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SAIC provides a strategic approach to identify and mitigate network risks and issues. Through the application of standardized processes and best practices, we help organizations achieve full life cycle network solutions.

  • Core networking delivers the foundation for advanced, unified communication systems with an integrated infrastructure that builds audio, video and wireless on a grounding of secure, automated IT systems.
  • SAIC consolidates infrastructures of multiple satellite organizations together into a single, streamlined operation.
  • SAIC applies industrial wireless technologies to business and industrial processes to deliver rapid operational efficiencies from design to deployment.
  • Broadband wireless supports high-speed connectivity in almost any operational environment.
  • Frontier solutions connect multiple facilities for unified communications that support mobile and remote operations.

1000% Increased Capacity for NASA

SAIC designed, developed and transitioned NASA’s telecom network, netting 1,000% more capacity.

Significant Financial Benefits

SAIC’s Network Communications Solutions enable you to maximize your network infrastructure investment with measurable, scalable, dependable, high-performance network solutions that deliver significant financial benefits.

Tailored to the Mission

The network—as the foundation for successful communications, business applications, voice, and video—is one element of an IT portfolio where organizations can leverage economies of scale and innovation to overcome complex issues. You can now overcome issues like migrating legacy communications systems, scalability, and load balancing to support demand, integrating disparate platforms, and managing decentralized communications.

SAIC brings together the many different layers involved in business applications and communications to deliver integrated infrastructures that meet any need. Data, voice, wireless, audio, and video—SAIC tailors the tools to the mission. From simple telephony to complex webs of remote connectivity that embrace facilities and field locations around the world, SAIC enables network and communications that can be managed easily, scaled quickly, and with streamlined costs.

Real-Time Interaction and Information

SAIC creates responsive environments for real-time information, interaction, and collaboration that can be deployed within a room, across a business, or around the world. With a highly efficient and reliable network infrastructure, people can connect to what they need in real time, so they can work together even when they’re located miles or continents apart. Apply these interactive environments to build more efficient and productive use of resources for mission operations, collaborative meetings, or learning in distributed classrooms.

Wherever you go, bring your world with you.

Leverage SAIC's expertise and technology to ensure the continuous flow of real-time data that’s delivered where and how you need it. From foundational WAN to multimedia environments, SAIC delivers turnkey services for the connections you need to succeed.

Cover all the bases.

SAIC delivers reliable communications infrastructure for a wide variety of purposes, whether you’re working from a single room or over a broad geographic area. Our network engineers can design, implement, and manage reliable systems that keep you connected no matter where you have to go to get the job done.

To achieve this level of critical communications, we combine five critical communication functions into an integrated infrastructure that enables the continuous flow of real-time data:

  • Core networking—SAIC works with the highest industry standards to provide a robust and secure core network infrastructure. From architecture planning through delivery and management, everything we do builds on that core.
  • Terrestrial wireless—SAIC designs and deploys broadband wireless network systems that deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity throughout any operational environment.
  • Industrial wireless—SAIC purpose-builds industrial wireless systems that improve business and industrial processes poised to deliver rapid operational efficiencies across organizational boundaries.
  • Satellite communications—SAIC consolidates vital communication resources to share across geographically dispersed units, including bandwidth, NOCs, infrastructure, service centers, and field support.
  • Frontier communications—Combines satellite and point-to-point wireless to connect multiple facilities with reliable, cost-effective communications.


  • Leverage a comprehensive, integrated communications network that’s purpose-built from the core outward.
  • Cut costs and downtime by consolidating, integrating, and streamlining your infrastructure, resources, and management.
  • Partner with experts who work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of both your business and system requirements.
  • Our solutions architects focus on Next-Generation Enterprise Networks (NGEN), which are optimized for emerging technologies, including cloud computing, unified communications, and wireless integration.
  • Process-driven architecture and repeatable processes enable us to be consistent and cost competitive.


  • SAIC supports the widest-possible variety of frequencies, from cellular to satellite, from wireless to land-mobile radio.
  • SAIC applies the highest industry standards for networked communications, with full FAA and FCC compliance.
  • SAIC network engineers have more than 40 years of critical-infrastructure communications expertise spanning the broadest-possible technology landscape.
  • SAIC’s Network Integration Services adopts best industry methodologies, practices, and processes to develop consistent and advanced solutions that resolve deficiencies and reduce risks, transform underperforming networks, improve access, and provide measurable results.
  • Processes based on industry best practices and certifications, such as TOM, CMMI, ITIL, and FrameWorx.
  • Extensive experience helping our customer’s transition from legacy PBX Systems to VoIP systems, leveraging our partnerships with leading VoIP vendors, including Cisco and Avaya.

