IT Modernization Takes USDA to the Cloud

Calendar icon 07-06-2020

Helps agency better serve farmers, ranchers, and foresters

As SAIC is working to modernize USDA’s apps and data centers for the cloud, the agency can shrink its IT footprint and streamline services for its citizen customers.

For instance, with data operations upgraded to the cloud, agricultural producers now report their crops just once and the information is shared quickly between the USDA and crop insurance providers.

They spend less time filing the same information multiple times and get insured faster.

Leaner and more efficient

We’re helping the USDA:

  • Modernize legacy applications. Using a proprietary conversion process that’s already benefited NASA, USCENTCOM, and other federal agencies, we’re turning apps into containerized microservices. This allows USDA to segment out apps that perform specific functions to serve constituents responsively as needs evolve.
  • Shrink its IT footprint. When USDA is done following the roadmap we designed to virtualize and migrate its data centers to its private cloud, it will see lower hardware, software, and operational costs.
  • Get to a cloud state that fits. As an experienced federal systems integrator, we came up with a tailored roadmap with the right technologies for the agency based on its resources and objectives.

Farmers and ranchers harvest benefits

Our work that resulted in a single, online submission process for the Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative is one early digital transformation solution for USDA. Its customers will see other improved services as we continue to support its IT modernization and cloud computing efforts.  

Side view of man crouching in vegetable garden using laptop computer
Farmers now report their crop information only once for insurance benefits, thanks to a streamlined submission process.