Calendar icon 11-17-2023


Supporting Air Force's Operationally Focused Battle Network and ABMS



At the recent Air Space Cyber Conference held by the Air and Space Forces Association, SAIC's VP for joint all-domain command and control (JADC2), Joe Sublousky, spoke about the company's development support to the Department of the Air Force on the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) and cloud-based command and control (CBC2). In this video, Sublousky covers data centricity, commercial technology integration and combined JADC2, or CJADC2, as part of development efforts.

1:23 Delivering CBC2

3:42 Moving faster

5:21 Transforming from network-centricity to data-centricity

6:22 Protecting IP in an open systems architecture

7:42 Leveraging commercial technologies

8:56 Keys to CJADC2 success


Learn more about how we support customers with solutions and capabilities for CJADC2 at SAIC's CJADC2 page.