Health Services

The success of our nation start with the health of our people. SAIC is helping stakeholders across the government to ensure the well-being and betterment of all Americans. 


SAIC supports the federal health community, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Military Health System, and Veterans Health Administration, as part of our commitment to serve citizens. Our partnerships with government health agencies span mission-critical care, information technology modernization, and sustainment of care delivery and management.

We have built a strong reputation for providing federal health agencies with cost-effective technical solutions and subject matter experts with deep understanding of their missions, and for helping the government deliver essential services faster and more efficiently. Our digital transformation solutions and professional health services enable agencies to overcome technical and logistical roadblocks, allowing them to become agile, aligned, mission-focused enterprises.

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SAIC Health Programs/Capabilities

Traditional/Next Generation Health IT Services

  • IT Modernization
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • App/System Development
  • Legacy System Sustainment
  • Enterprise IT Services
  • Cybersecurity

Professional Health Services

  • Clinical Community / Care Coordination
  • Ph.D. Psychological Health SMEs
  • Clinical and Non-Clinical R&D
  • Program Management (PMO)
  • TBI R&D/Support
  • Training and Education


Development / Modernization / Sustainment

Modernized health applications and software development are keys to mission efficacy. SAIC has a proven record of application modernization, software acceleration, and lean-agile engagements with government customers, turning portfolios of underperforming legacy apps into nimble, secure, effective cloud-based ones.

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Our teams apply proprietary methodologies, tools, and processes to modernize and migrate your portfolio in a logical and risk-free manner. We also develop business-specific applications for your mission needs in support of the federal health community.

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We modernize, manage, and continuously improve health agencies' IT environments, applications, cybersecurity posture, and enterprise-wide services, while working on establishing DevSecOps chains and lean-agile practices for software development life cycles.

We support legacy systems and provide continued operational support of technology programs for all of our customers. We strive to ensure that which works continues to work, without breaks in service or gaps in capability. Supporting solutions across all of health, including legacy data and analytics, SAIC is embedded in existing technologies that enable day-to-day operations within the federal health community.


Next Generation IT Support Services

Our enterprise IT experience provides our customers, including the Department of Health and Human Services, with user-focused, next-generation tech support services that operate and manage all types of IT environments, infrastructures, and service delivery models.

We have made significant investments in AI-based technologies that facilitate proactive response and automated self-help, and all our services are backed with cybersecurity integrated into network architecture. This ensures protection of personal health information and personally identifiable information against sophisticated cyber threats.

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High Performance Computing

Our high performance computing support solves complex health science and research challenges.

If your organization requires exascale-power computing for scientific missions, our HPC services span from helping you strategize your portfolio roadmap with new tools and technologies to debugging and optimizing your software code in solving complex health analytics challenges.

We perform development of computational methods as well as infrastructure operations management. Our teams of computational scientists, IT experts, and technologists support development of your modeling and simulation, scientific software, and analytics tools, as well as configure, install, and manage your HPC infrastructure.

We have successfully supported the Food and Drug Administration's HPC environment and operations to help the agency ensure the safety and improve the quality of the nation's food supply.

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Clinical Support Expertise

SAIC supports the federal health community with a wide range of professional health services critical to the well-being and health of service members, their families, and veterans. With a longstanding history of providing program management, clinical and non-clinical research and development, research portfolio support, and clinical community coordination and evaluation to existing health programs, SAIC is a critical contributor to both mission-critical and health population wellness both physically and mentally.

Delivering expertise to our customers is SAIC's professional staff of clinical subject matter experts, Ph.D.s, and doctors that are deeply invested in providing the highest quality of support to the federal health community. Our expertise is leveraged across many federal health customers, and SAIC is committed to continuously improving the quality of care provided to military personnel, their families, and veterans.

Health Program Evaluation

Our professional health services deployed at the Defense Health Agency evaluate and improve the Military Health System, effecting services research, congressional policy, funding and resource alignment, and strategic planning.

We step in with program evaluation, compliance management, clinical practice oversight, and continuous improvement services, leveraging the experience of our health domain experts and our data analytics, state-of-the-art training, and business process engineering capabilities.

By helping you standardize evaluation protocols and produce more useful metrics for assessing performance, you will better detect opportunities and make evidence-based decisions for your program.

Clinical Communities of Interest

SAIC’s Clinical Communities (CCs) of Interest effort supports the DHA Clinical Support Division by providing program management, governance operations, and technical support across the CCs and related sub-working groups. CCs create conditions for high reliability at the point of care (processes, standards, metrics), and hold clinicians accountable to best practices and clinical outcomes. SAIC assists in the coordination of primary and specialty care CC projects, initiatives, and activities to implement recommendations and requirements within the Military Health System.