You need a roadmap to plan a mission.

SAIC consults on the design, development, and use of products, parts, and programs for a diverse array of government and enterprise missions. We help optimize infrastructure, engineering processes, operational approaches, and logistics and supply chain management by offering a wide range of business and mission strategy services, including:

  • Analysis, reporting, and consulting on national policy and technical business issues.
  • International security, defense, and cultural advisory.
  • Implementation of organizational change processes.
  • Government contract project management and program support.

Utilize Powerful Management Support Tools

The Joint Capabilities Assessment Toolset (JCAT) is a powerful management support capability. It can dynamically retrieve, correlate, and display a wide range of customer-defined data.

Address Complex Challenges with Deep-Domain Knowledge.

Benefit from over 45 years of experience in technology and engineering integration. We are dedicated to applying our deep-domain knowledge to the world's toughest challenges.

Focus on Your Mission.

SAIC is focused on solving problems and aiding critical missions.

We delivery greater efficiency and reduced costs on a wide variety of programs from diplomatic missions to warfighter requirements to ocean and space exploration.

Leverage a Deep Bench of Experts.

Our people make the difference. SAIC employs smart engineers, IT professionals, business strategists, and cultural specialists with expertise in the policies, process, and strategies that make your mission a success.

Planning for change.

SAIC offers a full range of consulting and support services that help agencies and enterprises keep pace with the changing landscape of global government and business. 

Proceed with the right plan, policies, and processes. 

SAIC provides broad-based management support to clients in a growing number of areas that complement SAIC's expertise in policy and technical business areas. SAIC's management support projects span the gamut from strategic planning through program execution and quality assurance. SAIC's tools and processes focus on helping clients identify and solve management needs, as well as tailor and integrate specific solutions.

Some of the key management services offered by SAIC's national security team include: 

  • PM lifecycle support
  • Decision support services
  • Business process and analysis
  • Organizational transformation support
  • Benchmarking and surveys
  • Visioning
  • Acquisition management support
  • Gaming
  • Long-range planning
  • Collaborative decision support
  • Public Outreach
  • Resource allocation analysis
  • Legislative and regulatory analysis
  • Program management
  • Systems engineering and technical assistance
  • Document management 


  • Maintain and manage widely dispersed assets and resource needs. 
  • Structure programs and processes for greatest efficiency and compliance. 
  • Create and leave a well-documented path. 


  • Proven Systems Integration Management (SIM) planning and analysis methodology to evaluate and document a customer's existing and "to-be" systems architectures, to provide integrated schedule analysis and system-to-system interface and enterprise-level interoperability assessments.

Understand and adapt to the forces at hand. 

SAIC delivers a variety of consulting capabilities to defense and intelligence customers:

  • Adaptive Defense Analysis & Planning (ADAPT): Our program brings a rich portfolio of knowledge and expertise to the field of international security and defense consulting through strategic-warning methods improvement or force planning and risk management innovation.
  • East Asia Studies Center: SAIC maintains in-house expertise and the daily ability to consult with individuals and organizations that represent a broad swath of concerns and interests in the Pacific region.
  • Cultural Assessments & Analysis: SAIC’s cultural research program is designed to assist government clients with acquiring the cultural intelligence and contextual knowledge needed to design and execute successful programs, operations, and communication strategies in diverse areas around the world.
  • Homeland Security Consulting: SAIC is expert in studying terrorist groups and the threats they may pose to the United States and our interests overseas, and has conducted in-depth analyses for a number of government clients by leveraging close contacts with the military and civilian agencies charged with protecting the security of the U.S. homeland.
  • National Security Strategy: SAIC supports national security by analyzing and designing how best to meet security goals using existing resources and capabilities or developing new military capabilities.

SAIC operates several centers of excellence dedicated to helping government clients identify and manage change in the national security policy environment. These centers help clients by performing complex policy research and analysis on problems such as information warfare, counterterrorism, arms control, nuclear sustainment, nonproliferation, deterrence, and humanitarian issues.

SAIC's national security centers of excellence include:

  • Center for Information Strategy and Policy
  • Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis
  • Center for Decision Support Technology and Applications
  • Center for European Security
  • Center for Global Security and Cooperation
  • Foreign Systems Research Center
  • Center for Verification Research
  • Strategic Analysis Center
  • Center for Humanitarian Demining
  • Center for Gaming Excellence
  • Center for Public Policy Analysis
  • Center for Total Force Analysis

The directors of SAIC's national security policy and strategy centers are recognized experts who can also integrate this strategic policy analysis capability with the broad technical and systems knowledge inherent in our broad-based research and technology company.

