You can excel at SAIC because we're ready and equipped to help you propel your career. The opportunities, challenges, and learning we provide will help you build your future with us.

  • A company of focused and compelling values.
  • A company committed to the communities.
  • A company that prides itself on a commitment to work-life balance.
  • A company with a culture of diversity and inclusiveness.


Our Core Values

Our core values define our culture and the way in which we conduct business. They form the basis of our conduct and govern our decisions. At SAIC, how we behave is as important as the results we achieve.We believe in doing what is right and in treating people right—always. We believe in fostering a culture that encourages achievement, satisfaction, collaboration, and meaningful contribution to the world at large.

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Employee Value Proposition

We offer a compelling employee value proposition anchored by four key elements — company strength, career growth, an ethical culture and rewards and flexibility.

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Build Your Career

We offer career enrichment by providing well thought-out resources for your growth, skill development, and learning, complemented by flexible career paths and an inclusive environment.

Individual Development Plan

  • MyCareer is our employees' internal site dedicated to career development. It provides links to internal networks, classroom and virtual courses, and opportunities for formal degree programs and certifications.
  • As a member of SAIC's staff, we encourage you to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Through our IDP tool, you set your career goals, plan learning experiences, and track your progress toward continual learning and growth. The IDP is a living document, refined with the help of your manager that you can revise, update, and revisit throughout your SAIC career.
  • You may take advantage of our: Science and Engineering Career Path • Project/Program Management Career Path • Systems Engineering Career Path • Project Controls Career Path
  • Career development resources for other professional categories include: Line/Program Management • Technical • Business Development/Marketing • Intel/Defense Analysis • Functional/Administrative

Internal Career Mobility

SAIC is a global company with a lot of different disciplines, professions, and roles within. There are many ways to enhance your career growth and expand your professional options within the company.

  • Maybe you want to try something new? We encourage new and challenging assignments to help you grow in your career.
  • At one time or another you may have wondered what it would be like to live and work in a new city? We have locations all over the world.

Perhaps the best way to show the breadth of available choices is to present real examples. Read about the many ways our professionals took advantage of growth opportunities within SAIC.


His background includes college graduation, working for some major high-technology and computer companies, and starting a successful company of his own. Scott then learned about our work in information security (INFOSEC) from one of our employees. Intrigued with what he heard, Scott joined us. So far, his SAIC career has included becoming a project lead, as well as chief architect of a major network project.

In Scott's own words: "Since joining SAIC, I've had numerous exciting customer engagements; traveled to Scotland, South Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, England, Germany, Qatar, and all throughout the U.S. I've certainly been challenged. Every new engagement presents an opportunity to advance unique solutions."


He first joined us as a network analyst intern, contributing to multiple wireless communication projects. Later, Douglas became part of a team assisting with customer briefings and the integration of multiple systems into the lab environment.

After his internship experience, Douglas was hired full-time as a security analyst. His first engagement—supporting a public sector biometrics program—provided opportunities to travel throughout the U.S. During the program, he grew to become a systems engineer and deputy project manager, and has since taken on other projects in biometrics and identity management.

To further his career even more, Douglas has participated in project management courses, completed additional leadership classes, and is pursuing his master of science degree with the support of the company.


She first started with us as a database developer and system architecture lead, supporting geospatial intelligence and reconnaissance projects. From there, Christina became an imagery intelligence requirements manager, and later joined a special access program as a geo-intelligence analyst.

During her rising career, Christina took advantage of our tuition assistance benefit to obtain her master's degree in systems engineering. She then assumed management responsibility for a team of 12 intelligence analysts, was named to manage one of the business unit's largest programs, and accepted a promotion to deputy program manager, helping lead over 170 linguists, computer forensics examiners, and intelligence analysts.

Christina says: "The most satisfying part of my career at SAIC is that I can directly see the results of my work, and the profound impact it has had in supporting my country."

Management Advancement

Perfect examples of Program and Project Management:


She started as a staff analyst on a project for a military intelligence customer. When she saw an opening for a similar position on a civilian agency project, she applied and was accepted. She later became the task lead and now is the deputy project manager.


