Partnerships and Innovation Key to Propelling NASA Forward

Calendar icon 04-25-2022


SAIC expands its innovation hubs to support technological space advancement


Private-public partnerships in the space community and across industries drive innovation, and leaders at NASA are calling on companies to think bigger than ever before to achieve space exploration goals.

SAIC is answering the call by opening its newest space and technology innovation hub in Houston on June 29. The new hub will serve as a collaborative environment where the best of academia, industry and government can enable an ambitious new era of space exploration, as NASA and Johnson Space Center (JSC) evolve to address forward-thinking goals on human space flight and discovery.

“Our Houston Innovation Hub will allow us to leverage technologies that will support the full U.S. space enterprise, address NASA’s human space exploration challenges and focus on near-term and long-term strategic needs,” said David Ray, senior vice president of SAIC’s Space Business Unit. “We will also introduce non-traditional aerospace companies and academic technologies to address NASA priorities.”

Aligned to the mission

Located across the street from JSC, the SAIC Houston Innovation Hub will support critical mission operations and plans for future human missions to the moon and ultimately Mars.

These big steps align with NASA’s mission and vision to increase human exploration, Earth science and space technology.

SAIC will integrate technologies, research and development and expert teams and partners to advance capabilities, close technology gaps and solve human space flight challenges. Lessons learned by SAIC and its partner organizations in other commercial applications and in disciplines like cognitive design and digital engineering can be brought to NASA and JSC, creating a two-way innovation and collaboration pipeline for the advancement of space exploration and utilization.

Key focus areas will include:

  • Digital engineering applied for rapid and efficient space system design and development
  • Immersive technologies applied to mission design, training and operations
  • Creation of a center of practice and center of talent for program/technical integration and project management of space programs and projects

From building an ecosystem of commercial, low-Earth-orbit space stations to adventure space travel and more, the sky's not the limit for what partnerships with innovation hubs like those at SAIC can help NASA achieve for a new frontier of space exploration.

Dedicated to growth

The SAIC Houston Innovation Hub joins SAIC’s other space- and technology-focused hubs in Los Angeles; Reston, Va.; Huntsville, Ala.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Bedford/Lincoln, Mass. at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Institute. Visit our Space page for more information on how SAIC is creating space solutions in an ever-changing domain.