New Vehicle Protects Soldiers in Future Conflicts

Calendar icon 07-06-2020

MPF outmaneuvers the enemy and improves soldier readiness

As new threats emerge, it is clear the U.S. Army’s Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) need a lightweight vehicle that provides overwhelming precision, all-weather, shoot-on-the-move firepower that can move rapidly in restricted terrains.

Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) is the solution that fills this gap for the Army. Our lightweight MPF can go where the infantry goes, including tough urban environments, with a mounted long-range cannon to engage tough targets the IBCT encounters. It is nimble, operates in close-quarters, and transitions to fight in forced or early entry operations. 

We build our MPF quickly using major subsystems already in production. We combine ST Engineering’s Next Generation Armored Fighting Vehicle chassis and CMI Defence’s Cockerill Series 3105 turret to produce a vehicle that delivers combat power to the point of need.


MPF vehicle tracks
Our MPF is nimble, operates in close-quarters, and transitions to fight in forced or early entry operations.


A vehicle for 21st century combat environments

Protection from the unknown. IBCTs operate in austere environments and complex and urban terrain. MPF provides heavy, continuous supporting direct fires to confront enemies and defeat tough targets in this infantry-typical terrain.

Deployable by aircraft enabling early entry forces to fight on arrival as a part of the joint force.

Technology-agnostic and not limited to solutions that we’ve developed ourselves. We are a conduit for innovation and technology and work with a wide variety of global resources, putting the Army’s requirements first.

Modern and new. Our MPF solution is a modern, digitized, capable platform that doesn’t overburden the IBCT sustainment capacity and can be upgraded over time as opposed to a re-purposed platform from the previous century.

See how the U.S. military protects our warfighters and improves vehicle strength with SAIC's platform modernization services.