He was a strong systems engineer (SE) who worked on several space systems projects. His career accelerated from a systems engineer to a lead engineer to a chief systems engineer. A few years ago, he became the deputy program manager for a systems engineering contract. His performance as the deputy and his SE background led to his promotion as program manager.


She had significant project and program management experience. She was a deputy program manager (DPM) on a large contract. Although the contract was continuing, she wanted to gain experience with other customers. When a DPM position became available on another project, she applied. She later became the project's program manager and has continued to grow in the program management field.

Tuition Reimbursement

At SAIC, we encourage our employees to continuously develop their skills and capabilities. It is vital to our company's success. In support of career development, SAIC offers full-time employees the option to leverage our Tuition Reimbursement Program. This program provides financial assistance towards the completion of eligible degrees and classes that are directly related to an employee's current position, assigned roles, and future career opportunities within the company. Approval of tuition reimbursement is subject to your manager's discretion and is based upon business conditions, business restrictions, and availability of training funds.

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Take advantage of the relationships we've built with academic institutions that offer undergraduate or graduate degrees to our employees. Some colleges and universities provide academic credit for completion of appropriate web-based courses that are provided within our company. Also provided are onsite graduate degree programs in business and systems engineering. To complement our tuition assistance program, we have negotiated discounted tuition rates with academic institutions that offer programs relevant to your learning and SAIC's business goals.

Leadership Development

Highly successful leaders must be effective people managers. Regardless of where you are in your leadership career, you can always learn to inspire and lead others. In our programs, you will learn the skills you need for the different transition points in your development: when to take on new skills and how they work, and when to learn new behaviors that will expand your professional and leadership opportunities.

Current Leadership Development Programs:

  • Managers New to SAIC—Learn how to use SAIC's tools and systems to get off to a quick start and navigate SAIC effectively.

  • First-Line Supervisor Development—Learn how to transition from a successful individual contributor to a leader of people; one of the toughest transitions.

  • Mid-Level Manager Development—Demonstrate how to lead other leaders, spot future talent, and help your staff perform effectively as a team and for SAIC.

  • Executive and Senior Manager Level Development—Increase your influence through unique development experiences and engagement with senior executives.

  • Assessment Tools and Coaching Available at All Management Levels—Take advantage of leadership assessment tools and feedback to pinpoint your unique development needs and build an individual development plan. We offer coaching services to challenge and support you as you achieve higher levels of performance.


Explore a comprehensive suite of training opportunities. SAIC provides a variety of learning opportunities to keep you informed and well prepared to continue your career growth.

SAIC University

It's virtual. It's valuable. It's always "on." SAIC University offers you learning and development opportunities through onsite degree programs delivered by accredited universities; online book libraries for reference and research; and a full range of training resources and programs focused on our corporate goals, objectives, and competencies.

Onsite Learning Centers

Our learning centers offer comprehensive curricula delivered by training companies and our own subject-matter experts. Topics involve key company functions and the critical skills and knowledge needed at varying points in your career, ranging from entry level to senior level and large program experience. Current areas of study include:

  • Program management
  • Systems engineering
  • Technology and science
  • Business development
  • Finance, accounting, and business management
  • Human resources


You can easily access our free, best-in-class training solutions through e-Learning. Our e-Learning suite offers both formal and informal learning. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Train to complete a new job-related task or try new skills. Address your business, leadership, IT, or desktop-computing training needs. Work on certifications, academic degrees, or needed skills for current and future job success.

Online Book Resources

You will have access to the complete unabridged contents of thousands of the latest and best books for business, engineering, government, information technology, administration, and executive leadership. Use this resource for continuous learning to help solve job-critical challenges and as an effective way to problem-solve, learn, and succeed.

