Program Management

Integrating the right strategic-level support is essential
to successful performance and cost savings.

Mix and match the resources to fit what you need.

We bring in the right people, tools, and processesin the right amounts at the right timeto orchestrate and execute customers' missions no matter their size, complexity, or maturity. Scaling up or down and buying by the service or product, and not by headcount, ensure better outcomes as well as value.

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Our program management, business services specialists, and technical experts span a broad set of disciplines.

  • Program Operations

    Institutionalizing processes and methods across a portfolio ensures alignment to an organization's strategic priorities.

  • Health Care Solutions

    Through our unique combination of clinical, scientific, and management expertise, we help health care agencies improve patient outcomes, raise performance, and address workforce needs.

  • Policy Analysis

    Examining alternatives objectively increases customers' confidence in choosing the best courses of action.

  • Risk Management

    Developing mitigation strategies that are clearly defined yet responsive to changing budget and regulatory requirements is crucial in today's pressure-packed program environment.

  • Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Execution

    Training military and civilian acquisition personnel on the Department of Defense funding process sets programs up for success.

  • Strategic Communications

    Articulating the necessity and effectiveness of programs can make the difference for funding in times of budget uncertainty.