Our solutions augment situational awareness, integration, and agility for U.S. transportation agencies' decision-making.


Rigorous and durable strategic planning in an information-siloed environment is challenging if not impossible. Evidence-based strategic planning and policy analysis - and the crafting of the policies, budgets, and programs that implement the plan - require prompt access to comprehensive information sources. The information must be intelligible and ready to integrate and blend into preferred analysis tools. SAIC service offerings from digital engineering, analytics, and program support to cyber security, and the highly skilled people who animate them, are designed to achieve just that, enabling rigorous policy analysis and planning, increasing speed, and augmenting human cognition. The result is a highly capable strategy, research, and policy analysis process. We help achieve:


  • Interdisciplinary, inter-agency, international solutions driving knowledge surfacing and sharing to improve across-the-board capacity for consistent and accurate decision-making
  • Holistic, evidence-based policy analysis through digital integration of existing agency tools and processes
  • Agile program management by aligning people, tools, and data, which produces knowledge rapidly and accurately to craft rigorous, defensible, and durable strategy and policy



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It’s been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. And at SAIC, that’s what we do. We dream, think, and work on all things future so your mission can move forward with confidence. Let’s join forces to build a piece of tomorrow, today.