Intelligence analysts. Air traffic controllers. Dogs and dolphins. There’s nothing—and no one—SAIC can’t train for mission success.

No matter what your people do, they have to do it well. That’s true whether they’re responding to a terrorist threat or learning a new process in a bank. Your success depends on their know-how. We teach people to make the most of the skills you value.

  • SAIC instructional design systems span every effective methodology for teaching and training that translate into skills learners can apply effectively under any condition. From classroom instruction to curriculum development; from onsite instructors to interactive virtual environments, SAIC uses every tool at our disposal to meet whatever training goal you have.
  • SAIC training covers every learning need, with flexibility that you can apply anywhere. Maybe that’s teaching tellers how to use a new banking system. Maybe it’s training pilots to react optimally in combat. And maybe it’s teaching police dogs to sniff for contraband or dolphins to detect threatening objects underwater. Whatever the need, SAIC covers it all.
  • SAIC blends live, virtual, constructive simulation and gaming environments to represent live, real-world conditions—putting students "within" the situation you’re training them for. Realistic 3D visualizations immerse students into a virtual reality where they can learn by doing, whether they’re in the classroom, online or doing coordinated exercises.
  • Sometimes you only get one shot at success. SAIC puts people into situations they can’t experience otherwise. Like how to operate (and survive) in hostile environments, from artic bases to space. Or how to tell a family they’ve lost someone they love. Such training empowers your people to give their best the first time and every time.

Trained to be Calm

With our superior understanding of the human mind, we create learning experiences that improve performance, even in the most stressful of circumstances.

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Live, Web, Interactive, or Virtual Training Expertise

SAIC serves up training practically any way you need it; from live-classroom instructors to web-based training, from interactive multimedia delivered around the world to realistic simulated exercises using mechanized classrooms, we cover it all. Web-based, computer-based, self-paced, instructor-led, textbook-enhanced, interactive—you name it, we do it. And if we don’t offer it yet, we’ll find a way to make it happen for you.

Customized for What You Need  

Each training project is different. If you’re training pilots to keep up with seasoned fighters in contested airspace, we can provide a flight simulator that prepares them for combat. If you’re training city employees to deploy a new municipal process, we can provide the courseware, lesson plans, and "train-the-trainer" curriculum you need to spread the word. If you need to certify staff or prepare for accreditation, we can give you the tools you require to make it happen, from needs assessment to skills evaluation. 

Proven Methods. Professional Trainers 

SAIC works with proven methodologies, subject-matter experts, and professional trainers in every specialty imaginable, covering everything from corporate procedures to special-ops missions. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people to do whatever they need to do at the best-possible level they can do it. And we use the people who’ve been there and done that to train your people for mission success—whatever that mission may be.

Training when and where it is needed.

SAIC provides full-spectrum corporate and individual training delivery, analysis, and sustainment services across many industries to the point of need. Our industry experts design, develop, deliver, operate, and support training solutions using effective practices and innovative technologies for learning that sticks.

Access training anytime, anywhere.

Effective training can be the difference between mission success or mission failure. SAIC’s Integrated Training Edge (SITE) is transforming learning to ensure success, with challenging environments and complex goals as our proving grounds. 

A multidisciplinary platform, SITE integrates SAIC’s people, processes, tools, and technologies, drawing on decades of successful design, development, and delivery of engaging immersive training. With SITE, we can incorporate just the right mix of interactive multimedia, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and realistic simulations from our robust catalog of solutions. We deliver blended learning that meets the expectations of today’s distributed workforce—available on demand, from any device, over a secure cloud network.


  • Secure, cloud delivery—A High Fidelity Cloud Network™ (HiFiCloudNet) delivery solution for faster, more reliable training, with less infrastructure investment.
  • Training on Demand—Training applications, simulations, and solutions for engaging instruction available on demand, on any device, when and where needed.
  • Premier technology integrator—Delivering innovative, customized solutions that improve mission outcomes built on standardized, certified processes and tools.
  • Trusted experience—Over 20 years' experience using game technology and live, virtual, and constructive simulations to design and develop training that works.


Bringing experiential learning to computer-based training, backed by brain science.

SAIC Accelerated Learning Framework™ uses visual, audible, and tactile techniques that turn electronic-based instruction into experiential events for faster, deeper, and longer-lasting learning. We combine this sensory approach with timing techniques to reinforce the educational experience and transfer learned material from short-term to long-term memory.

