Kenneth Running

Senior Modeling and Simulation Engineer Manager

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Kenneth D. Running II is a senior modeling and simulation engineer manager within SAIC’s Solutions & Technology Group.

Running manages programs, oversees direct technical work, and manages complex simulation development programs. Running leads SAIC’s modeling and simulation enterprise modernization through IR&D and close coordination with stakeholders to develop transformative infrastructure, tools, and techniques to grow SAIC’s capabilities and provide more value for the customers.

Running has extensive technical understanding of advanced warfighting architectures, ballistic/hypersonic missile defense system (MDS) architectures, and development of countermeasures and fire control solutions, as well as all development aspects for the WILMA suite of tools.

Running has been with SAIC since 2007 in various capacities within the fields of aerospace, engineering, and modeling and simulation. Running has led several teams and departments to develop models and simulations for Department of Defense customers. Running has been responsible for the execution of technical analysis of sensor options, rules of engagement, CONOPS, weapons, and hypersonic systems to understand architectures and stay ahead of the enemy cycles.

Running’s work is published in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.

Running double majored at North Carolina State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in both applied mathematics and aerospace engineering. He later earned his master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland-College Park.