Security Services

SAIC Security Services supports personnel security clearance transaction and security onboarding requirements.

SAIC Security Services
Phone: 866-955-7242 (option 7)
Fax: 256-971-7201 or 256-971-7210
Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

Initial & Upgraded Clearances

Clearance requirement.
Persons requiring access to classified government information must complete a background investigation. Follow the steps for completing clearance requirements.
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Crossover Clearances & Periodic Reinvestigations

Clearance retention.
Persons holding active clearances that are new to SAIC or require a reinvestigation. Follow the steps for completing clearance requirements.
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Security Training

Training & Briefings
Employees must take the initial security briefing before obtaining access to classified information.  Follow the steps for completing the initial security training requirements.
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e-Qip Application

Clearance Paperwork
Your security clearance will be based on the results of a personnel security investigation conducted by the Federal Government.
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Defensive Foreign Travel Briefing

Clearance requirement for overseas travel
All employees, subcontractors and consultants are required to review the Defensive Foreign Travel Briefing before international travel. Employees are required to use the International Travel Request System to report foreign travel. Cleared subcontractors and consultants whose clearances are held by SAIC are required to complete a Pre-Foreign Travel Form.