Some of the capabilities these centers can bring to bear include:

  • Arms control/treaty verification
  • Counter-proliferation analysis
  • Defense analysis
  • Foreign systems, treaty, and technology assessments
  • National security issue analysis
  • NATO enlargement/Partnership for Peace
  • Nuclear stockpile management
  • Policy analysis
  • Political analysis
  • State failure
  • Political military/regional analysis
  • Strategic assessments
  • Studies and analysis (R&D policy)
  • Treaty implementation and compliance
  • Air defense technology systems analysis
  • Strategic defense analyses


  • Define the range of possible threats—Our homeland security consulting practice focuses on defining the range of possible threats (including biological, chemical, nuclear, and cyber), developing government counterterrorism initiatives, and exploring new capabilities that can help local first responders deal with terrorist incidents. 
  • Meet today’s cultural and technology challenges—SAIC equips you to meet the challenges of an adaptive global network of radical terrorists, the proliferation of advanced technologies, the fracturing of critical states in regions of instability, and the evolution of effective non-technical, disruptive methods of insurgency and asymmetric warfare.


  • SAIC has been a key participant in central debates about the future of warfare and the future of defense policy for many years. The team has supported the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review and assisted the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the development of a new generation of defense-planning scenarios.
  • We have developed particular expertise in such areas as nuclear strategy, deterrence, irregular warfare, and disruptive challenges. We maintain skills in and knowledge of human cognition, network-centric theory, organizational behavior and military history.
  • SAIC employees focusing on security strategy generally have had military experience and/or served in governmental policy or analytic positions in the Department of Defense, National Security Council, Department of State, or Department of Homeland Security.

Keep up with shifts in business market dynamics.

New regulations or external changes in the business environment may require organizational change to maintain the leading edge or to compete successfully. With customer mission and business needs as our central focus, SAIC uses proven engineering best practices and standards in an iterative process.

  • Reengineering business or product development processes.
  • Guiding and supporting technology change within a mission, standards, and compliance context. 
  • Informing, creating new systems for innovation, development, and testing.


  • Close collaboration—We work directly with the customer's project team to understand its business objectives, review the organization’s existing environment, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for change. Continuous stakeholder involvement is the hallmark of our process.
  • World-class solutions—By uniting mission engineering and IT expertise across the lifecycle continuum, SAIC can work to develop, deliver, and sustain world-class solutions to meet our customers' greatest strategic challenges.

Manage mission activities efficiently and effectively. 

SAIC offers assistance, advice, and training for the efficient and effective management and operation of organizations, activities (including management and support services for research and development [R&D] activities), or systems. These services are normally closely related to the basic responsibilities of the agency that originates the requirement for the acquisition of services by contract. SAIC’s services contribute to the improved organization of program management, logistics management, project monitoring and reporting, data collection, budgeting, accounting, performance auditing, and administrative technical support for conferences and training programs.

SAIC provides expertise in multiple professional disciplines associated with supporting customer missions or programs, including:

  • Documentation support    
  • Quality assurance                 
  • Administrative support
  • Financial analysis and support
  • Strategic communications


  • A wide variety of service options to choose from: studies, analyses, scenarios, reports, tabletop exercises, coaching services, customized training, or scenario simulations.


  • SAIC is one of the largest pure-play technical service providers to U.S. government and prime contractor on 91% of the premier-and-diversified-contract vehicles across government.

Preparation for real-world challenges.

SAIC has provided business and mission strategy expertise to some of the most high-profile agencies and programs.

Greater Effectiveness

SAIC’s approaches have helped customers operate more effectively. We offer management support services for much of the national security community, including key elements of the military services, defense agencies, Office of the Secretary of Defense, State Department, and intelligence community.

East Asia Studies Center

SAIC provides customers with in-depth, time-sensitive expertise on one of the world's most dynamic regions. Through continual monitoring of economic, military, and political developments, the center provides penetrating insights on issues of concern to national security policymakers and investors seeking new business opportunities.

U.S. Army

SAIC offers comprehensive program management support for small-, medium-, and large-caliber ammunition programs, including a full range of engineering and management activities, acquisition management, preparation for Major Milestone reviews, lifecycle planning, strategic planning, and testing.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

SAIC provided engineering, financial, administrative and air traffic controller subject matter expertise to the FAA in support of the government’s change in acquisition strategy for mission support.

U.S. Navy

SAIC supports the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in the analysis of potential environmental consequences of Navy actions. Our services include studies in pollution abatement, environmental compliance, environmental information management systems, and natural resources damage. 

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