Before a training program begins, the student takes a pre-course and self-assessment test where we use facial recognition and other biometric sensors to capture emotions and cognitive information. This helps determine pre-course understanding and whether a learner is a good candidate to skip course modules for accelerated instruction in our adaptive learning system. As the student proceeds through a learning program, learner experience metrics are collected to give us insights into how well material was absorbed and will be retained.

Our Accelerated Learning Framework is a scalable training and education solution for the military, government agencies, and organizations of all types. From a moderate implementation to a full enterprise transformation, our computer-based training platform is built on proven learning and cognitive science to help individuals learn better and retain training longer.


  • Our platform implements the Experience API (xAPI), an electronic training data sharing standard developed by the Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning organization, enabling the built-in learning records store to track and collect learner experience activities beyond lesson pages viewed, test scores, and module completions, such as:
    • Topics and objectives that were most difficult for learners to understand and accomplish.
    • Time spent on learning each topic and overall training course.
    • Level of engagement of the learning program.
  • Customers get a tailored xAPI-enabled training solution, from a moderate installation of experiential learning approaches to an advanced implementation of technologies and techniques, based on the unique professional-development needs of its people.
  • Training effectiveness data is kept in the system’s learning records store, so it can be recalled for curriculum design, planning course improvements, determining cognitive depth and learning decay profiles, and scheduling of on-time sustainment training to reinforce learning competencies.
  • Uses adaptive teaching methods to provide personalized and more engaging instruction with responsive adjustments to the path and pace of how learning material is presented according to the student’s learning style and needs.


  • We have made significant internal monetary, subject matter expert, and technology investments in the development of our Accelerated Learning Framework for eLearning, including biometric sensors and research in experiential learning, adaptive training, and cognitive performance.
  • We are a leader in delivering distributed web-based multimedia training tools and solutions to the military and federal agencies.
  • Advanced learning is part of SAIC Integrated Training Edge, our full-spectrum portfolio of corporate and individual training services and solutions which includes human performance training, where we have demonstrated better trainee outcomes for customers.

Hone tradecraft skills in a risk-free synthetic internet environment with real-world data.

SAIC's Cyber Intel Training Environment Support Tool creates an operationally relevant replica internet for self-contained and fully immersive cyber and open-source intelligence (OSINT) training. The tool generates realistic network attack and event traffic scenarios that simulate operationally fielded mission tools and software, enabling OSINT analysts and cyber warriors to practice actual tactics, techniques, and procedures without the security risks of touching real data and infrastructure. Our tool fills the gap for a stand-alone, safe, hands-on training and simulation solution for the Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence community (IC).

The system offers a wide range of capabilities and features:

  • Configurable, tailorable, scalable, and dynamic network and cyber scenarios.
  • Hands-on instructor-driven and self-paced training / individual and unit collective training.
  • On-site hosting for local training or cloud-based hosting for distributed training.

The innovative cyber and intel simulator emulates a full training environment with simulated networks, containers, and virtual machines for training critical tradecraft skills. All training activity is viewable and traceable with reportable performance metrics. The system uses interoperable, open architecture to integrate with other conflict simulation environments.


  • The simulator gives instructors and trainers the ability to dynamically inject intel and threats into a scenario to facilitate exploitation of training and cyber operations.
  • Users can dynamically adjust a scenario’s white noise (network traffic volume and intensity) to increase the level of difficulty as they sharpen their skills and improve their performance.
  • Realistic network traffic and correlated pattern of life and event activity enrich learning and training in focus areas such as pattern recognition, data and source validation, and cross-reference analytics.


  • SAIC is a leading provider of national security technical services and solutions to DoD agencies and commands as well as the IC, including cyber defense services for U.S. Central Command, U.S. Cyber Command, and U.S. Army Cyber Command.
  • We are active in developing innovative serious games as well as immersive, hyper-realistic simulation environments across a range of training platforms that accelerate learning and enhance retention.

Train your people with the tools they need to get it right. 

At SAIC, we don't just teach. We combine training and engineering expertise with industry-standard and time-tested instructional design, implementation, and assessment methods to develop training content with staying power. Our training doesn’t check a box; it is tailored for specific and unique requirements, taking into account diverse learning styles and a variety of instructional strategies. 

SAIC's interactive, web- and computer-based training products provide self-paced, on-demand courseware for commercial businesses and government organizations. From interactive training manuals to full-scale simulated attacks, we develop informative courseware and engaging training that makes learning easy.


