Our integration and technology expertise is relied upon to modernize vehicles and weapon systems.


SAIC's investments in using commercially available technologies in new and innovative ways with open source, reusable architectures have resulted in novel solutions for vehicles, platforms, and systems. Our experts are tapped to support the complex, specialized requirements of the nation's military weapon systems, helping get the job done in readying lethality solutions for the times they're required.


Ground Vehicles

We leverage commercial products and in-house solutions to integrate weapons, systems, and platforms effectively and efficiently. For example, we're applying the internet of things to address a capability gap in near-real-time communications. We're also providing the Army and Marine Corps with new, flexible options for ground vehicle missions.


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Weapon Systems

We integrate weapons and small arms platforms across U.S. military forces. For the Naval Sea Systems Command, we're manufacturing and integrating the MK48 heavyweight torpedo's afterbody/tailcone, which controls its propulsion and steering mechanisms to stay on course.


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