We perform modern software execution for continuous deployment of robust apps for today's agile demands.


SAIC carries out software transformation for customers as a holistic effort of turning outdated and underperforming applications into secure, compliant, effective apps and streamlining the development process and production chain to deliver them. We understand that this re-engineering can't be a big-buck, big-bang endeavor. Our teams apply assessments, tools, and processes that logically and incrementally facilitate your most efficient, lowest-risk roadmap.



SAIC helps you achieve true business agility.


SAIC accelerates business agility by helping you discover, adopt, and embrace Lean-Agile values, principles, and practices that lead to success at scale. Our trainers will help you gain knowledge and understanding, our Agile coaches will enable your people and guide you through change, and our advisory practice will assist with solution development and modernization initiatives.

We will be a trusted partner throughout your Lean-Agile journey — from pilot program rollouts to complete enterprise transformations. Customers benefit from our industry knowledge, consultants with technical expertise, and coaches with real-world experience.

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Software Capabilities

Application Modernization

Our analysis and planning toolset quickly quantifies your applications’ readiness and rapidly transforms those identified for microservices.

Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

Our CoE helps customers relentlessly adopt, improve, and scale software efficiencies, using Scaled Agile's frameworks and best practices.

Software Acceleration and DevSecOps

Our purpose-built, open source tool stacks deliver fully automated continuous deployment pipelines with built-in, "shift-left" security.

Mission Software

Our portfolio has ERP solutions, COTS software integration, and Internet of Things capability development, in addition to systems re-engineering.

Intelligent Software

We perform practical integration of artificial intelligence/machine learning into existing software to create smart applications.

Mobile App Development

Our Trusted Application Broker Service finds innovative developers that can provide accelerated development of government mobile apps.