Certification Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to enroll in programs to help you prepare for professional and technical certifications. Our formal certification programs include:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI®) certification test preparation training in project and program management
  • International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) certification test preparation training in systems engineering
  • Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) certifications in human resources
  • Microsoft technical and software certifications
  • Cisco technical certifications
  • Information assurance certifications

The SAIC Lifestyle

Choosing an employer is an important undertaking. After all, you're going to spend a significant amount of your time and energy on your career. We offer benefits that reward your achievements and provide a balanced life.

Your Work—Challenging and Important

SAIC employees are dedicated to delivering quality services and solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology. We believe how we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself.

Our credo emphasizes a commitment to contribute to the security and well-being of our communities throughout the world, and our belief that high ethical standards are essential to the achievement of our individual and company goals.

We are smart people solving the world's hardest problems. To do this requires insight and ingenuity. Areas where we help our customers' most complex challenges include:

  • Advanced Communications Systems
  • Cloud Management
  • Commercial Business
  • Information Technology
  • Integrated Network Solutions
  • Logistics, Readiness, and Sustainment
  • National Security
  • Public Safety and Emergency Response
  • Simulation Products
  • Software Products
  • Training Services

Exceptional Work—Exceptional People

Junior Analyst, Chelsea Johnson, Widens Her World View

As part of her early career professional development, Junior Policy Analyst Chelsea Johnson was chosen to attend an SAIC-sponsored event called the Atlantic Youth Forum.

During the week-long forum in Wilton Park in rural West Sussex, England, young people from around the world, ages 18 to 24 years old, listened to and interacted with speakers on topics that covered political, security, cultural, economic, and social issues. Speakers came from various public, private, and nonprofit organizations, such as the U.S. Department of State, NATO, Columbia University Law School, the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy, and the British American Security Information Council.

The group also visited and interacted with officials at the Houses of Parliament, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the United States Embassy.

"It was the experience of a lifetime," says Chelsea. "It has affected me both personally and professionally. I have an expanded understanding of the global community and a renewed sense of the work I do for SAIC and my customer."

Chelsea adds, "I was honored to be chosen to attend the forum. There are so few conferences that engage the upcoming generation in issues relating to security, defense, and international relations. The company's support of this forum clearly shows that management is committed to the development of junior employees."

Balancing your work time and personal time is essential. We recognize that, and make it easy for you to find the balance you need through a variety of programs, including:

Telework Benefits

SAIC values its employees, no matter where they are located. With a balanced life being one of the keys to your success, we work with our employees to support and offer flexible work arrangements which could include telework. From home or the office, you can stay connected with your team, manager, and clients with support from managers and our Information Technology Solutions organization.

Employee Networks

We currently have multiple networking programs for employees to share ideas and best practices, as well as mentor each other and network. Our programs are varied and serve many different employee populations. Examples of two of our company-wide programs include our Women's Network and Multicultural Network. Each is a forum for learning and understanding, and they enrich from the collective knowledge, perspective, skill, and experience of all participants through internal and external programs and activities.

Our People—Keeping Balance

When Thomas Kaye wanted to further educate his team while helping them develop essential leadership skills, he decided to get back to nature. Literally. Thomas, a project manager, organized an expedition to Glacier National Park in Montana.

"Because a large majority of the work we do involves photo interpretation, I thought what better way to educate our team than to visit the same ecosystems and talk to the experts that manage these environments?" says Thomas.

To gain a deeper understanding of glacial terrain, the team—a diverse group of geospatial specialists, imagery analysts, and cartographers—hiked, climbed, and trekked over the beautiful terrain so they would be able to better identify and depict it on hard- and soft-copy maps.

The group also spent hours talking with other glacial, geologic, and park system experts.

The education paid off immediately. "We discovered that with this training we could immediately introduce an even greater level of accuracy to our products," Thomas says.

In the near future, the team will meet to determine other geographical locations that could provide educational value. The discussion will include arid regions, jungle environments, and even nautical locations.

You have interests outside the office. Pursuits that may, in fact, reflect your work in some way, and other interests that are completely different. Perhaps rollerblading is your thing, or perhaps applying your professional skills to community outreach programs sparks your interest. Whatever they may be, your interests and passions help define you.

