Your Voice Matters: A Case Study in CX Transformation

Calendar icon 08-24-2021

Halfaker, an SAIC company, worked to implement a customer experience management (CEM) platform supporting a government client’s customer experience (CX) strategy. The platform uses multi-channel feedback mechanisms to gather continuous customer and employee feedback across multiple lines of business, identify customers in crisis for intervention and assistance, and ultimately improve CX across the spectrum of our client’s customer interactions.


Major capability areas:

Customer Experience Management, User-Centric Survey Design, COTS/SaaS Integration, Social Listening, CX Analytics, Agile Software Development, Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Security/ATO


The challenge

As our clients seek to transform relationships with customers to deliver world-class consumer responsive services, systematic measurement of CX across locations, services, and lines of business is critical. While previous paper-based efforts gathered local feedback, lack of coordinated survey structures and limited responses hindered the collection of usable insights. To facilitate CX-driven decision-making, our clients required an enterprise-level survey platform with built-in behavioral science measurement and analytics tools to rapidly ingest actionable customer feedback from multiple channels.

Our solution

Halfaker provides intuitive, scalable CEM platform through agile configuration, implementation, and integration of an enterprise-wide commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software-as-a-service (SaaS) product hosted in the cloud. Our CEM solution provides holistic feedback collection and measurement capabilities, including customized survey distribution, social media listening, feedback collection, automated keyword alerting and case management integration, role-based dashboard reporting, and advanced text analytics to gather and analyze customer feedback in real time.

Based on user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) needs, we configure the SaaS platform to aggregate, analyze, and display survey and comment responses via interactive dashboards and dynamic modules, allowing leadership to view enterprise and service-level trends and drive improvements.

Within the first year, our team deployed over a dozen types of surveys to millions of government customers, giving them a user-friendly opportunity to provide actionable feedback along every step of the customer journey map. Halfaker actively prevents homelessness and suicide by analyzing free text survey responses and continuously scanning comments from hundreds of open social media sites. Our customized crisis alert capabilities use tailored keyword algorithms to identify homelessness and/or suicide indicators and generate automated alerts for case managers to follow up whenever an at-risk individual is identified.

Realized benefits

With clear case management roles and responsibilities, streamlined processes and expectations, and the right training to handle dissatisfied and at-risk customers, our client is empowered to provide consistent service and real-time improvement. The client receives:

  • Lower overall programmatic costs
  • Minimized delivery risks
  • Enterprise-level CX enhancements

Our solution assisted in analyzing more than 2.5 million pieces of customer feedback across 12.5 million surveys spanning 18 survey types, with 32 live surveys. Our CEM platform automatically assesses one million comments for action from 245 social media accounts across 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.