challenging environments and situations without facing the risks of actually being there. With SAIC, you can give your people invaluable operational experience...without risking incalculable operational losses. 

An Immersive Experience for Improved Results

SAIC supports 3D-interactive virtual worlds that provide flexible, cost-effective exercises that enhance proficiencies of every stripe. These immersive experiences improve both performance and results, which reduce meeting, travel, and training costs by bringing hundreds of globally distributed employees together in one virtual world. 

Comprehensive Options

While many SAIC simulations revolve around the battlefield, we can also create nearly any real-world situation within our 3D interactive environment. Our comprehensive training programs pull people, processes, and tools together for inclusive packages that cover everything from analyzing events to evaluating before-and-after performance. Whether it’s teaching new pilots to perform in combat conditions or simulating the sun’s behavior to see how sun spots impact the earth, SAIC creates it.

Mission expertise for your mission success.

SAIC provides a full range of innovative and cost-effective simulation services that leverage our extensive expertise in mission-focused system, software, and component engineering; signal and image processing, and custom system integration.

Know exactly how it’s going to work—before it has to.

There are times when you need to know exactly what you’re getting into before you invest in high-cost, high-risk actions. That’s where SAIC comes in. Our combination of high-quality analysts, advanced techniques and tools, and low-cost deliverables provide the comprehensive analysis support you need to get it right before you go into live operations—when it matters most. Rehearse, test, and experiment, and then analyze results to expose the problems that could turn into obstacles to mission success.


  • Campaign analysis—Top-level, three-dimensional analysis of air, sea, and land battle operations, based on scenario parameters and CONOPS, offer clarity into optimal force-and-weapons mixes.
  • Wargaming expertise and techniques—Apply wargaming techniques to specific operational challenges, bringing together cross-functional participants from different backgrounds, specialties, and disciplines to operate in a cohesive environment.
  • Mission-level modeling—Analyze specific mission levels (like mine warfare or ASW, for example) and then roll up the results into higher-level models.
  • Investment-decisions analysis—Analyze purchasing decisions before you spend, with input factors like effectiveness, ROI, cost, lethality, and more.
  • “What If” scenarios—Combine SAIC’s powerful, flexible process modeling with your own parameters to determine anomalies in mission plans, experiments and training, and then optimize to produce desired end-states. 
  • Operational and strategic assessment support for optimum force composition and tactics—SAIC’s modeling supports current tactical environments, as well as “future-state” assessments as far as 20 years out.
  • Efficient analysis process and tool integration—Integrated tools provide complete analysis, including alternative paths or the composition of inputs to determine most effective or cost-efficient alternatives.
  • Architecture-based development for modernization of force capabilities—SAIC utilizes a documented and effective capability-integration practice to deliver an architecture-based set of recommended solutions for the modernization of force capabilities. 
  • Interoperability assessments for joint & coalition operational requirements—Analyze existing and emerging C4 and cyber capabilities in a persistent C4 environment to achieve interoperable and integrated solutions that satisfy joint and coalition operational requirements.
  • Technical assessments—SAIC identifies and integrates emerging commercial and government off-the-shelf technologies to fill near-term capability gaps for the joint warfighter.


  • Depth of experience—SAIC possesses deep experience with analytic tools and processes, with analysts who can employ these tools optimally for our customers.
  • Responsiveness—SAIC has experience in providing quick-reaction analysis for various customers, including OPNAV and the Missile Defense Agency.
  • Agility—SAIC utilizes a matrix-operating model to enable access to depth-and-breadth of analysis capabilities across the enterprise.

Own the air with advanced knowledge of conditions and operations.

Venturing into any airspace can be a complex, even dangerous, prospect. A multitude of variables go into determining mission fidelity in air and space domains. SAIC’s modeling technology allows you to “pre-test” for any range of conditions, giving you insights—and even foresight—into operational sensitivities in specialized airspace environments. When it comes to launching air and space missions—manned or not—SAIC simulation and analysis help you know before you go.


  • Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS) modeling and analysis—Analyze the performance of systems at the campaign, mission, engagement, and engineering levels that include detailed parameters designed to provide realistic operational conditions, such as weather and atmospheric effects. Span the breadth and depth of analysis that covers defended areas, raids, accuracy, discrimination, 6 DOF engagements, and more. 
  • Air defense modeling and analysis—Model and analyze air defense systems from end-to-end, representing threat situations, friendly configurations and airspace management to C4 systems. Air defense operations include: Airspace Management Environment (AME) simulation, Reconfigurable Tactical Operations Simulator (RTOS), and JUDY.


  • SAIC’s Quick Reaction Team, working with optimized tools and procedures, addresses more than 600 problems per year for the Missile Defense Agency—often bringing back answers within the hour.
  • SAIC provides modeling and analysis for space, aerospace, missile defense, and air-traffic management, leveraging a vast treasury of space-environment modeling expertise from across the enterprise.
  • SAIC uses the WILMA Sim simulation tool and high-fidelity missile engagements via AVATAR simulation.
  • SAIC operates labs and performs discrete modeling and analysis operations, including human-in-the-loop full-motion simulations.
  • SAIC brings 25 years of experience to the missile-defense business.

Simulated worlds. Real results.

SAIC simulation solutions pay off in gains of efficiency; in the use of resources, battlefield prowess, or reduced costs and risk, our customers see results.

Simulation Laboratories (SimLabs) at NASA Ames

SAIC operates and maintains systems at the SimLabs, which enables future-state research for next-generation aerospace systems and vehicles, human factors, and safety.

U.S. Navy Strike Group

SAIC develops all the scenarios and simulation events for the U.S. Navy's Strike Group and its sailors, making it possible for the navy to hone its people's command-and-control warfare skills without actually going to sea. Training more than 13,000 personnel annually, SAIC saves the Navy millions of dollars every year.

Battle Labs

The Maneuver Battle Lab, Air Maneuver Battle Lab, and Fires Battle Lab conduct live, virtual, and constructive experiments for modernization that shapes the future of military forces around the world. As part of the battle lab efforts, SAIC’s powerful spectrum of analysis and simulation explores challenges in cyberwarfare, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and nuclear threats.

Reconfigurable Tactical Operations Simulator

SAIC operates the reconfigurable tactical operations simulator which emulates multiple air-defense elements, putting pilots in the cockpit during firefights, exercises, operational rehearsals, and even experimental combat maneuvers. It’s a high-fidelity, solider-in-the-loop experience that provides realistic air defense training, and analytical replay for operator performance and effectiveness assessments.

Missile Modeling and Simulation

SAIC modeling and simulation performs mission-and-program analysis for the Missile Defense Agency, allowing analysts to quickly investigate the results of thousands of shots for improving accuracy and efficiency.

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