Awards and Recognition

If you're considering SAIC as a potential employer, you should know what the experts are saying about us. Here is a look at how we rank as a top government contractor and a value-added provider to the commercial world.

#34 Defense News Top 100

Defense News—August 2015

#20 The Best Companies for Work-Life Balance

Forbes—July 2015

#19 Top 100 Public Companies in the Washington, D.C., area

Washington Business Journal—June 2015

#14 BGOV200

Bloomberg Government—June 2015

#8 Washington Technology Top 100

Washington Technology—June 2015

#6 Top Employers for Veterans

Forbes—April 2015

#14 Government Technology Contractors

Washington Business Journal—April 2015

#480 America's Best Employers

Forbes—April 2015

#7 World's Most Admired Companies, Information Technology Services

FORTUNE®—February 2015

2014 Chief Executive Officer of the Year Awards, Most Admired CEO

Washington Business Journal—December 2014

#19 Post 200

Washington Post—December 2014

2014 Top Simulation and Training Company

Military Training Technology—September 2014

2014 Chief Financial Officer of the Year

Northern Virginia Technology Council—June 2014

2014 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military

CivilianJobs.com—April 2014

2014 Corporate Growth Award: Spin-Off or Divestiture Deal of the Year

ACG National Capital—April 2014

#83 Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers

Military FriendlyDecember 2013

Pay and Benefits

We offer advantages you'll like. We know your pay and benefits are important factors in your career decision. That's why we put much care and thought into building our total compensation packages.

  • Your benefits start immediately upon hire for all plans. There is no waiting period.
  • There are no pre-existing conditions/exclusions for our medical plans.
  • Your dependents, including domestic partners, can be covered by our plans.

We invite you to lean more about our salary policy; medical, dental, vision, and insurance plans; and the perks and extras we offer.

Please note that all benefit programs may not apply to all organizations within SAIC.


We structure our pay program to be market-competitive. As appropriate, we include pay for locality, market conditions, hardship, and hazards. We also:

  • Reward your skills and growth
    Our people are rewarded for their contributions to the company and our customers' mission.
  • Recognize your contribution
    SAIC has programs for recognizing and rewarding notable contributions to your profession, the company, and your customers.
  • Ensure fairness
    SAIC's compensation programs comply with applicable federal and state laws and meet standards dictated by applicable audit entities.


Benefits should provide peace of mind, support you and your family, and help you successfully navigate life events. We took all these elements into account when we developed our health and welfare benefit offerings.

Medical Plans

Comprehensive coverage for you and your family, including domestic partners, with options for national preferred provider organization (PPO) and regional health maintenance organization (HMO) plans.

Dental Plans

Choose among different dental plan options, which include a national PPO plan and regional dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plans.

Vision Plan

Choose to participate in a national vision service plan.

Health Savings Account and Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Make pre-tax contributions and obtain reimbursement for eligible medical, dental, vision, mental health, and pharmacy expenses.

Dependent Day-Care Flexible Spending Account

Make pre-tax contributions to the account and obtain reimbursement for eligible day-care expenses.

Basic Term Life Insurance

Coverage is available for employees and eligible dependents.

Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Coverage is available for employees, their spouses or registered domestic partners, and their children.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Basic AD&D coverage is available for employees. Business Travel Accident Insurance and several levels of Voluntary AD&D coverage are also available.

Disability Insurance Program

Your Disability Insurance Plan offers various components including: Disability Sick Leave (DSL), Voluntary Short-Term Disability Insurance Plan (VSDI), SAIC Private California Disability (CAVPDI), Basic Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD), and Supplemental Long-Term Disability Insurance.


The SAIC Retirement Plan can help make your journey to retirement a little easier. The SAIC Retirement Plan features:

  • Attractive company matching contribution
  • Pre-tax and/or Roth 401(k) contributions
  • Immediate eligibility for employee contributions and company-matching contributions
  • Both passive and active investment options from a wide selection of fund choices
  • Investment advice services through Vanguard and Financial Engines

More information, including match eligibility, is available on the SAIC Online Retirement Guide.