Connect from anywhere.

SAIC makes it possible to share your vision anywhere, at any time. Our dynamic, media-rich delivery systems create seamless interactive environments you can use to connect a roomful of people, an entire facility, or groups around the world. Our integrated communication systems combine a peerless mix of architecture and engineering with audio/visual, visualization, and wireless systems. So wherever you are—office, boardroom, battlefield, or naval fleet—you can command a view of the world you can share no matter how big (or small) your world happens to be.

Audio/visual and visualization solutions provide feature-rich multimedia environments that include everything from video teleconferencing to boardroom design and stage support systems. Wireless solutions connect at any level, from a single room to widespread geographical areas. From planning to deployment, SAIC works with you to design seamless solutions that support your mission requirements and success, from integrated systems to turnkey services.


  • Leverage solutions that are designed from the ground-up to meet the most exacting requirements.
  • Cover any need, from simple video conferencing for a single room to full support for arena stage facilities that connect with the world.
  • Partner with experts that work with you to develop solutions that align with your goals and objectives.
  • Mitigate cost and risks.


  • SAIC delivers the full lifecycle of services for complete communications, including network evaluation and readiness, integrated system design, configuration, installing control mechanisms, turnkey implementation, operational support, and testing for interoperability.
  • FAA and FCC compliant.
  • Experience with multiple wireless frequencies, including cellular, microwave, satellite, wireless, and more.
  • Credentialed engineers that understand every aspect of communication operations, from connectivity to security.

Depend on a strong backbone.

When you’re operating in a constantly changing environment, your network backbone has to be there when it’s needed. People need to connect—all the time, every time.

SAIC combines the network, telephony and wireless expertise you need to make connectivity seamless, transparent, and always there. With three redundant NOCs that operate around the clock, SAIC uses the latest tools to manage and monitor every vital element of the network, so you can ensure uptime and continually increase operational efficiency.

Choose from a wide variety of support, from a dedicated service desk to the highest-level NOC. SAIC can help you plan, deliver, monitor and protect both wired and wireless LANs and WANs, including IP and Private-Line networks, ATMs and Frame Relays and more.


  • Support any size, range or need.
  • Proactively monitor and report on performance, assets, and the impact of change.
  • Get help with operations, administration and maintenance.
  • Know where and how to secure the network against threats.
  • Predict faults and remediate before they impact network services.
  • Ensure consistent uptime for greater operational value.
  • Optimize the performance of existing technologies.
  • Cost effectively design, plan and implement new LAN/WAN backbones.


  • Tier 1 Service Desk / End-User Support
  • Tier 2 and 3 NOC support
  • Technical services for a full range of planning, design, deployment, management and maintenance
  • Physical infrastructure support for copper cabling (Inside/Outside), wireless and equipment racking and power
  • Data link support for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Passive Optical Networks (PON), active ethernet, and Optical Transport Protocol (OTn/G.709)
  • Network support for borderless network architecture, data center network architectures, converged multi-service packet core architectures and advanced security integration

From the boardroom to the battlefield, SAIC supports your operations. 

SAIC specializes in implementing and improving the communication networks. 


SAIC helped create an innovative architecture to deliver high network performance for NASA’s unique business model. NASA needed a major upgrade to their worldwide telecom services network. SAIC designed, developed and transitioned the network to state-of-the-art performance that increased capacity more than 1,000% and decreased operational costs.

Defense Information Systems Global Network

It took SAIC only 20 months to implement the Global Information Grid-Bandwidth Expansion (GIG-BE) optical mesh network for the Department of Defense (DoD), attaining 10 gigabyte-per-second connectivity to 100 DoD bases, posts and stations.


SAIC transformed the USCIS infrastructure to modern standards using a broad range of IT services, modernizing operations with voice PBX systems, data-center consolidation and multi-tenancy cloud services. We now maintain and operate LAN/WAN networks for more than 280 offices around the world.

Broad Scale Integration and Operation for the Department of State

We design, engineer, secure, operate, and maintain the enterprise-wide IT network infrastructure supporting DoS in its U.S. foreign policy mission. We oversee all O&M of IRM’s servers and network infrastructure, including installations, consolidations, upgrades, and patches. SAIC has ensured that servers and networks maintain a level of availability greater than 99.997%.

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