Application Modernization: Upgrade and Slash Costs

Calendar icon 11-29-2018

Remove financial, technical burdens of outdated applications

Every year, almost 80 percent of federal IT budgets are consumed by operations and maintenance (O&M) of legacy applications. Agencies pour resources and time into each app update—no matter how small—developing, testing, and trying not to break it when altering the tightly wound code.

Now through our application modernization offering, we can get you out of crippling legacy app O&M costs and into innovative technologies that are purpose-built for dynamically changing needs. Our tools transform monolithic code structures—in which all the parts are interdependent—into modular pieces for composing solutions suited for fast development and deployment and continual innovation.

Legacy app architectures are like a house of cards, where a change can cause a card to fall and pull everything down. With a modern, loosely-coupled, open architecture, parts of the code can be replaced with confidence that other components won't break.

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Tackle app modernization challenges 

Our application modernization offering analyzes, architects, and then iteratively applies modernization approaches to each application in a customer's portfolio, in a repeatable and consistent manner. The offering is an integrated, modular solution that is composed of the following services: 

  • Strategy and analysis: A customer can gain insights into its enterprise app portfolio and individual apps, as well as develop a target architecture and a roadmap that is aligned with its overall IT modernization strategy.
  • App migration to the cloud: We migrate on-premise apps to commercial clouds, such as AWS and Azure, allowing the enterprise to cloud-enable its apps quickly and capitalize on cloud-native services incrementally.  
  • Legacy app transformation: We transform legacy apps from a monolithic architecture into a modern, modular architecture, such as microservices architecture, through automated code transformation and other best practices.
  • Modern app development on Kubernetes: SAIC enables accelerated app development and deployment to Kubernetes, the de facto industry-standard container platform, with our application modernization toolset and expertise in cloud-native technologies and Kubernetes.  

Lower risk and costs

The potential for damage from code modifications makes app modernization a challenging endeavor. Our tools lower that risk by first performing a deep scan of monolithic legacy code, then inspecting and untangling dependencies, and lastly identifying candidates for conversion to microservices while preserving app integrity.

  • Dramatically lower O&M costs. Updates to modern apps take place via a streamlined process, by transforming fractured legacy technology codebases that require specialized support. And, by bounding the scope of changes with discrete, modular components, we eliminate costly and time-consuming system-wide regression testing.
  • Accelerate development cycles. With highly modular microservices code, app updates become piece-part. IT teams only need to work on and test the new component before deploying it.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity. Modern code in new applications has built-in cyber protections, unlike legacy code that is vulnerable to advanced and ever-evolving cyber threats.
  • Scale up agility. Microservices code can accept different plug-ins, raising flexibility in meeting new demands. The brick-like manner and reduced complexity of each update quickly builds momentum.

Deploy app modernization successfully

The Department of Agriculture, NASA, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Department of Transportation, and U.S. Central Command have used our application modernization offering in order to migrate to microservices architectures running in AWS, Azure, secure private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Our approach and toolset are repeatable for all Department of Defense and federal civilian agencies, as well as commercial organizations. We continue to build our reusable microservices repository and collective app modernization knowledge from customer engagements.


Achieve App Acceleration

SAIC Is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, SAIC helps government agencies successfully adopt Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies in their IT modernization efforts. Kubernetes gives agencies economies of scale in new development and O&M of enterprise apps, by enabling agile and DevSecOps implementation, seamless portability across on-prem and cloud, and robust security, scalability, and resiliency.

With our application modernization toolset and experts, we rapidly modernize and migrate applications to Kubernetes on private, public, or hybrid clouds such as AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, Pivotal Container Service, and Red Hat OpenShift.