Digital Engineering Validation Tool

Our free system model validation tool guides modeling consistency to reduce errors, aid analyses, and improve quality.


SAIC provides the Digital Engineering Validation Tool to the worldwide systems modeling and engineering community.

Intended for system modelers, engineers, and users, this tool improves the quality and functionality of your system models using state-of-the-art validation techniques we developed. We hope that community use of this validation tool will stimulate adoption and discussion of industry best practices.


What is it? Our tool is a set of validation rules and customizations. Intended to guide model development where multiple options are available, the tool ensures that a team of modelers always makes the same choice, creating model consistency. SAIC continues to mature its popular Digital Engineering Validation Tool, which consists of:

  • SAIC DE Profile (validation rules and customizations)
    • 184 Validation Rules (both language and style) for Dassault Systemes/No Magic's MagicDraw and Cameo Enterprise Architecture, including 20 new/modified rules
    • 123 of the rules are also available for IBM Rational Rhapsody, including 38 new/modified rules
    • Customizations (including methods to connect deeply-nested ports, manage classification and data rights, and conduct failure analysis)
  • Model-Based Style Guide
  • Example System Model (based upon the Ranger lunar probe)
  • Explanatory Videos

New to the Version 1.7 release is an initial version of a profile that enables model-based failure analysis. This profile leverages the full behavioral and structural integration made possible by the SAIC modeling style and validation rules to maximize the rigor and minimize the effort required for failure analyses.


What is the benefit? Use of validation rules in our tool should have an immediate and measurable impact on model quality. Style guides and language semantics are automatically enforced. This enables reviews of system content using analysis tools rather than human reviews, reducing review time from weeks to minutes for large system models. Also, the customizations we have provided allow synchronization between the parts that make a system architecture (structure) and the functions they perform (behavior).


Download the tool below. The download package includes the Rhapsody and MagicDraw profiles that contain the validation suite and customizations, Excel files listing all of the rules for each tool, instructions, introductory videos, and additional summary content files.  


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