Crossover Clearances & Periodic Reinvestigations

Clearance Process Validation

Maintaining requirements of the cleared workforce.

Clearance holders must undergo reinvestigations and comply with clearance requirements to maintain access to classified information.  

Clearance Validation

Persons holding active and valid clearance eligibility. 

Requirements to process a crossover clearance:

  • Security Services validates eligibility and performs records transfer.
  • Employee receives indoctrination briefing from SAIC.
  • Employee’s clearance access becomes active.
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Clearance Cycle Validation


Maintaining a Clearance

Persons requiring reinvestigation to maintain their existing clearance eligibility.

Requirements to process a periodic reinvestigation:

Employees must conduct the following actions to complete the clearance process:

Employee will receive an email notification from Security Services when their final clearance eligibility is granted.

Clearance Cycle Reinvestigation