Security Training

Understanding government compliance.

Security Training standardizes basic security procedures across the company and provides uniform security guidance in compliance with the National Industrial Security Program.

This training is required for active employees, subcontractors, and consultants whose clearances are held by SAIC. Individuals seeking to be cleared before their start date as SAIC employees are not authorized to take this training. Please contact your hiring manager to discuss this matter.

SAIC employees, subcontractors, and consultants will receive an email from the Annual Security Reindoctrination (ASR) mailbox when the training is due to complete.

Subcontractors and Consultants Only

  • Click this training link: Launch Security Training »
  • The training will be followed by a short quiz.
  • REQUIRED: Take a screenshot at the end of your quiz to verify completion and send to ASR Registration to receive credit.

Current Employees

SAIC employees will access this training through myHR on ISSAIC.

  • Log in to the myHR system using your SAIC username and password.
  • From myHR:
    • Select "SAIC Learning"
    • In the search box, type and “ASR” and select the current year’s ASR training
    • Enroll in the training
    • Launch the training
  • The training will be followed by a short quiz
    • RECOMMENDATION: Take a screenshot at the end of your quiz to verify completion in the event that a system error occurs (to receive credit)
  • For any questions or technical issues, please email the Security Education team via ASR Registration

New Employees

All employees will receive an email notification from SAIC Security when training is due.

For DOD cleared employees, the SAIC Personnel Security (PERSEC) team will email you to have the initial security briefings completed once an interim clearance has been granted or when a clearance crossover is required. To start the clearance briefing process, please follow the steps below.

  1. Take the training listed in the email sent to you by SAIC PERSEC.
  2. Please follow all instructions provided in the email so there is no delay in making your clearance active.
  3. If needed, your FSO may provide you with additional briefings via email as well. Once completed, send those briefings back to your FSO for processing.