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Chief Systems Engineer / SAIC Fellow

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Heidi Jugovic is a chief digital engineer and systems engineer within SAIC’s Innovation Factory group. She assists with the development of SAIC’s digital engineering capabilities and coaches digital engineering execution in programs across the U.S. Department of Defense, in order to develop the next generation of engineers capable in model-based systems engineering.

Jugovic has 13 years of defense engineering experience, with an emphasis on model-based systems engineering and digital transformation. She leverages her experience in the product development lifecycle of ground stations for system-of-record overhead persistent infrared (OPIR) satellites, air-to-ground radar systems, electronic attack, and integrated airborne and naval mission system architectures to bring assured capabilities to SAIC’s customers. Jugovic is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served as a missile defense early warning engineer, operator, and technician.

Jugovic is currently co-chair of SAIC’s digital engineering community of practice. She is also an SAIC Fellow, bringing her combination of technical, business, and leadership skills to stimulate innovation, encourage active knowledge sharing, and provide technology leadership across the company. She is motivated to make a difference in the missions, safety, and day-to-day effectiveness of warfighters.

Jugovic is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional, a published author, and public speaker. A passionate educator, she has experience teaching at all levels, including training warfighters in military environments, coaching and mentoring young engineers, as an adjunct college professor, and as a middle-school counselor. She received her master of science in education from Purdue University.

In her free time, Jugovic enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and playing tabletop games.

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