Leave and Holidays

Time off is important to your well-being and essential to your personal pursuits. We offer several types of leave programs that add up to the time you need to live your life outside of your career.

Comprehensive Leave

As an eligible employee, you will be able to accrue comprehensive leave to use as paid time off for vacation, personal business, and short-term illness.


Most SAIC employees are eligible for nine standard holidays during the year. This includes seven fixed holidays as well as two alternative holidays to be used at your discretion within certain limitations. Fixed holidays include:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Please note that holidays may vary based on contractual requirements.

Military Leave

You will have paid time off for annual reserve training, up to two weeks (10 working days) during each U.S. Government fiscal year (October to September). This leave policy also takes into consideration the difference in pay between your SAIC base salary and annual service pay.

Active Duty Reservist

We value our diverse background, and have the highest respect for those providing mission-critical expertise while serving the nation's armed forces. As an active duty reservist, we support your efforts in making the nation, and the world, a safer place to live and offer a balanced schedule to continue that mission. We provide military reservists with paid time off work and/or differential pay in order to meet service and training obligations. Whether called for a national emergency or requested for active duty, SAIC provides flexibility to serve where you are needed the most.

Jury Duty

When you are summoned for and serve jury duty, you will receive your full pay from SAIC.

Bereavement Leave

If you need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member, you will receive up to three days, fully paid, to do so.

Disability Sick Leave

80 hours (10 days) of Disability Sick Leave will be credited on the date of your hire, and on each anniversary date, you will be credited with 80 hours (10 days) of available Disability Sick Leave up to a maximum accrual of 1,560 hours (195 days). Your Disability Sick Leave is integrated and paid in conjunction with disability programs for the first 26 weeks (180 days) of disability.

Additional Benefits

When it comes to offering programs that make your life easier—more is better. Consider these additional benefits and extras.

myWellness Program

myWellness is a free health and wellness program for SAIC's U.S. employees. It is designed to help you reach your goals through personally tailored health information and behavior change support. Services include an online, confidential health assessment; personal health coaching; and our comprehensive myWellness site with tools and trackers to help you reach your wellness goals. You can benefit from our myWellness healthy living programs in:

  • Nutrition/diet
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Stress relief
  • Healthy aging
  • Diabetes management
  • Cancer management
  • Healthy heart
  • Smoking cessation

Health and Wellness

Some of our locations offer full-service wellness centers dedicated to enhancing your health. They feature a variety of cardiovascular and strength training equipment, as well as aerobics and group exercise. In addition, we facilitate discounts for gym memberships, health programs, and services.

Employee Assistance Plan

We offer a confidential assessment and referral program designed to help you and your family deal with personal issues that may affect health, family life, or job performance. Assistance is available 24 hours per day.

Tuition Reimbursement

At SAIC, we encourage our employees to continuously develop their skills and capabilities. It is vital to our company's success. In support of career development, SAIC offers full-time employees the option to leverage our Tuition Reimbursement Program. This program provides financial assistance towards the completion of eligible degrees and classes that are directly related an employee's current position, assigned roles, and future career opportunities within the company. Approval of tuition reimbursement is subject to your manager's discretion and is based upon business conditions, business restrictions, and availability of training funds.

Long-term Care

Employees are able to enroll in a group long-term care plan. This plan covers a variety of services needed by people who are unable to perform the activities of daily living. This includes care in a nursing home, an alternative care facility, an adult daycare center and/or care that is delivered in your own home. Benefits can be provided to you or your eligible family members.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

SAIC encourages an ownership culture that enables employees to become aligned with the long-term growth of the company. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) supports this culture by allowing employees to purchase SAIC common stock at a discount through convenient after-tax payroll deductions. Employees are eligible to participate in the ESPP on Day 1 of employment and have the ability to change elections during an offering period. Shares purchased through ESPP have voting rights and are eligible for dividends that the Board of Directors may declare.