  • Full-spectrum ISD support—SAIC’s instructional systems design (ISD) teams start by establishing learning objectives, then develop effective courseware using proven instructional strategies. We can scale our delivery of services to any phase of instruction or provide an end-to-end solution.
  • Expert multimedia development capabilities—Experienced videographers, graphic designers, writers, editors, narrators, and actors enhance the realism of our training modules.
  • Blended learning approach to training—We develop solutions that can easily migrate from the desktop to mobile devices and leverage instructor-led and blended learning solutions enhanced by multimedia instruction.
  • Repeatable and reusable capabilities—SAIC reduces costs by reusing materials from established repositories of training materials and by employing repeatable processes
  • Total solution availability—SAIC provides full-service solutions that cover the entire spectrum of instructional analysis, design, development, implementation, delivery, and evaluation.


  • SAIC uses proven, structured, repeatable methods to implement the ISD process known as the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) model, recommended in TRADOC Regulation 350-70. We can tailor these methods to produce training compliant with other training standards.
  • SAIC’s ISD and development experts actively work to remain current, trained, and certified in the continually advancing instructional strategies, technologies, and tools for training products to ensure that our training products incorporate the most current adult learning theories delivered via the most appropriate methods.
  • SAIC incorporates continuous quality improvement processes into all of our instructional design and training delivery to ensure we develop the best-possible products.


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Serious games accomplish serious learning.

Engaged students learn faster and better, achieving deeper understanding and retaining information longer. SAIC offers serious gaming solutions that achieve maximum engagement, immersing learners in realistic environments and scenarios. We offer the latest virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, putting students in the action without the cost or risk associated with live exercises.

Flexible and cost-effective, SAIC’s gaming and virtual-world platforms represent an excellent value to both government and commercial customers.


  • Games for training—SAIC uses gaming technologies, methods, cross-channel processes, and multimedia integration to introduce future warfighters to leadership, teamwork and negotiation skills, decision making, quest-based problem solving, and strategy development.
  • Student engagement—Today’s game-savvy learners demand engaging and realistic experiences. Our games achieve that, along with the ability for students to work at their own pace. 
  • Quality control—Product quality has a significant impact on game acceptance and use. SAIC proves it can meet that bar with the popular live online game America’s Army, which SAIC developed in coordination with the Army Game Studio.
  • Learning anywhere—SAIC's cloud-delivered capabilities enable learners to engage in games for training from their homes, as part of a class, and through mobile devices so even geographically dispersed participants can engage.


  • SAIC employs a talented team of game designers, developers, graphic artists, animators, 3D designers, sound engineers, and producers, all with extensive experience in the development and deployment of game-based training solutions.
  • SAIC investment in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality leverages cutting edge instructional and training technologies to immerse the learner in the relevant environment.
  • Many of the applications we have supported for the Army Game Studio and the Software Engineering Directorate of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) are available on iTunes, Google Play store, or Steam, including: America's Army Proving GroundsAmerica's Army ComicsU.S. Army SnapGoArmy Edge Football, and NASA Moonbase Alpha.


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Replicate environments without the high cost or consequences of being there.

Some things require more practice than others. SAIC provides coordinated, distributed training across multiple platforms and players to represent complicated training events that are too complex, expensive, and dangerous to do "live." These complicated scenarios bring multiple forces of any size together to interact and can include both domestic and partner nation forces. Each engagement can be scripted, modeled, and performed in a synthetic training environment, giving trainees all the advantages of live exercises at far less cost and consequence than the real thing.


  • Synthetic training environment—Bring the real world to the classroom and to forward-deployed units with synthetic events that are carefully scripted and modeled to mirror actual potential.
  • Extensive subject matter expertise—Experienced teams of event designers and developers create tactically and operationally significant events at all levels of complexity using extensive subject-matter expertise.
  • Distributed facilitation—Capable leaders with thousands of hours of collective training experience coordinate complicated events with multiple players distributed all over the world.
  • Realistic scenarios—Extensive experience in developing realistic tactical and operational scenarios form the cornerstone of SAIC’s effectiveness for training events and coordinated exercises.
  • Post-mission reconstruction—SAIC’s experts analyze training events and performance, disseminating that analysis back to the performing organizations and individual students.
  • Simulation as a Service—SAIC offers cloud-delivered simulation environments delivered to the point of need, on devices readily available by trainees.


  • SAIC has the personnel required to provide collective training and exercise support, including event designers, subject matter experts, scenario developers, coordinators, network integration and security support, and instructors.
  • SAIC has led, coordinated, and participated in hundreds of collective training events for both domestic and international players across multiple forces, with everyone participating simultaneously and from many different geographical locations.
  • SAIC’s experience ensures the most cost-effective experience, bringing together the right resources to make every event a high-value exercise that accomplishes training goals and optimizes customer investments.
  • SAIC has invested in future technologies and capabilities to deliver training services that address the learning and delivery challenges of our customers.


