Synthetic Analyst Automates Intel Gathering

Calendar icon 01-05-2019

Intelligence-mission software multiplies hunting power

As the world becomes ever more connected, the number of information sources grows to almost become overwhelming. Analysts in the military and intelligence community need advanced automation tools to help them gather and process data.

Whereas it can take years to train a human analyst, agencies responsible for national security can use an artificial intelligence-powered software platform called Synthetic Analyst to rapidly learn tradecraft skills.

Synthetic Analyst is not meant to replace humans. It empowers them by doing the routine task of combing information sources and getting the right data -- but in far less time than it takes now. Users teach the tool to look for data, select relevant results, and interpret them.

Once the software uptakes a set of skills in the form of a module and the user gives it a goal, AI helps it figure out which data sources to consult and which analytics to apply in order to accomplish the challenge.

Scaling up quickly

Individuals learn at different speeds, and certain skills might erode over time. But, using AI, an agency can multiply what its workforce does across dozens if not hundreds of datasets and analytic methods, and that knowledge becomes permanent in the software. The software also continues to learn as it performs.

It is also not "one-size-fits-all." Synthetic Analyst can be made mission- or task-specific depending on the learned module. This is in contrast to traditional machine analytic models where the data can change but the core algorithm doesn't.

Agencies using Synthetic Analyst also benefit from:

  • The software's open architecture allowing it to be loaded on any host infrastructure and device including smartphones.
  • A modular design that allows it to quickly integrate new data sources and analytics.
  • Improvements in the software by working with our subject matter experts to develop modules that further mission capabilities.
Synthetic Analyst AI synapses


AI meets high-performance computing

The addition of HPC accelerates analytic speed and flexibility. Algorithms in different modules can be matrixed to analyze new scenarios, while different analyses can be done in parallel.  

The benefits propagate up the chain. National security planners and decision-makers have greater data collection, analysis, and synthesis capabilities at their disposal, plus a more streamlined process of handling gigantic data volumes, to arrive at next-step actions faster. 

Sensitive and "can't fail" national security missions hang in the balance.