GPS Solutions Safeguard Military Operations

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Access the data in encrypted GPS receivers

All of us are familiar with GPS, or Global Positioning System; we use it to locate ourselves and navigate to our destinations. The federal government owns the satellite-based navigation system, and the Department of Defense uses it along with us. But unlike us, the military is a target for GPS spoofing by aggressors looking to disrupt and lead astray important defense operations.

The DOD relies on the Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) for protecting military GPS receivers. SAASM GPS receivers encrypt the positioning, navigation, and timing information. We supply circuit board assemblies, also called host adapters and carrier cards, for these receivers that enable access to this data when they are connected to computers.  

Our host adapters and carrier cards are applied toward navigation uses as well as hot-starting precision-guided munitions. All of them use the VME data-transfer standard.

Army soliders location
Adversaries try to send fake GPS data to throw off real locations of troops. Encryption solutions can thwart their efforts.

They include:

  • VME-GPS-CCA: The card functions as a VME host adapter for 24-satellite channel SAASM GPS receivers. It provides access to real-time GPS messages stored in the receiver. It is a drop-in replacement for our previous version, the VME GEM, and comes in conduction-cooled or convection-cooled versions.
  • VME-GBGRAM-CCA: The convection-cooled card functions as a VME host adapter for 12-satellite channel SAASM GPS receivers. It enables access to real-time GPS messages stored in the single-board computer inside the receiver.
  • VME-GEM-CCA: This is an integrated product offering the GPS community a fully qualified SAASM GPS receiver with a VME interface.
  • Serial Test Interface Program: STIP is a Windows-based application for use with our VME-GPS-CCA products, providing GPS receiver testing and monitoring. Users connect the VME-GPS-CCA to a PC or laptop computer loaded with STIP.
Host adapters and carrier cards for SAASM GPS receivers
  • Ethernet Test Interface Program: This Windows-based application provides the capability to test and monitor GPS receivers with our VME-GPS-CCA and VME-GBGRAM-CCA cards added. Users connect the hardware via Ethernet.
  • VME-VGBB: This product provides access to all interfaces on the VME GPS line of carrier cards.