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Build the skills for increased cybersecurity.

In today’s world, organizations must cope with an increasingly complex operating environment that includes cyber and terror threats that could compromise their people, systems, and ability to function. Countering these persistent threats requires robust training solutions that are responsive to advancing technology and a dispersed workforce.

SAIC provides high-demand Cyber Operations planning training in a blended instruction environment across multiple platforms. Our realistic cyberspace simulation, coupled with classroom instruction, delivers an easily configurable platform and environment for complex domains, including cyber and human, signals, and open-source intelligence. Using SAIC Integrated Training Edge, we customize solutions that can combine simulated network hosts of varying fidelities to present large-scale networks using very little hardware.


  • Cyber workforce training—Certified experts facilitate introductory to advanced warfare instruction in cyberspace operation planning in a blended multimedia learning environment.
  • Faster reaction times—Unclassified repetition of individual training tasks embeds critical skills.
  • Cyber and intelligence simulations and simulators—Using simulated real-world data, our configurable synthetic training environments create realistic, hands-on virtual and classroom experiences that accurately transfer to day-to-day operations.
  • Training scenario generation—Trainers have the dynamic ability to adjust training, inserting synthetic events and data that mirror the real world to enrich the learning experience.
  • Tailorable synthetic network environments—Scalable data volume for OSINT and cyber analysis supports initial small classroom training through the development of larger, more complex training scenarios.
  • Interoperable, open-architecture solutions—We design our training and simulation offerings to enable easy integration with other tools.
  • Fee-for-Service—Our affordable cyberspace operation planning courses are available through distance learning via a secure cloud and at customer or SAIC lab facilities.


  • We have a credentialing authority for Department of Defense cyber operators through a joint marketing agreement with an outside teammate.
  • SAIC has an experienced team of former military senior officers, civilians, operators, and trainers from U.S. Cyber Command components.
  • In one year, SAIC trained nearly 200 personnel in cyber warfare and joint operation planning.


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Help address difficult topics.  

Responding sensitively to a victim of sexual assault. Recognizing the signs of a possible suicide before it’s too late. Comforting a spouse who has lost a loved one to war. SAIC offers Evocative Training to address these and other complex challenges faced by government and civilian professionals.

First and foremost, Evocative Training encourages trainees to understand and empathize with suffering and helps build the practical and emotional skills necessary to react effectively before, during, and after emotionally traumatic events. Evocative training is designed to address issues such as:

  • Sexual assault prevention
  • Suicide prevention
  • Casualty notification and assistance
  • Leadership development
  • Behavioral health
  • Pre-deployment readiness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Critical-duty preparation


  • SAIC Evocative Training addresses a variety of comprehensive training challenges, including psychological health, mental and physical resilience, and leadership development.
  • Each training session is carefully crafted with a specific audience in mind, emphasizing experiential learning, but taking into account the variety of ways in which trainees acquire and retain knowledge.
  • Training packages often launch with a dramatic video that evokes an emotion and inspires a positive learning state.
  • Training packages utilize powerful documentary interviews with leaders and experts, often from the learners' peers, who address the topics from the perspective of personal experience.


  • SAIC implements its innovative Evocative Training methodology with a full-service multimedia communications and training team.
  • SAIC's rigorous instructional design processes help ensure that all training objectives are met, using a variety of peer-to-peer, instructor-led classroom, and online training delivery methods.
  • SAIC's thousands of military and civilian subject matter experts ensure the accuracy and credibility of all training.


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Keep your people sharp with mental agility.

SAIC takes a holistic approach to cognitive mindfulness, readiness, achievement, and fitness. Our sport and performance psychology coaches provide the mental-skills training that translates into enhanced performance, resilience, and overall health for first responders, the military, corporate executives, and others in stressful work environments.


