We deliver cloud solutions that use the best of today's available technologies and methods.


Armed with proprietary development processes and tools, plus strategic alliances with top cloud platform and service providers, we build and operate private, hybrid, and shared cloud computing environments for all enterprise situations. Our experience and development rigor address the complex challenges of moving out of legacy systems and remaining in lockstep with the ever-changing technology, security, budget, and end user landscape. We tackle every customer initiative with one focus: business transformation resulting in mission success.


Cloud Capabilities

Consumption Options

We deliver on-prem or off-prem cloud-based computing support as managed services, shared services, or subscription-based as-a-service solutions.

Cloud Integration and Infrastructure Engineering

Our Cloud Migration Edge methodology guides strategy and implementation of architecture and infrastructure plus organizational change management.

Infrastructure as a Service

We have fully managed classified, unclassified, on-prem, private infrastructures for compute and storage.

Services Brokerage/Technology Business Management

Our platform unlocks provisioning, management, and automated deployment of integrated physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Emerging Technologies

We continually assess and introduce rapidly evolving innovations and technologies for augmenting existing capabilities and organizational efficiency.

Defense/Intelligence Community Cloud

Our Cloud Ascend solution aids architecture development, infrastructure development, and optimization for highly secure and classified environments.