  • Focuses on resilience competencies, including connectedness, self-awareness, self-regulation, strength of character, mental agility, adaptability, and optimism.
  • Provides demonstrated performance improvements through knowledge and confidence building, attention control, energy management, thought and physiology control, and imagery.
  • Supports accelerated learning and the recall, mental agility, and adaptability necessary for effective critical thinking, problem analysis, and problem solving. 
  • Provides operations analysis, training coordination services, and program evaluation and metrics with development of realistic simulation-based training, biofeedback, and mobile training technologies.
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention, helping supervisors and employees communicate effectively, problem solve, and identify what motivates them for better workplace cohesion.
  • Offers pre-packaged and customized training solutions based on a set of human performance modules that can be configured to meet immediate and long-term requirements.
  • Delivers training through certified instructors at customers’ operational sites.
  • Uses “train-the-trainer” programs to ensure the right resources are available to the workforce and to build strong mental-skills practices as broadly as possible and wherever needed.
  • Teaches skills that can positively impact all areas of life, including the home front.


  • SAIC is a leading employer of sport and performance psychology coaches who develop and deliver holistic human performance training for the military and first responders, including federal and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Our extensive staff of Ph.D.s and other social scientists have decades of experience teaching high-performance mindsets and optimal physical fitness to elite athletes and soldiers who operate in highly stressful environments.
  • SAIC has provided human performance training to more than 650,000 soldiers and family members through our support to the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Training Program and the Special Operations Cognitive Enhancement Program.
  • SAIC delivers a full spectrum of mental-skills and interpersonal engagement offerings through a variety of venues, including online self-development, hands-on training at customer locations, and “train-the-trainer” programs.


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Think “Battleship,” where winning isn’t just a game.

SAIC saves the U.S. Navy and its allies millions of dollars by replacing "live" training events with synthetic events that mimic live engagements in a virtual environment. SAIC develops all the scenarios and simulation events for the U.S. Navy’s Strike Group and its sailors, making it possible for the Navy to hone its personnel’s command-and-control warfare skills without even going to sea. Training more than 13,000 personnel annually, SAIC saves the Navy millions of dollars every year. 


  • Provides a low-cost, repeatable environment to meet the Navy’s individual training requirements.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to take a naval strike group to sea to perform training exercises—saving millions of dollars for every day the real strike group is deployed.
  • Includes every military unit, from hospital ships to strike groups.
  • Revolves around a list of mission-essential tasks that each unit needs to be able to perform during a mission.
  • Synthetic training scenarios cover the full range of requirements, from individual ships to multiple strike groups, and can inject US agencies and even foreign military services into the training exercise for added realism.
  • Exercises can last as long as 56 hours, and while the training is a simulation, sailors train on their own ships or aircraft simulators throughout the duration of the exercise—adding to the realism and effectiveness of the exercise.
  • During each exercise, SAIC collects the data and analyzes performances, passing on those observations to the Navy.
  • Using SAIC assessments, naval commanders can certify their units for deployment overseas.


  • SAIC has been holding naval synthetic training exercises since 1992 and now holds long-term contracts for training US naval forces.
  • SAIC backs the U.S. Fleet Forces Command with a full range of training programs that includes staff support and classroom training as well as fleet synthetic training exercises.


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Count on dolphins to get the job done. 

The U.S. Navy trains hundreds of dolphins and sea lions to scout underwater threats, honing the natural sonar of sea mammals to identify hazardous objects in the shallow, often cluttered landscapes that exist under seaports. So far, the mammals have performed this task better than man-made sonar equipment or even Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUVs).

Though the mammals are used to identify dangerous objects, the greatest danger they face is getting to their assignments. The Navy has to move each animal from the training site to the location where their skills will be used. SAIC supports the Navy’s program by using computer systems for pinpoint navigation and designing new transportation processes and methodologies—getting these highly trained animals where they need to go faster, more efficiently, and in greater comfort. With SAIC on the job, these animals live safer, healthier lives.


  • SAIC focus on the care and transportation safety of each animal to minimize risks and optimize health.
  • SAIC-trained mammals not only detect an astounding range of underwater objects but can also think and decipher on-the-fly to determine the risk the object poses.


  • SAIC uses advances in technology—including computer systems—to continually refine and streamline every aspect of the program.
  • Computer systems plot the most efficient navigation of transports, getting animals to and from their work sites faster.
  • SAIC continues to develop new designs and methodologies for transporting the animals to make that experience safer and more comfortable for them.

Retain fire-readiness skills. 

Every time commanders and soldiers change stations, they take extremely valuable skills with them. SAIC mitigates these skill-set losses by offering enduring support, with seasoned SAIC practitioners who can remain on hand to train incoming personnel to meet exacting fire-readiness standards, even as outgoing personnel cycle through to new assignments.

Warfighters do their jobs in a constantly operational environment. Turnaround for skills and personnel is continuous, and field commanders have to keep their firing-line resources ready at all times.


  • SAIC programs prepare pre-deployment units to enhance marksmanship and live-fire performance.
  • In a constantly changing operational environment, SAIC can offer constant assistance that commanders rely on.
  • Experienced SAIC practitioners are available to smooth the transition process as commanders and soldiers move on, helping to offset the loss of skills sets.


  • The Direct Fire Weapons Integrator (DFWI) provides comprehensive training, with an embedded practitioner to assist commanders with determining training goals, assessments that pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, action plans to improve performance, and fielding qualifications.
  • The Noptel Optical Shooting System–Enhanced (NOSS-E) is a small-arms training device that employs a pre-shot analysis methodology to improve marksmanship.

Know that your staff is protecting national interests. 

When you need national security training, turn to SAIC. We can help you to ensure that everyone on your staff—from entry-level employees to intermediate and senior-level executives—know how to follow the protocols and procedures that protect national interests.

SAIC creates and coordinates joint-training exercises for Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial organizations that need to prepare for addressing national-security issues and events. Our training leverages the United States Atlantic Command’s Joint Distance Learning Center—the single comprehensive source of web-based, joint training and review opportunities for members of Joint Task Force and CINC Battle Staffs.


  • SAIC brings training groups of all sizes together to participate in joint-training exercises.
  • SAIC helps military, defense, and civilians prepare for real-world missions and experiences.
  • With many levels of training, SAIC helps to ensure defensive readiness at national-security levels.


  • SAIC partners with the United States Atlantic Command’s Joint Distance Learning Center for a strong national security partnership.
  • Our customers indicate a high degree of satisfaction with SAIC's national security expertise.
  • SAIC's national security trainers have experience in both the DoD and the commercial sector.

Prepare for the worst with the best training.

Disaster can strike at any time. From earthquakes to terrorist attacks, the world around you can change in an instant. Realistic training for first responders is essential.

Time-efficient, cost-effective exercises to train first responders didn’t used to exist. But SAIC prepares military, government, and commercial organizations to respond to terrorist attacks, covering everything from classroom preparation to drills and analyzing weaknesses. The Automated Exercise & Assessment System (AEAS) is a first-of-its-kind, interactive simulation-based training platform that helps emergency responders prepare for anything from natural disasters with mass-casualty medical evaluations to terrorist attacks involving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Training and exercises include classroom instruction, drills, joint operations training, tabletop exercises and walk-throughs, assessments, distance learning, and crisis-and-consequence management. We help first responders at every level, from government and military agencies to local responders in city, military, and special installations and facilities.


  • Prepare for all emergency possibilities, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks with WMDs.
  • Standardize training levels with clinically valuated operational procedures.
  • Do more than train—analyze weaknesses, then rehearse, drill, and assess.


  • SAIC developed AEAS working with anti-terrorism training experts in conjunction with software engineers.
  • More than 3,000 communities are benefiting from AEAS training, from Utah to West Virginia.
  • SAIC-developed courses conduct WMD training, including those currently offered through the Domestic Preparedness Program.

SAIC training leads to positive results for your personnel.

SAIC training pays off in gains in efficiency. In use of resources, battlefield or business prowess, or improved protection, our customers see results.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Hawaii

SAIC trained Hawaiian municipal employees to follow complex procedures for launching and maintaining the state’s new program for energy efficiency. The program will reduce energy use by 30%, lower the state’s dependency on foreign oil, and net an 875% return on the program’s costs to rate payers by 2030.

Training Hundreds. Or Thousands.

Each year, SAIC’s mobile teams train the Battle Force Tactical Network (BFTN) system used by the U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command—teaching more than 2,000 soldiers to use battle command-and-network systems annually.

Training Anyone—Even Mammals

SAIC trains hundreds of dolphins and sea lions to scout underwater threats. Leveraging the natural sonar capabilities of these sea mammals, SAIC trains them to identify hazardous objects in the shallow, often cluttered landscapes that exist under seaports. So far, SAIC’s trained mammals have performed this task better than man-made sonar equipment.

Taking Players from Boot Camp to Combat and Beyond  

SAIC runs the Army Game Studio, producing America’s Army, a virtual role-playing game that takes players from boot camp to combat experience and beyond. The game has a registered community of 10 million soldiers and has over 50 million downloads.

U.S. Navy Strike Group

SAIC develops all the scenarios and simulation events for the U.S. Navy’s Strike Group and its sailors, making it possible for the Navy to hone its people’s command-and-control warfare skills without actually going to sea. Training more than 13,000 personnel annually, SAIC saves the Navy millions of dollars every year.

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